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  1. Why did you post this twice?


    Anyway: people don't want 24 tech shipments because, if they're using their slots at all, they want to do it efficiently, which is done by receiving 100 tech levels at a time. You can probably easily get offers for 6,000,000 for 100 tech levels and receive the money beforehand. Almost nobody will waste a slot for 24 tech levels.

  2. On 7/10/2019 at 4:37 PM, Johnny Apocalypse said:

    The Microverse is the only hope this planet has for any kind of growth beyond the lumbering ghost-ridden hulks that seek to oppress us with the age old doctrine of "Might makes Right

    I'm neutral about this, except that I 100% agree.


    On 7/10/2019 at 10:18 PM, Thrash said:

    Nothing will ever beat Schatt's news.

    Currently nothing beats JA's posts, though. Schatt is long gone, unfortunately (but fortunately for him: this world - and I'm vague on purpose - doesn't deserve him anymore).


    22 hours ago, Johnny Apocalypse said:

    No matter how hard I try I will forever be living in the shadow of Bela Lugosi :(

    See above: you're doing a stellar work IMHO.

  3. On 7/6/2019 at 11:37 PM, The Big Bad said:

    When you look at it they should be afraid.  This is a whos who of some of the worst warring alliances on Planet Bob, all they need is GPA and Sparta to join.  And the longer this goes on the more others who are bored might be talking to gathering others to jump is making NG just the start.  Lets face it this RFI bloc is the kind of group that people want to kill just because they fail.   

    Sorry for the late reply, but I have known you literally for ages, TBB, and I am appalled to see you sink to the lowness of insinuating that the GPA may be a "warring alliance", even just a most terrible one. Everyone knows that we couldn't manage to find that "Declare War" button lever actuator effector command thing to save our lives!


    (Okay I admit that this is just an excuse to say hello to you and to Stewie... 😄)

  4. On 6/27/2019 at 7:25 AM, AlmightyGrub said:

    The game is as it is because the reality was there was only ever a few handfuls of people actually driving the masses around the board.  Many of those people have left, or retired to the point of almost inactivity and there has been very little interest in taking their place.  There was a lot of talent here, most of it is gone.  The run of the mill alliance player was never good enough to make things happen, and so they sit here and contemplate why the community is as it is. 


    Too many stupid people, with a complete lack of comprehension of what drives the game, having input into driving the game for their own agenda rather than the global community effectively killed whatever resistance there was.  Here we sit, waiting for someone to do something and the people who could, after careful contemplation, couldn't be arsed anymore.

    For once I mostly disagree with you here. In CN old times we had a few talented leaders, sure, but there's no reason for talent not to be present in the new leaders as well.

    For several years, maybe up to ten years we actually also had a total of probably hundreds of good and excellent players spread across dozens of acceptably competent alliances, each of which had a lively pool of active top and middle level management that ran things internally and externally: there's no good reason to think that the random (stochastic) loss of a talented few explains the death of CN.


    Why did we decline, then? Honestly I don't know for sure - it's obviously much easier to hint at the (big, anyway) flaws in your explanation, than to develop and to present an alternative one.

    In general, every society is always at risk of decline, often an irreversible one. It can be that its (power) structures become unable to continue to solve its problems - the internal dynamics explanation - or that its relationship with its own environment degenerates or it simply reaches the point at which it can't be sustained anymore - the external reason explanation. Or both things!

    The (political) power structure of CN may have become too fossilized, regardless of the individual will of its components, or the dynamics of CN statistics might have reached exhaustion - or both - and the players' enjoyment simply declined, thus players left.

    In my view, political unipolarity, the game involution towards (only) war dynamics, the tech/money(/land) "inflation", all contributed to frustrate the politically-active players, all those that didn't just want to play "just another war game", nation builders and others, by stifling political and statistical competition. The game wasn't any more the fun it used to, many (most) active players left, alliances died and here we are.



    On 6/28/2019 at 2:24 AM, AlmightyGrub said:

    The world is so asleep I bet I could attack a single alliance, no one would defend them because they wouldn't notice or care, quite probably including the alliance attacked, threaten them with all kinds of demands up to an including moving color or disbanding and then peace them out when I felt like without really achieving anything.  This is the real issue for me now, what do I do that achieves anything?  Everyone has a treaty with everyone else or at least an ally of someone else, and the OWF is a cesspool, so there isn't even the minor joy of getting the Trollmaster2000 fired up.

    Ha ha I 100% agree with all of this. Well said.

  5. On 6/16/2019 at 12:35 AM, Joseph Black said:

    No question we're part of the problem. Our political connections have been established to maintain security. And we dont engage in any kind of political roleplay that would delve deeper or pose unnecessary risk to the global peace. 


    Collectively new alliance arent viable as a means of shifting culture or discourses. I'm not leaving my alliance and neither is anyone else that has established connections and community. 


    Without growth in the community there is only decay. And with most alliances either completely inactive or socially removed from the world thats all that is left. 

    How can any kind of security have any value when everything is dead? What do you think you're securing? Don't get me wrong, I am not implying that you should change your play in any way (I have totally no freaking clue about it, and neither about you, by the way) I am just baffled that anyone can still have anything they wish to preserve in CN.


    (In case anyone is wondering why I am here and why I post, then: I haven't been really playing since 2015 and my nation is still around just as a courtesy towards its trade partners. Some month I'll just completely forget about it and that will be all.)

  6. On 4/21/2019 at 7:02 PM, Monster said:

    GPA claimed to be a in process of contemplating disbandment and effectively never did things.

    The GPA used to never meddle in the affairs of others, but it did things. That was a lot of time ago though.

    We considered disbandment but in the end we voted against it. The alliance's activity was already almost nonexistent and since then it only got smaller. Having disbanded or not does not make any practical difference any more, at least on any matter that I know of.



    As for the global situation: neutrality and peace - which, if we had bothered, were what we would have been recommending all the time - won. Even if most people (that still care enough to think about CN) wouldn't consider their attitude to be neutral or peaceful, actions (or lack of) count much more than words or thoughts.


  7. @Luckao and @Sardonic? What is this, I tought we were in 2019!

    I also had and have my theories but honestly... Yawn.


    @AlmightyGrub : "pay to play" was topped by "when blatant cheaters get caught call it 'witch-hunt'". The - already feeble - remaining credibility of this game went down the toilet many many years ago. Luckily I was away when it happened, I know that that helped me save a lot of my time.

    All of this said, this game is for free, Admin is free to do with it whatever he's pleased with. I don't give a damn about it and about him.

  8. On 2/8/2019 at 9:43 AM, Mogar said:

    [...] the true purpose of this game [...]

    "The true purpose of this game" was for each player to choose, I thought that a venerable veteran like you had realized this many years ago.


    (I say "was" because I can't bring myself to consider this a game anymore, to me it's a mausoleum.)

  9. Congratulations for having explored the limits of what could be done statistically with a Cyber Nation, you have been a master in optimizing stuff and in getting the most out of all the game mechanics. Definitely one of the best players in that field, if not the very best one. You've also been more than decent in CN politics when it still meant something, good job on that too.


    When it came to discussing the game with me and others you've mostly been a jerk - not always, I'll give that to you - but honestly... it actually didn't mean anything: it's always been inconsequential as Admin didn't actually care. At all.

    I'd bury that hatchet but I forgot long ago where I put it. Yawn.


    Goodbye and good luck, I wish you all the best for your RL, especially for your family. Take care.

  10. 9 hours ago, Monster said:


    Except maybe Hakai wasn't talking of the number of players?


    While at macro level your reasonings about activity, seniority etc are largely correct (IMHO), at micro level it's still possible to have areas ("islands") of activity and engagement, and it's probably true that Oculus stands in the way of these islands of activity, "unnecessarily" making difficult for them to play and to enjoy the game in an environment open to possibilities.

    (I say "probably" because I didn't really pay any attention to it.)


    The one thing that could probably help this game to (at least) allow the active minority (which is out there) to still have some fun, would be the disbandment of all the ancient alliances that aren't doing anything anymore, but which are still statistically significant.

    (Yeah, the GPA could disband too, I'd actually welcome it... on the other hand the GPA is definitely not part of what renders CN this stale.)

  11. Hey Myth!


    19 hours ago, Monster said:

    The focus has been on older players for a long time and it wasn't a good business model for growing the game.

    Even those that still pay any attention to anything don't really care anymore, not even just to complain about anything. Kevin decided to reward seniority over everything else and to look the other way about a lot of bad stuff. And here we are.


    Who cares, anyway.

  12. 31 minutes ago, LJ Scott said:

    It's not about going into a war only when you know you can win, it's about going into a war when you know it's right.

    Historically it's been "right" to go into a war only when the attackers were convinced that they would have won it, or that it was inevitable anyway.

    Or my memory is flawed. Age etc.

  13. 1 minute ago, Monster said:

    You could just make a specific channel for those discussions.

    According to my limited experience of Discord it doesn't support hierarchy much. A bunch of unordered channels with sparse new comments here and there is not my idea of a useful medium for discussions. Maybe it would have worked better when we had many active members.

    Or maybe I just don't know Discord. (Now that I think of it, the learning curve for people that in general progressively reduced their CN time for years is an issue too.)

  14. IMO Discord is a good tool for real time discussions, i.e. what we used to do on IRC in old times.

    As a repository of documents or a reference of any kind, and to host discussions that aren't urgent and that instead would benefit from the participation of more members, Discord is simply totally inadequate, IMO.

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