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  1. Commander shepard

    A Non Grata RP Production

    Lol I hope not. I had no reason to like Steve but I was mostly neutral I guess to some degree, now its burn steve burn.
  2. Commander shepard

    Imperial Decree - Red Sphere

    Is anyone else on Red?
  3. Commander shepard


    I would say I was depressed but I don't have normal expectations so either I am eternally depressed or I'm not depressed and never was depressed. Ultimately everyone's mind works different, if I was simply a normal/different person I could be more susceptible to depression or at least the really negative bits. Although when I was a teen (16) I gave my life a lot of thought going into the future and I think I came to accept whatever happens happens. From the way you describe it a dark cloud will always be over you no matter how much time pasts. I don't know a lot about causes but I think most peoples depression aren't quite like yours and it isn't as simple.
  4. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

    That's a bit of an overstatement, while you're probably going to turn around and say "no you", yeah IRON screwed up in the past, but please continue to use that as your main and only point.  Yeah you will probably mention that again, it's practically in every post so it doesn't need to be repeated because it's all you spout out.    Your issue with IRON or RON as you like to call them is entirely meaningless as your alliance has no drive and doesn't do anything, it does even less than what you call "lapdogs". The only thing your alliance does that could be considered meaningful is posting about how bad you have it and who should pay for all the inaction your alliance done. I was actually annoyed that you post crap on the forums but it sorta makes sense now because you're from an alliance of inaction, hate posting is your primary/only method of attack. 
  5. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

    You usually get an early exit so it isn't all bad. 
  6. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

      Starting a war you know you won't win doesn't seem like a good idea, when did a major alliance ever say screw it and start a war that would never have happened if they didn't attack first and they knew they were guaranteed to lose. This is surprising, it looks like you have another rendezvous for a beating.    If that was the case no one would be whining like little !@#$%*es, rather they would feel sorry for IRON for being so helpless.  Maybe it is case, if so you should try to help IRON.  But yeah you really have no reason to be butthurt at IRON if you think that. 
  7. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

    MI6 and TPF are two lovely alliances, STA not so much but there is always a rotten egg somewhere. 
  8. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

    Glad this war is over, MI6 and co are a great bunch of alliances and deserve the best in life.  Anyone who was upset about the balance of the fight should have joined MI6 to fight or done something.   
  9. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

    I think TPF didn't have a choice. 
  10. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

    On the contrary spending time on something would mean making effort as you implied.
  11. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

    I was playing games while the internet browser was open, don't mistake it for making effort.
  12. Commander shepard

    A Statement From MI6

    I didn't know you could do maths.
  13. Commander shepard

    BPTAO-SPATR Update...Brothers to the Bones

    Y'all are terrible and deserve each other. 
  14. Commander shepard


    Try stable hosting of images. 
  15. Commander shepard

    Dealing with Rogue GOONS

    Kill them all.