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  1. Thanks for the interesting comments, which probably show that I didn't make my point clear enough. I am not against the treaty web and it's OK that leading alliances have a big pull on everyone else. My issue is with that large majority of alliances that accept to be always with their hands tied not because of how they tried to place themselves in the web - which would be logical - but because of the way someone else engineers the chaining of their treaties for the next war. Us "hippies" aren't here for war, but it's sad that "all" the other people people that wait for months to get some "combat fun" are then manipulated into giving up what little "freedom" to choose was left to them. Even if it's to end up fighting on the same side, people may think a bit more out of the box (basically: what Roq said), and make it their choice to do so. Anyway, whatever!
  2. Source: NoR declares war on LSF Let's look at Prodigal Moon's post as players, i.e. from an Out Of Character POV. This game's politics is largely dominated by the needs of coalition-level warfare, which isn't good or bad in itself. However, I find it silly that coalition warfare is so much engineered with "treaty chaining"... A hits B and not C, to trigger what D, F and G do, while C and D pre-empt Z to prevent F and X to assist Y. How can this sort of Mikado be even slightly funny? As I will likely remain neutral for another long while (probably until the end of CN) I can just ignore the issue and have fun eating popcorn (which I'll definitely do), but you treaty-hoarders might want to think a bit more about it. When you don't know which side you'll be on in a coalition war, because your choice doesn't depend on the (good/bad) CB, or on the (friend/foe/indifferent) initial combatants, or on your interest, but just on the order that will be followed in the declarations... Sorry for you, but that means that something went really wrong. I am not talking of the "movers", which quite obviously pull the strings, but of the other people: this isn't the only way, you can choose another path as a few (too few) others already did/are doing. (Sorry for not citing any specific example, but any example would cause arguing because of the people named and not because of its meaning. I thus chose to just avoid making them.)
  3. I don't use mIRC but I installed it just to check it for you... What Zoomzoomzoom said is your best choice IMHO. I found a bunch of channels already listed but it's quick to delete them all (shift-select, click "Delete"). You probably want to check "Join on connect" for every channel you enter and also to check "Enable join on connect" in the mIRC Favorites dialog. I have no idea what "Pop up favorites on connect" does or may do, but it probably doesn't hurt to just try it. I didn't find anything in the settings that seemed to control the order in which the channels come up, though. I'd assume they are loaded in alphabetical order (which I guess isn't bad to then quickly retrieve the one you're looking for, especially if you normally join a lot of channels). I normally use chatzilla (Fx extension) which does allow you to order the channels, which I find to be user-friendly and which - unlike mIRC (from CNET) - didn't cause my AV to go hysterical about "riskware" (and even ask for a reboot after having removed the culprit) when I downloaded it. If you're a Fx user you might give it a try...
  4. I'll start by saying that slander and insults have not much to do with free speech IMHO.
  5. jerdge

    When I was a kid!

    I used toy soldiers more similar to these. They were a lot of fun to play with. There are probably some hundreds still there in my old home in some box. That was really a lot of years ago.
  6. My entry: "he's criticized for something that's not the content of his posts". OK I already won this, you all know it. Please send the 50 tech my way and save us the hassle, will you?
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    Military Arts

    Darn, I knew that Adblock was going to cause harm at some point in time.
  8. Really well written! Good job.
  9. If you want to make your answer more complete you can also elaborate on the "embraces" part.
  10. I will decline to comment...
  11. I read and appreciate it. Let's say that it wouldn't be the most intelligent thing of me to get into that discussion as well.
  12. QUOTES PART 2 Considering that you evidently know nothing about those events, as evidenced by this last post and by all your previous ones on the subject, you can't certainly discuss it in depth. I honestly don't know why I am replying to you at all, anyway... I guess I'll soon stop to bother. Just as a point of clarification, we were involved to an extent. However, in your defense, within the room that was set up for the matter I believe our involvement was kept just between your president, vice president (could have been MoD), and us. I don't 100% recall the details and don't feel like looking it up, but I believe what we did was limited to making it clear that we would respond in force if UINE (might have been someone else, I forget) attacked you guys for hitting the rouges if they failed to pay reps. It should be noted that GPA did not seek us out, we sought them and the party on the opposite side of the aisle out, and our reason was purely to protect our interests in trades when they were faced with an imminent and unwarranted attack. I don't see it as a blight to them whatsoever, since it was something we would have done whether they liked it or not as I wasn't about to see half our trades put in jeopardy for a couple of laughs. Edit: I think you may be thinking of a different incident or something. Found our log post on it, Loriean was MoFA and we also sat in on the final negotiations to 'witness' Lennox's ultimate agreement (600 tech) so he didn't try to pull some garbage afterward.
  13. QUOTES PART 1 Now you will surely think that I am shocked at this revelation. The issue is, you continue to insist it's not viable. Take the NAMBLA case for example that was a little fun Rayvon and someone else had. You were entirely reliant on VE's muscle because you weren't going to do anything to UINE about it and avoided any hardline stances. So if they had just told you to sod off, it'd have been VE being the reason any action would be possible. I guess your lack of seniority is showing itself. I don't have the logs on me at the moment. They were both somewhat involved. VE knew and cared about it and was in communication with GPA the entire time. Lennox went under UINE's protection with Crimson Fists and initially didn't want to pay reps.
  14. Disclaimer: I am a known government GPA Cabinet member and a former GPA President, thus you can probably assume that my word carries a bit of weight when it comes to the Agency. I am anyway handling this affair from a player's POV rather than from an IC angle, and I can't currently really talk on behalf of the GPA, anyway, thus this isn't an "official" stance. Specifically, none of this blog entry has been arranged in the GPA. (This disclaimer isn't really one of those "I don't want any responsibility" ones. It's just me explaining where I am coming from with this entry.) Source: Some info on Dulra My and Roq's exchange started with his reference of some NAMBLA incident, which would have involved Rayvon and in which the GPA would have been reliant on VE's "muscle" to solve some situation with UINE (and Lennox). The GPA wouldn't have done anything and would have avoided any "hardline" stance. Relevant posts will follow in the first two comments (too many quote tags don't fit in one entry). I'll start from the end, by addressing that last question from Roq: I can't answer for the GPA, but I can tell you that it would certainly depend on the situation. This is IMO is valid for any and every alliance which found themselves in a similar scenario. It is a known fact that the GPA has for long been little involved with the rest of CN, but consistently friendly with anyone she had some contact with; the Agency also has no mutual military treaties. All of this means that the GPA has little interest and no attitude for offensive campaigns, and also that she should never expect to be able to win alliance-wide wars. When openly provoked others may go for a military solution because it's their interest to do so, because they don't know how else to deal with the situation or just because they think it's the best way to make their point. The GPA would probably go through the diplomatic route, which would involve a lot of talks. I don't believe that there are many scenarios in which war is really necessary to explain to people that harbouring rogues isn't a good idea, thus I can finally answer to Roq that I don't think that the GPA would find it impossible to solve any other situation like the one he mentioned. According to my experience, people are reasonable and professional in handling such cases without any sort of unneeded confrontation. If the GPA really found herself being openly and intentionally provoked by another major alliance, through a rogue or in some other way, the issue would probably be bigger than just the excuse used to try trigger something. The matter is too vast to be addressed with a general solution, anyway: all I can say is that ad hoc solutions would have to be found for each case. Back to the discussion on Lennox's story, I'll try to avoid writing a long and nitpicking reply, but I'll just resume the main historical events. They're boring, but they show why I was irritated by Roq's recollection and interpretation of them, thus I consider it necessary to recall them to close that part of our debate. On 26.07.10 Lennox, a NSO member, spied away a GPA nuke. When contacted, the NSO government immediately denied having given any authorization. The GPA asked for a modest reparation (the nuke cost), which came out to be conflicting with NSO's policies about reparations. A negotiation then began over what measure had to be taken to correct the wrong, eventually ending with the NSO declaring that they wouldn't have protected nor helped Lennox if the GPA had attacked him. After a few days of wait, the GPA eventually decided to not attack him. I was Assistant MoFA at the time and I had access to the documentation (but I had been on vacancy). On 13.10.10 Lennox, another 2 NSO members and a Gondor nation attacked GPA nations, citing "NAMBLA" in their war reasons. Lennox tried to extort 2 tech levels in exchange for immediate peace (lol). The NSO booted Lennox and Gondor booted their member. The other two NSO members (one of which was Rayvon, pretty much unknown to me at the time) had just been cheated by Lennox; they peaced out and the GPA reached an agreement with the NSO about reasonable reparations (which shipment was never actually requested, and which I explicitly waived a couple of months later). Government members of a few alliances contacted the GPA offering support (you'd be surprised to know what alliances contacted us, but I won't make their names here). From the limited mention of them on our forums, VE was also aware of the situation, but I have no evidence of them offering support at that point. Lennox and the former Gondor member moved to the NAMBLA AA and continued to fight. After three days from the intial attack Lennox started asking for peace, at the same time moving to the Crimson Fists AA, at the time a newly created UINE Protectorate. Lennox should have been CF's government, but that was stalled while we were looking for a solution in terms of appropriate reparations. I think that Exodus was too involved at some point, but don't quote me on that. AFAIK Lennox joined Polaris only after having concluded a peace deal with the GPA (600 tech as reparations). The former Gondor member also peaced out with an agreement to pay 400 tech; this second peace was brokered by Polaris, which the other former rogue joined too. At the time I was still AMoFA. On 07.12.10 Lennox again went rogue against the GPA, again under the NAMBLA AA. That time he tried to extort 200 tech. We got some shots at him while he was on his way out of CN. At that time I was the GPA MoFA. Bottom line, while several parties offered support in case things became big, the GPA continued to pursue the rogues and to civilly talk with every alliance involved. Whatever support anyone might have promised, the Agency didn't use it to strongarm anyone into doing anything. It was a novelty for me to know that VE approached UINE explaining that they they would have responded in force in case they military protected the rogues against us, and I only now learn who was the non-GPA witness at the conclusion of our negotiations with Lennox. I don't anyway think that any of that should change much of my vision of how we conduct ourselves when we have some foreign issue to solve; especially as VE's declarations of unilateral protection weren't much a new thing at the time either, but there's no mention of them in any of the hundreds of posts and query lines I can dig on our forums over the whole Lennox "saga". I anyway apologize to Roq for having implied that he didn't know what he was talking of. I still believe that his interpretation of how the GPA operates, with or without external support, is wrong, but I acknowledge that the pieces of news he was building his interpretation over were basically correct. I was wrong on that, and I shouldn't have talked down to him. I guess this is a lesson for poor old me to not trust my recollection of details...
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    The "real" Coffee

    I forgot to add: sugar kills it taste.
  16. jerdge

    The "real" Coffee

    Pressing on the handle might break/loose it in the long run. You could also close it too tightly and later have to apply a lot of force to open it up again (operation which too can compromise the handle). The "Moka" coffee pot requires loose coffee, which you usually put in the filter using a teaspoon. Any kind of "pre-packed" filter is a big no no.
  17. jerdge

    The "real" Coffee

    On the other hand you can drink more Arabica coffee without assuming too much caffeine, or drink the same amount and assume less caffeine (some people should avoid/reduce the amount of caffeine they assume). Anyway yes, the Arabica preference isn't "universal", it's just how I like to drink it. I can live with Robusta drinkers...
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    The "real" Coffee

    Because it tastes better... (It's subjective, I know.)
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    The "real" Coffee

    For reason unbeknownst to myself I've been developing this desire to explain how you do the "real" Coffee (as I see it). And here we are! First of all, you need a "Moka" coffee pot, i.e. something like this thing: How you do it, tricks and newbs mistakes included: [Newb mistake] You don't get an aluminum pot. You get a stainless steel pot. (Strangely enough, aluminum will oxidize and develop stains that will alter the flavour of your coffee: never go for aluminum, get the steel.) Use 100% Arabica coffee only. [Trick] When you first purchase the pot, prepare your coffee (read the following), then throw it away. Wash (see #4), repeat and throw it away again. Drink from the third one on. [Newb mistake] You never wash the pot with detergents. Fresh water only. Detergents would wipe away the coffee traces from the interior of the pot, and your coffee would develop an unpleasant metallic taste. (Don't worry about "hygiene": your pot gets sterilized at every use - T = 100° C: no bacteria/virus can survive.) [Trick] Don't wash the pot after each use, but just before each use. Start preparing your pot by washing it with fresh water. [Trick] Use cold water for the water tank (A). Fill the tank with [trick] cold (tap/fridge) water, to just below the level of the safety valve. Fill the filter (B) with grinded coffee. (Do not use soluble coffee for heaven's sake!) [Newb mistake] Do not press the grinded coffee. You may gently shake the filter for the coffee to get evenly distributed. Screw the top (C) over the filter and tank, and close it tightly, without pushing on the handle. [Trick] Put the pot on the smallest flame/heater of your kitchen cooker, and set it at the lowest possible intensity (you want your water to be heated slowly). You may try to experiment a bit with higher intensities, but never go with the highest ones (or your coffee will have a burnt taste). When the coffee will start filling the top you'll hear a distinct noise. You can turn off the cooker then, or wait a few moments, but anyway remove the coffee from the heat source before the boiling starts (boiled coffee is meh.) [Trick] if your pot is large (over the size of 1-2 cups) stir the coffee to mix it well before pouring it out. If you don't plan to use the pot for a lot of time (20+ days) wash it (again with fresh water only). Repeat #4 before using it again. I might have forgotten something obvious: in that case please point it out for me (Cerridwyn: thanks in advance for your inevitable "peer-review"... ) And now excuse me but I leave to have a cup of coffee...
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    The Brehon-Schatt Chat

    I fixed it for you, Phineas.
  21. CN is a game of stats and words, and both pillars are essential for success. "OWF propaganda" (dressed/labeled as "moralism", or whatever) isn't everything, but it isn't irrelevant either. In other words, posting is already doing something. (The only way to really do nothing in CN inter-alliance politics is to be neutral. I should know about that... )
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    War Movies - TOP 5

    Good picks, KW. If we want to include also movies that aren't centered around warfare combat, but still have a lot to do with war, Apocalypse Now could certainly go in that list.
  23. OK, please you all just pretend that I didn't say anything, and carry on.
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