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  1. Jesusfreak

    TE- Round 46

    If they're working on a marathon round, they might as well do a halfway stage. You don't get anything directly from the stage, but it counts toward a total at the end of the round for a new award. It would spice up that mid-round drag and make people put some effort into placement early, instead of holding out till end-round.
  2. Jesusfreak

    WotN Declaration of War

    Changing threat is dirty? Lmao, you're delusional. Even then, you guys need to pass the memo that you're redefining "dirty"
  3. Jesusfreak

    WotN Declaration of War

    I appreciate you bringing it up. I'll be sure to pass your blockade on down the line
  4. Jesusfreak

    WotN Declaration of War

    Things are about to get digital :v
  5. Jesusfreak


    You're welcome
  6. Jesusfreak


    Caught the tail-end of our last war with you guys, looks like you're not getting away this time!
  7. Jesusfreak

    RE announcement

    Twas glorious
  8. Jesusfreak


    We've got 3-4 spy reports of over 200 mil on you guys. Try again. As for me hitting low, why would I waste an offensive slot on you, when it's obvious you would fill my defensive slot? I would have been severely dissapointed if you hadn't. That's basic war strategy. I suggest you just shut up and fight, because you're the only one here trying make something out of nothing.
  9. Jesusfreak


    Need a tissue? For someone who hasn't been in a single war 2 months into the round, you sure like to cry a lot. And as for your 'coward' accusations, I'm planning on being in 7 wars. None of you were higher NS than me. Suck it up buttercup.
  10. Jesusfreak


  11. Looks like someone tried to sneak in a cheap shot, lol
  12. I don't think they'll be recovering any time soon. This guy was the #2ish overall before this all started
  13. Jesusfreak

    UN DoW

    So that's why pigs were flying today, lol