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Mortal Wombat Leaves the Aegean Sea

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[center][size=7][font=times new roman,times,serif]Mortal Wombat Leaves the Aegean Sea[/font][/size]

[size=5][font=times new roman,times,serif]It was our pleasure and honor to help Hellas get a stable and secure start on planet Bob. We are proud to have been the ones to step in and give them the security they needed to establish themselves.
We are extremely happy for Hellas securing an MDoAP that will not only continue to ensure their safety but will also tie them back with their old friends.
Since Hellas no longer needs our security, it is time for us to step back and relinquish guard. Hellas will always hold a special place in MW’s heart and we will always be there to help them, come what may. So while this is the end to our protectorate treaty, it is the beginning of a newly defined yet still beautiful friendship!

Signed from MW,
Empress Kiley - Goddess of Chaos Realm
Char Aznable (Edward Mass) - God of Earth Realm
Demonic - God of Outworld
HowlinMad - Demigod of Chaos Realm
Generals3 - Demigod of Earth Realm[/font][/size][/center]

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Mortal Wombat will be always a friend alliance for Hellas and hopefully our roads will again cross each other in the forthcoming days.

Hellas thanks you for all and we are looking forward to work again closely!

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