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  1. Sign me Up too, im looking for a tc. Maybe we can figure out one.
  2. Listen, no matter how much you try to impress the world of TE with your silly announcements, no matter how try to act funny and serious about some stuff, i have no respect to you nor to your sh^tty alliance. So dont try to be classy on forums with your pictures and bolded word, believe me you need years of experience. You in the Indep Rep of Orange Turtles can go have some kind of an orgy together but take your sh^it out from TE and leave. The kind of games you played with us last time made you look ridiculous and believe me in D1 they think you are a clown or sort of a coward. Might be the first time you hear me swearing on forums, but trust me it is totally worth it. That being said, happy round to all TE and hope people like you auto delete their nations. Wass
  3. A very credible Scientology report states as you age, your sense of blood thirst increases which explains our dehydration dilemma and why we must fill this thirst immediately to save our own lives. Source: Fakepedia So without their consent or knowledge we have selected the combined forces of Iron and The Pack to help save us and we know deep in our kind hearts they will not mind, in fact they will probably thank us for being so kind and selecting them Defcon 1
  4. Can you imagine a world without Defcon 1? This is why TE is still alive people. Good luck to you all and to us too lol Wass
  5. Defcon 1 accepted the requested offer from theSexyGladiators ; not to run blockades(ofcourse no dirty ops included), i know some of us already did run blockades but from now on no blockades will be done against your nations. Thats because you guys back collected for around 20 days and you didnt have the chance to build a navy. So will keep it fair for everyone. That being said, enjoy the fight!
  6. Keep it as it is, no reason to cap anything at anything. Quality over quantity.
  7. Need Iron and Uranium for a 5 Br Trade circle. PINK Sphere. Pm: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=125086 Thank you
  8. Defcon 1 declares war on everyone in Cybernations Tournament edition The nations involved in this operation will be targeted with full strength Defcon 1 will keep on warring until the last moment This is the right time for you all to fight back May the casualties rest in peace May everyone enjoy Defcon 1 Rangers Lead the way See you all next round We had a blast o/ Defcon 1 Enjoy the war Good luck
  9. This is out of topic now but Bdrocks is Lebronjames. Anyway, that's not the case..
  10. Congrats, thats like a fair play. GG to you and to all your hidden ghosts out there.
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