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  1. After 46 rounds, and time in almost every major alliance in that period (sorry NLoN 😏), I think it's time for me to hang it up. Adios ✌
  2. They both use Flash I think, and it's being discontinued in December. Probably has something to do with it.
  3. I'm trying to trade with this nation https://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000015, but it's flagged as being on the same network. My nation: https://tournament.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=1000012
  4. Van Hoo... Ragnarok, I think? 👋
  5. All I want is to hit 4mil casualties 🤷‍♂️ Used to be in the top 12%, but apparently having my head stuck in the sand didn't help sustain that
  6. Aay, now we get the next 10 months off
  7. Frankly, I wouldn't care about the timing, if it weren't for the blatant 2:1 down-declare. (And that's not even mentioning the 3:1 down-declare NLoN did two months ago against OP). And I know D1 doesn't take kindly to being ignored for a friendly war discussion, even more so when the other party decides to do what NLoN did. If you guys feel like you're being threatened, that's because you earned it.
  8. Considering you attacked on the 2nd, you can't even make that argument
  9. NLoN hereby withdraws from the Holiday Truce and declares on NPO/OP
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