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  1. I would say I was depressed but I don't have normal expectations so either I am eternally depressed or I'm not depressed and never was depressed. Ultimately everyone's mind works different, if I was simply a normal/different person I could be more susceptible to depression or at least the really negative bits. Although when I was a teen (16) I gave my life a lot of thought going into the future and I think I came to accept whatever happens happens. From the way you describe it a dark cloud will always be over you no matter how much time pasts. I don't know a lot about causes but I think m
  2. Only for those who have being around for the last 5 years or more.
  3. On the previous report for recruitment, you can not hand write personal messages to tons of individuals each day when at least 60% won't read them and the next 30% or so will read and not join anyway. I agree and disagree, I agree that all the messages should not be the copy and pastes such as what Polar did or does but the first message ingame and in the application thread need to be since they're informative posts and really important ones at that. I disagree on that almost everything should be personalized since such a thing takes extreme effort and is impossible to maintain.
  4. http://www.cybernations.net/war_information.asp?ID=765552 This is an interesting war, I wonder how much tech will be destroyed in total. Place your bets!
  5. I didn't realize I had an argument, I was and still am congratulating a neat cheating success on the part of MI6. You can still argue the schematics even though you're quite wrong since you don't know the series of events as you demonstrate in your post.
  6. Sore? I was merely congratulating a cheating success, well done. I type these words, I don't speak them.
  7. It does and did. However I understand why MI6 cheated after half time.
  8. Whatever happens, IRON is the real winner.
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