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The Warriors


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[size=6][b]The Warriors Declare Existence for Round 18[/b][/size]

The assembled members of the Warriors do hereby declare our right to freedom from all foreign states. The only authority we shall recognize as true and valid is the leadership of the Warriors, who pledge to lead with discipline, honor and wisdom. Members of tW choose to pledge their own discipline, honor and wisdom to the common cause of tW.

[b]Note:[/b] In rounds past, we have occasionally allowed questionable nations to stay listed in-game as Warriors on purpose. We have tried to be open-minded on this in the past, as some of them have turned out to be very decent nations and legitimate members. No longer. You can be apply to be a Warrior or not, that’s your choice.

However, whether you ARE a member or not? That is OUR choice:
[b]Do not ghost the Warriors.[/b]
That is your final warning. We reserve the right to kill on anyone who crosses it.

[size=5][b]Words and Will[/b][/size]
Words are truly just wind. Actions matter. What you say you will do, means nothing, compared to what you actually do. Oh sure, maybe, you say you will - but will you? Do you have that will? Or are you just wind? Well, the Warriors [b]WILL[/b].

[size=5][b]The Intent of the Warriors[/b][/size]
Our promise: [u]A swimmer will swim. A runner will run. A Warrior will war.[/u]
There is no peace mode in TE. There is no financial aid. You will fight, as both an individual and an alliance, no matter who you are. The Warriors are here to war, as TE was intended for war. We will war well, as Wisdom says we should, war with a smile as our Honor says we must, and war to win as our Discipline says we [b]WILL.[/b]

[size=5][b]Philosophy of the Battlefield[/b][/size]
The battlefield is our temple. It is our church. Through battle, we pray with, and for, our enemies every time we war. The battlefield is scared ground for our members and our common ground with our enemies. It is where we chose to willingly dwell, for this is TE, and there is nowhere to hide from battle. The battlefield is where we are ultimately and inevitably judged. It is why we are here.

[b]- Mantra of the Battlefield:[/b] Infra is bought to be destroyed. Tech is stolen to be used.
Destroying and stealing more than your enemies brings glory. Glory echos eternal.
[b]- Justice of the Battlefield:[/b] tW will deliver justice through the battlefield.
Glory for the worthy, with gratitude, destruction or mercy as needed for those who deserve them.
[b]- Ideals of the Battlefield:[/b] Honor. Discipline. Wisdom.
The battlefield is our chosen path. These ideals guide us down that path.

Our Honor says tW will war with [b]Savage Joy[/b]:
- The battlefield is our scared ground and our scoreboard for glory. Respect it.
- The battlefield is common ground with our enemies. Respect them, for without them, you could not war.
- We will war with enthusiasm because war brings you glory.
- We will war honorably with our enemies, complimenting them when they fight well, and encouraging them to fight their best fight when they do not.

Our Discipline says tW will war with [b]Savage Intent[/b]:
- We will war together at all times - for we win wars together.
- We will always war as best as we can - for our enemies deserve no less.

Our Wisdom says we will war with [b]Savage Pursuit[/b]:
- We will learn to war as well as possible.
- We will always seek new ways to war well.

[size=5][b]On Treaties[/b][/size]
[b]We need no stinkin' treaties.[/b]
We seek friends among those we believe have honor. They know who they are for we long ago told them we thought them honorable. This, of course, does not mean we won't war with our friends. Far from it. Some of our best friends we originally met on the battlefield. As always, the Warriors will be practicing their [u][b]F[/b][/u]riends [u][b]T[/b][/u]hrough [u][b]W[/b][/u]arfare program, and reaching out to friends and potential friends alike. You never know who might need a nuclear hug.

[size=5][b]On Raids[/b][/size]
While the Warriors do not encourage raiding, raiding is allowed if our guidelines for raiding are followed properly.
Alliance wars will not be started over raids gone wrong. Raid wisely, Warriors.

[size=5][b]Color Teams[/b][/size]
The official color team for the Warriors is red.
Choose other color teams at your own risk.

[size=5][b]IRC and Forums[/b][/size]
Wander by #WarriorsTE on Coldfront. We dare you.
[url=http://www.cn-warriors.com/index.php]Forums of the Warriors[/url]

[size=5][b]The Troopers[/b][/size]
Once again, the training ground for the Warriors will be the Troopers. Do not raid them, or at least have the sack not to cry when we burn you down for it. If you want to declare alliance war against the Troopers, please go ahead and ask. We just might let you. We believe that would be good for their training.

[b]Membership Application Requirements[/b]
1. Applicants in wars at the time of their application must fight them and have fun with them.
2. Applicants must not be a member of another alliance.
3. Applicants do not change alliance in-game until they have been contacted by a member of the government and answered their questions in private. These answers are required.
4. The applicant must be told to change alliance affiliation to the Troopers before doing so.
5. All applicants are required to place this phrase in their nation’s bio: I want to be a Warrior.
6. Applicants must change to red team, where we will find you a trade circle.

Through the Troopers we weed out those who are not qualified to be Warriors. Advancement from the Troopers to the Warriors comes on an individual basis, is done at our discretion, and you will most certainly have to earn it.

[b]Note:[/b] If you have discipline then you will understand these requirements.
If you don't, well, you probably weren't worthy anyway.


[size=5][b]This is what we say. This is what we WILL.[/b][/size]
[u]Signed for the Warriors Council of Chiefs:[/u]

High Chief of the Warriors
High Chief of the Warriors
High Chief of the Warriors[/b]

[size="5"][b]So be wary, TE.[/b][/size]

[size=6][b]There are Warriors among you.[/b][/size][/center]

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[quote name='KOwens06' timestamp='1308460735' post='2734460']
Welp we're bringing down the neighborhood again. Lets have a fun round
Glad to have you back Clash, and KO I need to speak with you.

Edited by paul711
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[quote name='paul711' timestamp='1308502353' post='2734741']
Glad to have you back Clash, and KO I need to speak with you.
I dont think im ready for his stats yet :P

and can i be in on said talk :ph34r:

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[quote name='memoryproblems' timestamp='1308534352' post='2735275']I'll enjoy my time watching from afar.[/quote]
I want to thank memoryproblems for his guidance and dedication to tW during my time away. The time and effort he put into every facet of alliance operations, especially these last two rounds, was invaluable in extreme. Without it, there might not have been an alliance for me to come back to. Enjoy your vacation and recharge your batteries, no one knows how important that is more than I. We'll be here when you make it back, and welcome you back with open arms. You are a good man, a good Warrior - and a good friend. Anyone says different has to kiss my ass first, and twice each cheek if it was KOwens06.

Edited by Clash
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