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  1. Alliances come and go. Many of them never amount of much of anything, but the few that do make a difference that can never be forgotten. The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations is one of those alliances that made its mark in Cybernations. But this isn't just any mark. This is a mark that will be forever engraved in the Cybernations hall of fame. Because although many might disagree, the simple fact of matter is that the Commonwealth made a difference. A difference many believe has been for the better. We worked for stability and justice, and fought off evil and idiots in Cybernations. Along the way, we made friends and enemies. Friends who have been with us from day one and have earned our utmost love and respect. And enemies who only have one reason for being our enemy.... because they are ignorant. Each Commonwealth Head of State starting from GinoTheRoman, and ending with myself fought for what was right and just. Having known the previous leaders i can say this with certainty. No person, or leader is perfect. No alliance is perfect. But in our six years of existence we came as close to perfect as time would allow. To our enemies, you can rejoice. To everybody else, it has been the Commonwealth's utmost honor and pleasure to serve the Cybernations community in the best way we could. We wish all alliances big and small a prosperous future. And hope to someday see evil and stupidity nuked off the face of Cybernations. Before we leave though, we must acknowledge some alliances. Because without these alliances, The Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations would not have lived to be six years old. Coalition of Royal Allied Powers: You guys have been one of our most superb allies. You've been there for us when you didnt have to, and you've never held out on us. You have our respect and gratitude. o/ Ape o/ Chuck Normis The Templar Knights You guys have repeatedly been our knights in shining armor. Saving us from the evils of Cybernations. I just wish we could be around longer to return the favor. Merick, your running a wonderful alliance. Please keep the alliance on its toes and show that maroon pride Global Order of Darkness You guys are some of the most resilient and stubborn people around :P You have been one of CSN's greatest allies. And you admired for your handling of many situations that have come your way. You have had your ups and downs and even during the bad times you've remained at our side ready to assist in whatever way you could. In a way, you have been The Commonwealth's backbone. Continue to spread that darkness. o/ Xiph Random Insanity Alliance You guys are a bunch of crazy fawks. But its why we love you. The Commonwealth has always approved of your methods and Leo's marriage with Liz :P It was clear from day one that RIA and CSN were destined to be together forever, and you will always have CSN's admiration. We thank you for all you have done for us. o/ Shadow o/ Leo RnR One of the big boys. You guys are an extremely powerful alliance. And it is for good reason. You deserve it. You have always been at our defense when war time came. And when pressure came, you knew who your true friends were. We appreciate all you have done for us. Without RnR, there would not be a CSN. Thank you. Nuclear Proliferation League I think after RIA you guys are the second craziest ally we had. Always ready to blow stuff up. You had overwhelming support from the Commonwealth when joining Superfriends and have always been seen as a close ally. You guys will be remembered for your loyalty and respect. Continue blowing stuff up guys :D o/ Kem o/ Smurthwaite Legion Undoubtedly one of the best alliances in Cybernations. Always supportive and ready to lend a helping hand. After the Dave War, you guys helped us rebuild tremendously. And that is a debt we may never be able to repay you. But The Commonwealth cannot leave without acknowledging that you did good for us and you deserve good for yourselves in the future. You will always be in our hearts. o/ Justavictim Guru Order Fark Where the Commonwealth goes from here is not something that should be hard for you to figure out. We will be going to an ally worthy of our respect. An alliance that is considered by us to be one of the most loyal and honorable alliances in Cybernations. They have been our closest friends for some time and it is an honor that they have accepted us into their home. For now we say farewell. I only wish i had the time to write a complete farewell message. One that fully shows our love for the alliances mentioned above. This is the end of a marvelous legacy, and the beginning of a new one. o/ Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations o/ Allies of the Commonwealth o/ Invicta
  2. As we go on We remember All the times we Had together And as our lives change Come whatever We will still be Friends Forever o/ GOD o/ RIA o/ CSN o/ R&R o/ NPL o/ MA o/ ROK o/ FARK It was a long and prosperous road. It formed friendships that will never be broken. It was one that will forever been looked at and glorified in CN textbooks.
  3. Happy birthday to our awesome friends at Invicta :D May you see many, many more o/ Invicta o/ Oldie Goldies
  4. Enjoy retirement Hawkeye :D Gonna miss you Congrats Merick!! Try not to celebrate too much, i know first hand how crazy TTK can get when under the influence :P
  5. That has got to be the best national anthem in CN history.
  6. Good job TTK Giving everybody a fair shot in this game
  7. [quote name='ericcarlson' timestamp='1355088399' post='3062182'] If you can please aid me in the war on Xenios. [/quote] [img]http://sfcitizen.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/how-about-no-bear.jpg[/img]
  8. [quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1356045448' post='3066445'] Non Grata is the most honourable alliance. Please visit us at [url="http://www.non-grata.net/"]http://www.non-grata.net/[/url] so that we may dance together on the graves of our enemies. [/quote] i lol'd at this
  9. Welcome back Hopefully i'll get to see you all on the battlefield
  10. [quote name='salsabeast1' timestamp='1355617826' post='3064302'] Who would treaty CSN? [/quote] Cool people.
  11. Currently, Ahayweh is the best alliance that has ever existed in Planet Bob.
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