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  1. Clever people don't quote you though.
  2. Great article, Aguacenta, I really couldn't want to try add anything to your treatise of this subject. I'm not sure that in CN there's actually a definite trend towards closed societies, anyway, but maybe I've just been lucky with my personal experience and I don't see the whole picture - both the MHA and the GPA are quite open (although not entirely open).
  3. jerdge

    Reflection: MHA

    The MHA is truly one of the best alliances in CN. In there you get fun, maturity, participation, friendliness, comradeship, (both Real and Fantasy) alcoholics, entertainment, drama, laughs and tears, guidance, support, nation building aid, etc. In the MHA everybody has an opportunity to participate and there are no artificial barriers that prevent the fittest to do any given job (WCR as a Statesman, El Presidente as a Court Officer or Count Rupert as "Mentor" are just the first examples that come to my mind). The MHA is also a fearless open community that values its unity over anything else (particularly: over stats/opportunity). The Hitchhikers are light-hearted and laid back individuals that nobody reasonable could find difficult to be friend with. This is a "winning" mix. I think that "the" specific of the MHA and one of her key success factors is that it's the result a collective effort implemented by free people. The MHA isn't the only alliance like that but certainly it's one of the most successful ones.
  4. I am too starting to find all this continuous talking about The Grämlins a bit annoying, Bob, but I acknowledge your right to insist on it, especially considering how important they were for you. However, I am surprised that you're still giving credit to the "insanity theory" about Grä/Ram. ITT that you, more than most of the other spectators, already came out (more than once?) with "it's that stupid that I can't believe so many intelligent people are/were doing it" statements. Now, that's probably true: it is that stupid that they can't really be doing it (in the way and for the reasons they at first seemed to be doing it). I don't know what they're about - maybe we'll never know - but I highly doubt that it's just "insanity": obviously there's some plan going on.
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    WOOOOOOOOOT! ... It's nice to have you back. I look forward to see all the good drama you know you can't live without... Now be good and don't blow it up again, will you? jerdge hugs Myth
  6. jerdge

    Hey there, R&R.

    How do you dare imply that common sense has any place in CN? Anyway, I admit that for a moment I had the temptation to go throw an easy jab to Haf, but I actually kinda like and respect the guy and I'll go with the assumption that his apparently silly blog entry derives from something not completely unclever that just failed to show when he put it down in words.
  7. You know, someone might think of using it with sentences like "Trade Ring", "Temp Trade" and such. They might even help to know at first glance what those Trades are about.
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    Exactly! But it shouldn't matter much as this kind of arguments is silly enough for you to safely ignore it.
  9. I think I am maybe going to take my "auto-put-on-ignore-whoever-brings-Peace-Mode-BAAAWING-arguments-to-the-table" rule off the shelf, after all. But first I felt like saying how stupid it is to complain about your enemy using whatever strategy you didn't come to dictate and you weren't able to prevent them from adopting.
  10. Since you're not 'demanding' I suppose its cool if alliances decided to not sell tech to you? Don't be silly, shahenshah: IRON is full of small and/or bill-locked nations and, according to these terms, will be forbidden to do tech deals with thir parties. Tech dealing with The Grämlins could only be useful for them to have another source of cash for their recover. Although I too would have preferred to have that term to be set as optional (aka IRON could choose not to deal with them if, for some weird reason, they didn't want to).
  11. If I read the OP right, the following alliances would not be asking for any reparation, not even in the form of "forced reviews": Aircastle Aloha BaCoN Christian Coalition of Countries Eldar FOK Mostly Harmless Alliance New Polar Order Order of the Black Rose Prism Protection Front Siberian Tiger Alliance The Alliance of Angry Bees The Jedi Order Umbrella My respect to all of them, and my unofficial disapproval to the others (albeit The Grämlins are also probably doing it right, as their "forced" tech deals would obviously go to the benefit of the smaller IRON nations).
  12. jerdge

    April Fools

    Amazing Well played, man. ( Does this mean that I didn't install the spy worm on my Triumvirs?... )
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