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A NADC Announcement...

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[center][i]"Rise and rise again,
until lambs become lions."
- the movie Robin Hood

We recently wrapped the latest round of elections for the Coalition. It gives me great pleasure to announce the following cabinet and Atlantic Council for this term.



tony2456, [b]Secretary General[/b]
Kajdav, [b]Deputy Secretary General[/b]

Koniac, [b]Minister of Internal Affairs[/b]
TBA, [b]Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs [/b]

Kochers, [b]Minister of Foreign Affairs [/b]
Scotia the Brave, [b]Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]
Martini Land, [b]Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs[/b]

AndrewHG, [b]Military Operations Commander[/b]
rmmlg, [b]Deputy Military Operations Commander[/b]

Bosox Nation, [b]Minister of Financial Affairs[/b]
Scotia the Brave, [b]Deputy Minister of Financial Affairs[/b]

[b]Elected Atlantic Councillors[/b]

Scotia the Brave
Emperor of Babanga

Let me say personally how honored I am to be working with such a great group of leaders. I count these men as true friends, many of them legends in their own right. I have the highest confidence that this government will build on the work of current and former members to bring the Coalition to greater heights, even after this late terrible war. Our future is bright, and we assert the right to determine our own destiny. We resolve to stand and work fervently with our allies and partners, to stand firm against those who would seek to take advantage of us, to not settle for the status quo, and to meet every challenge with a tenacity that produces victory.

May history mark this term as the beginning of something great. May this government prove itself worthy of the trust that has been placed in us by the good people of the Coalition. This is for you.

Long live the Coalition.


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