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  1. wasso

    Up-declare madness

    Can you imagine a world without Defcon 1? This is why TE is still alive people. Good luck to you all and to us too lol Wass
  2. wasso

    D1 dow

    Defcon 1 accepted the requested offer from theSexyGladiators ; not to run blockades(ofcourse no dirty ops included), i know some of us already did run blockades but from now on no blockades will be done against your nations. Thats because you guys back collected for around 20 days and you didnt have the chance to build a navy. So will keep it fair for everyone. That being said, enjoy the fight!
  3. wasso

    Capping alliances at 12 members

    Keep it as it is, no reason to cap anything at anything. Quality over quantity.
  4. wasso

    TE- Round 46

    @admin Any statement?
  5. Need Iron and Uranium for a 5 Br Trade circle. PINK Sphere. Pm: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=125086 Thank you
  6. Defcon 1 declares war on everyone in Cybernations Tournament edition The nations involved in this operation will be targeted with full strength Defcon 1 will keep on warring until the last moment This is the right time for you all to fight back May the casualties rest in peace May everyone enjoy Defcon 1 Rangers Lead the way See you all next round We had a blast o/ Defcon 1 Enjoy the war Good luck
  7. wasso

    We come in pieces

    This is out of topic now but Bdrocks is Lebronjames. Anyway, that's not the case..
  8. wasso

    RollLoD2018 is postponed

    Good lucky buddy, we will waiting for you!
  9. wasso

    We come in pieces

    Congrats, thats like a fair play. GG to you and to all your hidden ghosts out there.
  10. wasso

    Nation count within CN and trends

    According to what im noticing, since the day you posted this thread, Jan 10, in 20 days we dropped by 70 nations lol. The end is coming faster than expected!? Current # of nations: 3948
  11. wasso

    We come in pieces

    According to what have been mentioned by many alliance's leaders so far and inorder to keep people playing fairly every round and especially during this round, i would suggest from you Bajor to keep your Drawners nations in their own alliance as a part of UN but separated from them. Thus their existence would help you during wars etc... but also they wont be affecting the overall total score, casualties etc. So give what every alliance deserves to win fairly and what everyone has fought for during all these days and keep it clean. Im saying this infront of everyone else, UN. Objections? Guess not if you claim you dont want to win the score award nor the casualties or any other word. So why not?
  12. Good luck to everyone involved in this war. Enjoy it
  13. wasso

    We come in pieces

    We are meant to be together. No war could divide us no matter how far you are from here. Ah. Who is cutting onions 🤤
  14. wasso

    We come in pieces

    Oh look they joined UN. And claim that they are their friends who rerolled at the behining of the round. So basically they had them join now and maybe others will follow IF NEEDED inorder to win the score record that Defcon one was holding until yesterday.
  15. wasso

    We come in pieces

    You have enough cash to fight with during this war. And enough to build and fight even more. Your members have twice more than yours. More than 200-290M. And you have been sitting on low infra low bills low defenses for around two weeks and thats just few days before the round ends. And you still expect no one to attack you. So basically you wanted to live a dream but we woke you up.
  16. wasso

    We come in pieces

    I had few drinks. Saturday night you know. But i am sure about what i said. We had our stats and target list going according to your low defenses nations. True fact.
  17. wasso

    We come in pieces

    You have people with more than 12 days of back Collection, during these days we had a war and we collected twice and yet you expect us to wait for you? The round is about to end, this is not our fault if your people are sitting like ducks on low defenses for more than 4 days and waiting for a 20 days happy collection. I see no topic to argue about here...
  18. wasso

    We come in pieces

    You slept too much. Time to wake up.
  19. wasso

    WTF is wrong with 2018?!?

    With all due respect this is one ridiculous declaration of war. The stats are really horrible and you could have done better than that Iron. Come on. Anyway the forum dow is at least nice.
  20. wasso

    War Faces

    Good luck to you all! Nice dow!
  21. THIS! Peace was offered to all those un built as we didnt want to eliminate you from the game but to punish you. Remember that for that coming days, Bajor.
  22. It is a suggestion from a ten year old CN veteran Never leave your members behind 😉
  23. Bajor instead of wasting your time writing !@#$%^&* here could you just build up and defend your alliance like your members are doing for your sake 😄