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  1. I would say I was depressed but I don't have normal expectations so either I am eternally depressed or I'm not depressed and never was depressed. Ultimately everyone's mind works different, if I was simply a normal/different person I could be more susceptible to depression or at least the really negative bits. Although when I was a teen (16) I gave my life a lot of thought going into the future and I think I came to accept whatever happens happens. From the way you describe it a dark cloud will always be over you no matter how much time pasts. I don't know a lot about causes but I think most peoples depression aren't quite like yours and it isn't as simple.
  2. Tywin, Tom Riddle, Loki, I'm sensing a pattern of disservice to characters here. Characters who are cunning are lessened to being just annoying. Buckaroo actually fits because buckaroo is all over the place with crap.
  3. New nations now get 2 million which would have being helpful when I started. More things can be done but the game is already improving for new nations. "Y'all are simple minded creatures. You don't see what I'm offering. $%&@ u guys. Hey admins, I was going to help but these !@#$@#$ morons deny me. For that I spit in their !@#$@#$ faces." What exactly are you offering? I need details because all I saw were ramblings about how great you are.
  4. A blog without a shiny gif isn't really blog.
  5. Rey and Tywin are basically the same person only on different sides and posts less blogs/threads. I can not confirm if Tywin too has bad taste in music.
  6. Its like you know you're full of crap and are embracing it. The only question I would have is "why?".
  7. I don't like you but I find that funny, they're trying too hard. And honestly, I didn't know HB was doing Bob a favor by having you as hand.
  8. The people don't know what they need.
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