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An Anownsement Frum The SSF4

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As teh leeder of this Aliance, THE SUPER SEAMEN FORCE 4, I am here to isue a declarashun of war....But on who?


We hav lived in pece and silance four two long now! We hav been keeping away frum the fiting becuz we are chill guyz liek that. We did not want a war, but we hav been left wiht no choise! 


THE SUPER SEAMEN FORCE 4 haz oficialy delarced war on Hellas. Perpare yourself to loose!

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       Guys, guys...!


                                   Just remember we all were small and cute once...! 



And... they are Super Seaman Force 4...   they must have something from the Bottom of Sea backing them up...!!! ;)

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