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  1. 23 minutes ago, Tiberius said:

    Less than 30 seconds in "I'm a member of the NpO, the New Polar Order". We can always rely on Junka for brilliant propaganda.

    In the Youtube video description the author wrote that he was actually a Pacifican, that he had mistakenly said "Polar" because he was nervous.


    I'll anyway also have everyone note that the only "activity" on this board is about ~10 years old debates between Junkalunka and Vladimir and about an ancient video that wasn't breaking news even when it was recent (although admittedly it was funny... 11 freaking years ago!)


    I don't know what this means, I just wanted to share this thought with you all.

  2. An Unofficial Announcement

    by probably the only Agency's member that cares to make one


    Incredibly, we sort of already realized about the attack by these "Cowboys". Personally I am slightly disappointed that the war reason used against my specific Nation is that dull, and that no fancy PM was sent to me before or after the first attacks. But I guess that this is the state of the general apathy these days.


    On the bright side, I didn't imagine I would have had another occasion to post an Announcement. Apparently I am not completely dead.

    I might even remain focused for long enough to send a few other missiles in someone's general direction, or something like that. Don't hold your breath, though.




  3. On 6/18/2018 at 5:48 PM, Franz Ferdinand said:

    With the exception of Bolivar and vladimir smolenkov, it seems that LSF are just soaking up the hits.

    That's because War Is a Lie(tm), it's about time you lot get it. :P



    On 6/19/2018 at 11:08 AM, Wyatt Earp said:

    This thread is about GATO, SLAP and LSF.


    It is not about The Zygur and I suggest if you continue to hijack it you'll see a noose. Move on.

    On 6/20/2018 at 12:47 AM, Otto Pilot said:


    Make your own thread to protest your specific situation and surrounding events in World Affairs if you need to.


    As for everyone else, if we're telling The Zigur not to turn it into a The Zigur thread, we're also telling people not to feed into it.

    Aside that, more or less, I probably find obnoxious the very same posts you do, if nation leaders should not comment to also try advance and promote their agendas through their propaganda - which might rightfully mean to insistently try to influence the audience by presenting or framing facts partisanly and selectively - what's the purpose of this forum?


    [ooc] For what is still worth, nowadays: the above stuff is entirely IC, the second part included. [/ooc]


  4. 2 hours ago, Neo Uruk said:

    lmao jerdge are you really going to pretend to have not noticed that GPA wasn't being attacked during the period where other alliances were actually going to war with some frequency


    you know why they waited

    Yes, I think I kind of know a few things about the reasons things happened recently, and not much before. Rather than having pretended not to have noticed what you mention, I actually implied it.

    In theory I could state that I don't get why you would say that any of that would make you laugh - there's no scandal, it was by design, it didn't happen for free not it was easy, and it did require continued efforts and constant maintenance - but, knowing a bit about you and your dialectics too, I think I can probably guess that as well. Unfortunately my lack of desire to pointlessly start a discussion about you means that I will just stop it here. It's a bit rude, I know, I apologize, but it is what it is.

  5. 9 hours ago, AlmightyGrub said:


    You are correct, there is very little left to say and I hate repeating myself.  This world needs to go Krypton, there is little to no point to anything now except maintaining Order.  Having said that, I never understood neutral alliances in 2006 and I understand them even less now.  I could get it if the end game was to unleash the beast and declare yourselves the winner, the ultimate stiff middle finger to Bob, but we all know now that the whole reason people were attracted to GPA and their ilk was they were !@#$ at the game and liked to huddle in fear together.


    Ultimately your nations have done nothing.  Well done.



    Hello old friend, I'm happy to have another occasion to exchange opinions with you, albeit in this quasi-zombie era in which - I am afraid - we too are the shells of our old selves.


    I think that you actually very well understand, and always understood, neutrality as a political stance: you just don't like it.


    There have been a few years in which it would have been extremely costly to attack the GPA, because it was a damn-well built alliance, prepared to fight effectively for years, but then this world changed for worse - Admin never appeared to care about the many internal and external things that were breaking His toy, as sure as hell has always been His right to do, by the way - people from every alliance were discouraged, or bored, and they left, alliances declined in size, quality and number...

    Here we are: I won't claim (nor I do care) that the Agency is now good at anything and in fact my personal opinion is that it's barely an alliance anymore. I won't say that everyone else is similarly in a bad shape but TBH I don't see that many dazzling wonderful alliances around us.


    Had you attacked the Agency five, four or maybe even three years ago you would have gotten a really good run for your money. Too bad that you waited that we were all decrepit and senile - and yes, I include you too in that - to finally muster enough interest to come knocking at our gates (if that slow and lazy thing deserved to be called a knock, by the way).

    Maybe you have been too busy with other stuff all the time, if that's the case then good for you. Or you may have just been too inept to ever reach a position in which you could dare it: after all you didn't show up until the very end of the twilight. Maybe, again, we have been good enough at what we were doing, and that's why not only you, but no one else showed up either.

    Everyone will have their idea, luckily we are afforded that freedom and we can even learn form the opinion of others. At the end of the day I admit that I don't find to be particularly important what you think we did or didn't do: we liked it for sure, a lot, while it lasted, and TBH I don't remember anyone in the Agency that ever deeply cared about your opinion about our achievements, or about your opinions in general, for that matter. ("You" as Grub, not Polaris... you know that I instead care about your specific ideas, but I'm an exception and that's another story.)

    While I am sincerely happy that you got your satisfaction in whatever you have been doing before finally remembering about us, and while I can even bring myself to be generally sorry that - even at that point - you didn't find us to be exciting, I must also remind you that, for sure, we have never been here to entertain you.


    [ooc: I am not good at this kind of posts thus please appreciate the effort: hopefully you're amused eh eh...]

  6. On ‎24‎/‎05‎/‎2018 at 7:26 AM, Joseph Black said:


    It's easy to complain, what will you do to change it?

    I don't complain and I won't do anything at all, as I care very very little about this world. I did my things so many years ago...

    The day this realm will effectively die I will just stop observing it every other fortnight.


    13 hours ago, The Zigur said:


    It should not be surprising there is a lack of discourse when anyone can be attacked for any reason. There's been a brain drain from this world for a reason.

    This world has been declining for most of its existence and in any political climate, it's simplistic to attribute this historical trend to any single factor.

    I personally think that the lack of discourse is due to the general lack of interest for anyone to discuss anything with anyone anymore. I'm not interested either, anyway, thus I won't even try to go into the details.

    I just thank you and Grub, and everyone else which is putting some effort in what they post here, for bringing some entertainment to those that are still spectating what happens.

  7. On 5/10/2018 at 11:41 AM, The Zigur said:

    People complain about how "boring" this world is yet simultaneously try to drive everyone colorful from the world.

    Colourful? You'd be hard pressed to find anyone even just barely half-alive, here, as evidenced by the fact that a dozen days passed without a single post in this whole forum. (All the other threads are at least almost one month old, on top of that.)


    Cybernations was about playing politics but that game is now over - in fact it has been for quite some time - it's just that nobody turned the lights off, yet.

  8. Good luck on your next adventure jerdge. You've always been a staple of our community, so it'll be odd being without you. Take care, and stop by when you have the time ;)

    Thank you.
    I think that I'll visit the GPA forums from time to time, anyone wishing to contact me can probably send me a PM there, and I should read it, sooner or later.

    Wish you would rethink, but good luck RL.

    Now that my nation's time is at its end I really feel like I'm doing the right thing. Gaela's Big Sleep promises to be sweet with me.
    Thanks and bye. :)

    Jerdge -- we all know the court is always right.


    Eh eh, exchanging obscure references makes me feel at home. :D
    Farewell, my friend.

    Thanks Kevin for these years, I'll remember your game and the fun I had with it. :)

    Thanks to the Mods for their really underappreciated, essential work: this place would fall into pieces without you. :wub:

    For everyone: this is my last post here. Thanks for every good thing, shame on us for all the bad.

    Take care and forget jerdge.

  9. Farewell Jerge, sincerely one of the core group of people from all sides of Bob who contributed on a regular basis.  I will miss baiting you at every possible turn, you were always gracious in return.


    Stay classy and remember to never ever ever look back.

    You've been by far the most talented and intelligent IC critic of neutrals and that, together with your inclination for effective abrasive commentary, made it really fun.

    I don't know if I ever told you, but a couple of alliances have a "OWF, How To" guide that I wrote, in which you're featured as the benchmark for aggressive, yet intelligent and legitimate posts. :D (Yours is a CN art that is nowadays mostly lost, as most of its masters faded with time. It's a pity.)

    You're one of the few I will remember and miss.


    Also, I don't plan to look back. (Remember! If it wasn't for you I would have probably left CN in 2008...)


    Farewell! :wub:



    Posting in an epic thread, about an epic CN'er - you will be missed, bud.  Take Care.

    A blast from 2009!

    (You may remember them, but they must remain forever here, for the posterity. This is also a good occasion to beg forgiveness and mercy by the memory of WIlliam Blake - poor soul he didn't deserve it... :( )



    To: DevastationStation     From: jerdge     Date: 5/5/2009 8:32:39 AM

    Subject: Vogon Poetry Declared!

    Message: Vogon Poetry has been declared on you by jerdge for the following reason: UBER BOREDOM
    You may not do anything about it!



    To: DevastationStation     From: jerdge     Date: 5/5/2009 8:32:47 AM


    Subject: Warning: VOGON POETRY inside!

    Message: "Harmless! Harmless!
    Burning bright
    In the forest
    of Traal's night!

    Marvel at the juicy glowing sky,
    see its big acid greenish vault.
    Tell me, DevastationStation,
    Can you see the square ships,
    Stinking even in the vacuum of space
    Coming on your cities,
    Coming on your armies,
    Nuking your lands,
    Devastating your Stations,
    Asphalting your orbit?

    Your Gurganblash Dhant Woek nose growth
    May look like cheese,
    May smell like venomous mushroom,
    And can worsen with our Radiating Gift
    But you'll always be just a turkey
    No match for the armpit charm
    Of even a single Vogon soldier,
    Or his mother's.

    Little armadillo-like IRON foot soldier,
    Who put you in that crap?
    Dost thou know who put you in that crap?
    Everyone under the big acid greenish vault
    of the juicy glowing sky
    Asks why, why do you even bother?

    The Vogon Destructor Fleet was on you,
    And your hopeless cause revealed
    As hopeless."



    To: DevastationStation     From: jerdge     Date: 5/5/2009 8:32:52 AM


    Subject: Vogon Poetry Report

    Message: You have been delivered Vogon Poetry by jerdge. Even if you're not at war with him anymore, 12,347 of your soldiers are now sick and 1,078 tanks suddenly rusted. You captured one Vogon soldier and other 35 of your soldiers needed medical treatment as a consequence.
    The Vogon Poetry depressed 12.321 of your land, rendered useless 1,907.984 of your technology and painted green all your infrastructure that didn't suicide. The Vogons looted $50,000.000.04 from you but they later dropped it (because they were irritated by the .04 change) and you gained an everlasting disgust for poetry. In the end the Vogon Poetry was Really Horrible. Any existing peace offers that were on the table jumped down and ran away screaming in terror.



    Bye! :)



    Best of luck. Can always return.

    Thanks, and who knows? (Probably not, though. :) )



    Was nice to read you! ;)

    Thank you my friend. The WTF is blessed to have such a good heart as yours. :wub:



    Kids these days, no staying power. Why if everyone that could see no more joy or fun in CN were to simply up and leave, where would we all be?

    So listen here, master jerdge. Sit back down, thats more than enough of your tomfoolery for today. Not one more whimper out of you. Ennui indeed.


    And the rest of you, you ought to know better than to encourage such behaviour.

    Eh eh. :)

    I will miss you too. You're one of the best.





    You don't need to smother your nation; now you can let it go to sleep and pick up later. Maybe at that time there will only be 300 nations left on Bob and we can have a final battle, throwing rocks and sticks at each other. I plan to be there.


    Once I get the gumption, I'm going to come out with another attempt at staving that off -- which has been my central objective all along. But my RL battles on the political arena on social media have been consuming my time and passion since I all-but abandoned the OWF years ago.

    You could just do like me and hang on out of sheer stubbornness -- and taking delight in crunching the odd unwary attacker every now and then. Otherwise, I'm blissfully unaware of the political situation here.

    I won't ask for Galea to be deleted, but I don't think I'll be back.

    I have always appreciated your stubbornness and dedication, I think that in your time you've been one of the giants of the history of CN, one of the few that basically everyone (that was there) still remembers.

    Farewell. :)



    Goodbye and its sad to see one of the more rationale and respectful players leave.

    Goodbye the rebel. As I already said multiple times: don't be sad, I am not. CN can certainly do without me, I am not important.

    Thanks for your kind words, anyway. I have always appreciated your clear mind and your posts, even when I didn't agree with them. Bye! :)

  10. A shame to hear, Jerdge. Very very few outside of NSO would elicit an emotional response from me over leaving our world, you're one of the few.


    I'm glad everything in life is ok and there's no nefarious reasons lurking in the background. Good luck out there, hope all remains well.


    Cheers old friend.  :wub:

    Cheers to you! :laugh:

    I regret a bit never having joined the NSO back when the game still mattered something to me, I would have loved trying to play the dark character. Not to mention that, at least when I used to frequent them, the NSO forums were way better than basically anyone else's (at least the part visible to diplomats).



    I'll miss you, and hope that you come back.


    But in the meantime, have fun out there.

    Dear lady, you're one of the best players of this game. To know you is a privilege. :wub:



    Hey Jerdge,


    All the best mate. Have a good, long & fruitful life.

    Hopefully so! :D

    I think I will get on your forums again, sooner or later, I always found them full of fun. ;)



    Adios. Even though I probably didn't agree with more than half of your posts, I enjoyed reading them.

    Thank you, I did my best. :unsure:

    (I think that you have the right mindset for this game and I wish you posted more.)

  11. Please make another thread marveling at Cuba's infra 

    As this wasn't directed at me I'll ignore it.

    Anyway thanks for the refreshing private conversation we recently had. Good luck with your nation and everything. :)



    Everything has a beginning and an ending, it's the circle of life. Best of luck, jerdge!

    Wise words, and thank you. Bye! :)



    Good luck, Jerdge!

    /o Jerdge

    /o GPA

    /o RL

    Thanks to you as well, and thanks for mentioning the GPA too. :)



    I have no leg to stand on when it comes to telling anybody to stay.  However, you could just pop in on occasion when things heat up or just to cause to some trouble.  Seems like Planet Bob would be a lesser place with your loss.  We have lost far to many old timers.      

    While I can't exclude that I will be back, one day, I don't plan to do it.

    Thanks for your kind words, TBB. :)



    A sad day.



    Farewell indeed. Don't be sad, anyway, as I am not sad. ;)



    This makes me sad. :(


    You will be missed jerdge.

    Don't you be sad either. I have always liked your style, thanks for the exchanges and the chats. :)

    (Some will probably really miss me, but most will just forget me, and sooner rather than later. Not to mention that most never minded/cared about me, anyway. :D - I have never really been a game changer, after all.)

  12. Best wishes, jerdge.

    GPA will certainly have a hard time replacing the person who many of us outside of GPA see as the "face" of GPA, regardless of who is actually elected.

    I am sorry to see you go, but I also understand the feeling. Be careful, because you never know - I was at this point a year and a half ago. You may end up on the "dark side" yet :P (although if anyone can stand against the temptation it would be you)

    I have already been - not in this order - the terrorist and the pariah, the leader of a micro, the public face of the biggest alliance (two different alliances), the bureaucrat, the leader, the follower, the military head, the conspirator, the intelligence guy, the statesman, the judge, the propagandist... I don't mean that I did all of that - or any of it - all that well, but I got my hands dirty. I am not a white knight, if I had to choose a color I'd rather go for grey.
    Talking of colors, had I remained I would have had the occasion to do a lot of Green stuff. Being the neutral rebel is probably more challenging than "just" turning to the establishment's "dark side", after all. :P

    Your interest might be renewed if you joined an alliance that did, you know, something.

    Being neutral and doing something aren't mutually exclusive. My lack of interest is about the game, not about the alliance I am in.

    Good riddance.

    Weird, were you expecting that I would have given any weight to your opinion about my leave? Or are you still just unable to filter at any level? Will you ever develop any sense of opportunity?

    It should be obvious but one can never be sure with you, thus I'll make it as clear as possible: considering that you consistently harassed and attacked other players for years, deriding them for their RL ordeals and making fun of their deaths, never ever showing any remorse, you and whatever you do or say deserve my attention only when it's to expose your actions for what they are.
    Keep oyaing, oya. :)

    Wow, so controversial.

    He lives for his pixels and he ignorantly thinks that I did or I could have done or I would have wanted to do anything to harm them.
    Once you get that that is his mindset, everything he does becomes perfectly predictable. Had he any value it would be sad.

    It's been great knowing you. I was going to say that it's a pity that you are going but then I saw this:

    Immediately I realized that you are doing the right thing.

    Bah he's just an insignificant something constantly barking around for his pixels while admiring himself. Except as a negative example about how not to play games, he's completely irrelevant. Certainly not a reason to stay or to leave for.

    And thanks. We haven't always agreed, but discussing anything with you is always interesting and instructive. :)

  13. Sorry for LoFN! Happy trails.

    Eh, the LoFN was Walford's creature, we were just friends. TBH I'd be curious myself to know where AHEAD could have arrived, but we'll never know.
    And thanks. :)

    No, just no.

    Obrigado por tudo, vocé é um grande artista e um amigo precioso.
    (It's only an attempt at Portuguese, mind you! :) It's too much time that I don't speak it...)

    This thread makes me sad and CN will be poorer when you leave.

    Don't be sad! I am happy of what I'm doing. :)
    It's because that we're transient that our time is precious, and I won't forget about you, anyway.

    It's been a pleasure, jerdge, and don't be a stranger. You have been a moment of sanity and clarity in a sea of posers, flip players, try hards, and frustrated Napoleons. Whatever else people want to say about "neutrality", you did your way.

    I'd try to talk you out of quitting, but ultimately whether or not someone sticks around here is a very personal decision, and while my preference would be that you stay, I know you've probably given this moment a lot of thought. Perhaps instead simply I'll ask you to give it a bit more time. It's not like we're going anywhere fast these days.

    The pleasure was mine. :)
    TBH I think that I've too been a bit of a frustrated Napoleon, but that was also funny, so... :D
    Thank you for having always stood in the right place when it ReaLly counted.
    As for giving more time, really, I spent plenty of time about it, already.
    When I left the MHA for the GPA, in 2010, it was already to retire. Although I didn't really retire then, it's five years that my activity goes up and down, and that is part of what made me start thinking of leaving, which I've been doing basically since early 2014. In fact I shall confess that, hadn't it been for the "DBDC dynamics" (this expression being meant really at large) I would have probably left much earlier.
    I am sure I thought it out long enough: I am doing the right thing.

    You can't leave, you're like a CN landmark. Although you're always welcome to join Limitless Nexus if you want to drop neutrality for a bit and have some fun. I still remember you from the Citadel and I've always considered you a friend, as well as a man of high principles.

    o7 Citadel

    Also you can't leave until we blow some stuff up together, you still haven't experienced the fun wars, where you can really let loose. So there is still more CN has to offer. ;)

    Hey you're exaggerating a bit with the landmark part. :D
    I have always liked your contribution to this game and I think you've been underestimated by too many, thanks for your kind words.
    As for your offer, I will respectfully decline. In my time I had the occasion to fight and let loose, updeclaring against the top enemies and crossing swords with excellent fighters I truly respected. The war mechanics doesn't really offer much to me anymore. But again: thanks. :)

  14. What tirades? I have never been nothing if not reasonable. Why would you say such a thing after I have expressed such a kindness toward you? If you have any honor at all you will delay your departure until I am in a range where I will be capable of answering this insult.

    Only a few would have been able to reply with such a level of irony. :)
    Or: I see what you did there.

    I tip my hat to you good Sir, indeed there is and there can only be one Rebel Virginia.

  15. I'll miss ya :)
    Never agreed with you Post-MHA, and didn't agree with you much before -- but a solid addition to this community and hope everything is well for you in the other realm!
    Here's a pan galactic gargle blaster, and remember to always keep your towel handy.

    Eh eh, that's a very accurate description of our relationship! :D
    We surely had our spats, and heavens know that at times I would have gladly strangled you (just a bit, and I assume that the reciprocal is also true), but I am glad that we kept it civil and respectful - more or less, cough cough - even when it got heated. (Also: you've always been wrong! :P )
    PS My towel is always ready. ;)

    Good luck, jerdge.

    Thanks. :) I think I'll remember about you.

    You have 1.1 mil casualties in 9 years, what a waste of time.

    You can keep your goals, I had mine which (thanks heaven) didn't involve entangling myself with the part of the game mechanics that I liked the least.

    Aye, a shame to see you go. But then again, all things must come to an end. It is a sign of the times.
    Good luck to you out there.
    And to you know who, I'm coming for you. Soon. FAIL will ride one last time, into a glorious sunset.

    You've always been insuperable in unpredictable provocations. Now that I am on my way out I can confess that you've always been my favourite benchmark in that (BTW it's marvelous how few people have the remotest clue about how to deal with your tirades).
    Thanks for your kind wishes. :)


    Bye jerdge!

    Bye. You've always been the Nicest Poster in my book.


    haha lol!

    haha lol!

  16. At least rogue someone on your way out.


    Stupid neutral.


    Also good bye :( 

    Ah ah.

    Well I never liked clichés, and the quitting rogue role always looked a bit dumb (and petty) to me.

    I will miss your posts/threads, you're one of the better assets this game has. :)






    Obligatory "join *insert alliance here*".

    Thanks for showing up. Do you still remember this? :D



    have fun in RL jerdge! Though I do agree with others in that you should join an alliance and get more involved in CN than less. :P But yeah, take care and come back.

    Heh, the GPA would offer a lot to do, the point isn't that I am bored because of neutrality: I am uninterested because this game is exhausted to me.

    I'll make sure to have fun IRL, instead.

    (BTW let me tell you that I always enjoyed reading your debates with people... until a certain point. I usually gave up reading before you gave up posting... ;) )




    Why!; as others have said, why don't you try a different, more warmongering alliance?

    It will be a great loss to see you go :(

    Besides what I have already posted and also what I told you privately, "warmongering" really doesn't appeal me. I don't want to dismiss CN's war system entirely - Kevin put a lot of work into it, after all - but I can't hide that I personally never found much fun into it. Politics are (were) much more fun.



    Listen not to plaintive mewings

    The oh so subtle pursuings

    Is a time you know

    When you have to go

    And leave behind all these doings


    Happy trails jerdge.

    Thank you. Quality post as usual: I wish I was able to reply in kind but it's better that I don't try it... It would be Vogon poetry! :)



    i'm sad to see you go. best of luck in RL

    Thanks you too! I am a lucky person and I am confident about my life, but good wishes can't do harm.



    Jerdge... what are you doing?  I won't patronise you and tell you what to do to reignite your interest.  I get where you're coming from - I've felt somewhat similar recently - and I hope you can regain some semblance of enthusiasm for the game at some point in the future, and you not deleting does afford me some hope on that front.  All of that said, it's disappointing for the game to lose one of the very few neutrals who's contributed like you have down the years.


    Whatever you do, I wish you all the best.

    Thanks. For years I have been thinking that you were underrated, I was happy when I saw that you had finally achieved the notoriety that you deserved. Your style is gold. :D

    As for not deleting, yes, who knows, maybe one day I'll be back - don't hold your breath for it, though!

  17. Seems like GPA's losing a few members recently. Can we please see a spin-off alliance if it's dissatisfaction with the government rather than losing players in cn.

    Since I have been thinking about this since early 2014, this has nothing to do with recent events, or with dissatisfaction with anything. Certainly not with the (wonderful) GPA government.

    tl;dr but are you quitting CN because on o ya baby's nation, it says: Your time is coming soon, Jerdge....

    and you just know you're gonna get destroyed?

    Yeah, "unstoppable", what pixel hugger could compete with their nation? Everything must be about them.

    (I am not sure that your joke deserves a serious answer, but here it is: oya going rogue on a GPA nation has the potential of his friends having to choose between leaving him be slowly ground down by nuke turrets, or escalating a conflict with the GPA in a phase in which it would not be exactly convenient for them to do so. Then again results could be different and oya could actually follow through with his threats anyway - politically speaking he has always been dumb and out of control.
    All of that said, if I stayed my position would be very comfortable: if oya is a real threat, baiting would be the best strategy. If it's not, I'd have just nothing to do (and to waste my time over). Win-win. But IMO oya would end up with always having other/better things to do than attacking my nation, and i base my opinion on literally years of people - oya included - making threats and never showing up.
    I could elaborate on this and explain you why it's actually almost always inconvenient and futile to mess with a connected neutral that stopped caring for pixels years ago, but I have the sensation that ending it here is also good. This discussion is academic and ultimately pointless: I am leaving and we won't know what would have happened.)

    That's a lot of kitties.

    99 if I counted them right. It wasn't planned, but it gives the idea that I owe a lot to a lot of people, and any enumeration will lack some. Talking of which:

    My ego always feels left out in things like this, then again I'm just a noob.

    Bye (and thanks) to you too! :)

    Literally shook my head so hard my neck hurts.

    Too much effort. ;)

    If you are bored with CN, why not join an alliance that is involved in politics?

    It'll be a shame to see you go.

    Thank you. :)

    I must have been unclear as the notion of boredom showed up in posts and PMs. I am not bored by CN, I an not interested anymore, at least not enough to actually keep playing it.
    If I was interested I would have plenty to do in the GPA, with challenging stuff, drama, etc.
    Only, I prefer to spend my time on something else.

    I'll try to reply to everyone, a few at a time. I will be doing this on my phone while commuting, mostly, thus please be gentle and understand if I am slow or my posts aren't of max quality. Thank you. :)

  18. Hello all.

    I could write pages and pages (you know that I actually could :D ) but I would probably lose track while doing it. Furthermore, I am informing you all of my grown disinterest towards CN: to be frank, to me it would make little sense to put any real effort in order to write down all that, once, I might have wanted to say in such an occasion... And that even if me or this event had any special relevance, which we have not.

    Long story short: my lack of interest for CN grew to the point that I decided to just drift away. CN is a stage, we all have our exits and entrances and we all play many parts. Mine is at the end.

    As it would be impolite to just leave/go completely inactive, and I know that some would be uneasy at the thought that I might have incurred in some serious misfortune, I decided to make this post: I am well, everything in my life is OK, I am just leaving the game. My exit should be around the end of the month, as I last logged in the game on April 30th and I don't intend to do it again. Until that moment, I will remain a GPA member, in game and in spirit but not entirely in practice (i.e.: I don't guarantee that I will check the forums at all, save probably this thread).

    I created Gaela almost eight years ago and, while I never became really relevant on the global stage, I did a lot of things in this game. Over five years in the GPA, with well over 5,000 posts in the Agency's forums (a very lot of which posts are probably exceedingly long and thought-out ones) indicate that my efforts went most to try affect the Neutral Menace's destiny in CN. I have the presumption of having achieved a lot in that, helping the Agency remain effective and proactive in Foreign Affairs, Defense, internal democracy and transparency, also trying to help for any sort of daily or emergency, big or small need.
    I will however restrain myself from boring you with the details of what I think have been my achievements in the GPA, also for the very good reason that not even just one of them would have been possible without all the other wonderful people that formed, and that still form the Agency.
    Let me instead drop, for the amusement of those that will remember them, short mentions of my past times as a crazy Hitchhiker (and Härmlin), and of my involvement in the LoFN even before that - really a lot of time ago. Any role I might have or haven't played in any sort of secret or quiet organization - real or imagined - will instead remain unmentioned for obvious reasons.

    I had several strong ideas about what to do in CN, ideas which unfortunately I always lacked the time to really try implement. I suppose that such is just the nature of games: too often we can dedicate them only the scraps of our life. Which is probably healthy, anyway.

    But enough with my ravings about myself! I will instead thank the ones of you that made this an enjoyable experience: friends or - more rarely - worthy foes, you all contributed to my fun, for which I thank you heartily.
    In actual random order, and certainly forgetting several ones (to my shame), I wish to say goodbye to probablamenteno, Hime Themis, AwesomeDog, Walford, Don Chele, Bad-Juju, Ephriam Grey, Jericthegreat, Count Rupert, Morath, The Thing, Baron Of Beef, Caladin, Queen Kamanawanalea, Dynasty, Electron Sponge, Belisarius, Shamshir, BartSimpson, FISHGUTS, Loriean, Cerridwyn, Lord Boris, pudge1975, Sigrun Vapneir, El Presidente, KingSrqt, Imperator, John mathews, Benfinan, Pippedy, DarkMistress, Francesca, Stewie, Unknown Smurf, Azaghul, Gopherbashi, IYIyth, Lord Rav, Rayvon, Viluin, Iron Chef, nitiot, Almight Grub, MIBHG, Aparte, Ennui the Boring, DevastationStation, Mogar, Lennox, Apriland, Antonio Salovega VI, Grossman, Ernesto Che Guevara, euclid, Dajobo, Bilrow, Crushtania, Sigrid, Dragonshy, shirunei, Phatz, Heft, Roquentin, Arrnea, Steve Buscemi, Kurdanak, Rebel Virginia, Sorum, QuiGon Jinn, Thijs12b, Rooman33, White Chocolate, Bob Janova, Printer635, cpuwhiz11, Samwise, Silaeth, Inst, Bill N Ted, nik718, dy Cazaril, Coach, Luckao, Invader Zim, Methrage, Schattenmann, Working Class Ruler, Duxin, Freelancer, Shankus Maximus, Shaka Zulu, M_a_C_a, Asa Phillips, Anschluss, Azure, Mark8240, Chairman Hal, Spinoza.
    (Apologies to those that I had meaningful personal interaction with, but which I inevitably forgot. I am old, my memory is fuzzy and there's just too many people to remember. I actually have no excuses, but well... it is what it is.)


    Parting is such sweet sorrow... It's better to end it here and now.
    Take care. :)

    (you can listen to this)

  19. I folded to them?  That's very hardly what happened.  They all ran to peace mode and started asking for ways out when all of DBDC started to come out and get ready to hit them.

    What's GPA doing right now again?  Oh, their entire top 40 is in peace mode right now.... I wonder why? :v:

    You're an idiot if you think I'm afraid to fight anyone in this game

    Okay.  That fully explains why all of GPA fled to peace mode and begged for a way out, and why they're currently all sitting in peace mode right now. 

    It's because we're so afraid of them. :awesome:

    Why exactly do you think that the GPA top 40 being in Peace Mode has anything to do with the DBDC?




    Disclaimer: me not objecting to oya's reconstruction of past events doesn't mean that I validate it, implicitly or otherwise.

  20. I said the argument that being a putz because "its just a game" is cheap and lazy.

    Since that wasn't my argument, we agree. :)

    Sigrun, I hadn't read your reasoning in that way. I would have talked of game ethics and fair play rather than morals, but that's just semantics. Now that I get your point of view I can say that I agree with it.

    I don't like very much looking at it as a moral stance because it sounds like players that don't play it that way would be morally guilty. I'd rather say that they're bad and/or immature players. I also see how they could say that there's nothing wrong in the way they play (I'd disagree, but I can see how their pattern of thought isn't stupid/invalid).

    Some are more competitive, others think of the community. Yes, my "moral" stance is more of the second kind, which I believe to be the only one really sustainable on top of it being just better, but I am not going to look down on those that are more competitive just because of that.
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