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  1. NG doubled its stats circa July 18th-19th, which is when the FTW started accelerating its losses, however FTW's (mildly) accelerated NS drop quickly subsided and was back at "normal" in about a week. The FTW's NS losses between July 10th and August 3rd amount to a grand total of 6% of their NS... not exactly groundbreaking, and in fact rather normal for asymmetric nuclear warfare (where the side with more nations simply eats more nukes).

    I underline this not to criticize NG's war effort - aggregated war effects depend mostly on aggregated stats rather than skill (sadly) - but because I'm personally unconvinced that NG's past and present actions against the FTW caused the opening of this front.


    What could instead better explain this DoW is the intention to avoid that NG may create further future issues, by attracting more and more nations dissatisfied about the current lack of life in CN. NG snowballing with some, maybe lots of the most active members, and their tech, isn't a pretty sight if you're running the alliances said members emigrate from. It's not really about punishing the ones leaving, or even those "poaching" them, it's about removing an alternative place people might want to leave for.


    Of course I know nothing, I am just playing with ideas here and there. Feel free to consider my reasoning garbage, I know myself it might be just that.



    6 hours ago, DeathAdder said:


    Had we been left alone, we would've continued not to really care about their pointless little war, as we have done for six months.

    (I really don't get why that many people don't believe DA on this. It's totally credible, even almost naive in its sincerity. IMHO you have to give credit to the man for it.)


  2. On 8/4/2019 at 12:56 AM, Stewie said:

    See previous threads where Dajobo, jerdge and various other leaders said they'd follow me.

    Did I write exactly that? I don't know, honestly I'm too old for this stuff! (Dajobo is terrific company anyway.)

    It's however true that I've always had a soft spot for you, of course mainly because of your time with the GPA, but also for your own personal merits. I've also always liked Non Grata, despite the [In Character] immense "ideological" distance which can be imagined to exist between me and you/them. Weirdly, to me NG always seemed neutral (I think I once made about it a joke propaganda gif that maybe even deserved part of the appreciation it got), meaning that, from the outside, it seemed to choose its path because of its nature and not because of its allegiances. Not that you were no true friends with your friends, but rather you didn't offer nor you asked for blind following or support; unlike many others that said the same (among your friends, too), you actually meant it.

    The Grämlins also come to mind, at a certain extent, but they were also very "politic" and realpolitik (Ramirus wasn't really an outlier there.) NG was to me the authentic dark side of neutrality.

    (Uninteresting personal digression: in hindsight, I came to the GPA mostly by chance, but I stayed because it was the free and dangerous choice. Assuming that NG would have accepted me, I would have probably been equally well there, too.)


    I think that this recent adventure, insurgence or resurgence, is fully in character with the NG I have always known: it's a choice for belligerent neutrality.

    I don't think that I'm the only one feeling its charisma and probably, without this DoW, NG could have snowballed into something much more relevant and big.

    When you think of that, this DoW makes a lot of sense, not because of the reasons it lists about the past, but because of the stop it imposes on the future. It creates a powerful plug to stop the leak.

    But now I'm digressing too much, sorry about that.

  3. 5 hours ago, Johnny Apocalypse said:

    A laugh into an empty void with no one around to hear it. You'll sing your own praises for a job well done; "We did it" you'll say "We got rid of everyone on the planet except us, haha losers!"




    A computer fan can be heard purring, all is silent.



    3 hours ago, Johnny Apocalypse said:

    It'd be poetic if it happened in the middle of an all-out fight to the end global brawl.

    Since that above is the plan, that all-out fight won't happen. Some nations and parties will get bigger and stronger and bigger and stronger to prepare for total dominance (i.e.: nobody else is left). Before they'll have achieved it, the lights will be switched off.

    The meaning of life some are looking for simply isn't there.


  4. I was curious to check my intuition that the signatories in the OP comprised more than half of all alliances' NS and tech (for the curious: it does, it's almost 60% and about 64% of them, respectively). Having checked said signatories I noticed that among them there's this one:

    10 hours ago, Lord of Darkness said:

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization

    Does NATO still exist as an alliance?




    1 hour ago, rabonnobar said:

    The last global war, according to the CN Wiki, was the Doom War of 2014-2015.


    Two curbstomps, two years ago, and a micro war this year.


    1 hour ago, Tiberius said:

    Apart from GW2 all wars have been curbstomps. Every single war is planned with the victor known before it is even started. Wars are merely only fun for the first few rounds, then they inevitably become monotonous and boring.

    [further reasoning]


    IMHO you're both right, and that's because War Is a LieTM. I've been preaching this literally for years but you lot don't want to listen...


    jerdge leans against a non-existent table and falls down, popcorn and his umpteenth drink splattered all over... having then failed to get up, he leaves the scene on all fours, grumbling.


  5. 14 minutes ago, The Zigur said:

    Worth pointing out that the people "awakening" collected taxes and bought tech for years. Aside from a handful of clever fighters like cubaquerida, no one in the supertier got there by fighting constantly.

    Some people "awakening" did, some did not, at any rate the point is whether the game mechanics are or not good for the game, not whether the players are or not justified in using the game mechanics to their own advantage (question which obviously has an obvious answer).


    About the rest of your post, please go check Jerel's nation history  on Carnivore and ask yourself why they lost about 60k tech levels on April 6th (hint), whether the illicit tech dealers involved "might" have sent tech to other nations, and what other nations might have been specifically involved, how much further illicit tech might have gone undetected, how much tech and land was robbed from other nations and/or destroyed in other competing nations thanks to that much illicit tech... Then come back here and say again with a straight face that it's all about "cleverness".


    As to how this is relevant to the game having been rendered pointless, I'll add that the illicit tech removed from Jerel only is more than the overall tech ever possessed by almost every other nation in this game (and not "just" the 90% or 99%, the 99.9+%).

    To quote Admin himself, cases where tech received from multis number in the thousands and at that level should no longer constitute a grey area, the recipient knew what they were up to. Still, at least some of them have never been really held accountable, despite assurances to the contrary.


    In a distorted way, nothing is true, everything is permitted, but you're there blaming those that committed to the honest building of their nations for years. It's amazing, really.

  6. The game mechanics don't stop people from "awakening" (as Thrash put it above) but they render in-game efforts meaningless.


    The game at this point is inherently pointless because it basically sabotaged itself through its bias in favour of seniority (not irrelevantly, in favour of senior cheaters, too). Those that still enjoy playing it are doing so by ignoring its faults, mostly by intentionally staying in the ranges where its mentioned shortcomings don't exert their full effect.

    It's a very stupid way of managing a game, but the game admin doesn't care and he hasn't been caring for the better part of the last ten years... I don't even know why we're recurrently just mentioning the issue at all. It's boredom, I guess.


    (Be it clear that I don't anyway blame Kevin: he created a great game which has always been for free, he can do with it what the freak he wants to. I just think that what he did has also been partially stupid and I'm simply saying so... But no blame on my part.)

  7. 17 hours ago, Stewie said:

    Stewie, Dirty Hippy, God Emperor and Vice Roi of Green Protection Agency

    Stewie, you know what, I am not sure that you can legitimately make such a bold claim. While you're definitely the unofficial GPA Honorary Eternal Vice Roi (stress on "Eternal"), and I can certainly attest to your - er - aleatory personal hygiene record... well, despite your extremely goodwilled nature, you're not exactly the typical "Hippy".

    I just wanted that we had no misunderstanding here, no illwill of course.

  8. 2 hours ago, Seppie said:

    I can't sell land, when I try it shows this error. You have received an error trying to view a page. Here is the detailed error code: You have no land to sell.

    Your nation page reads:


    0.907 in purchases


    You can sell up to 0.907 land, which of course is basically no land.

  9. Hello and welcome to this game.


    When you buy soldiers your total population increases, which (negatively) affects your environment, which decreases your population (working citizens) count. It's not a bug, it's working as intended. There are many hidden features and tricks in CN's economic tweaking and optimization.


    That said, an extremely quick look at your nation tells me that, rather than optimizing soldiers, what you really need is to get your Trades in order:

    - Find Trade partners.

    - Get the Foreign Ministry Improvement for the extra Trade slot. If you can buy infrastructure to get the extra improvement slot just do it, otherwise trade one of your two Banks for it.


    Back to military, for the time being just keep your soldiers at 20%+ of your citizens count: at your size you don't need to worry about attacks (soldiers have basically no military purpose). That will change as your nation grows.


    TBH to best fix your nation you need comprehensive guidance, i.e. expert advice (not just you, we all need/needed it). You can find it in most alliances - some being better than others of course. You can also go on on your own and learn stuff by trial and error, it will be less efficient (and horribly so) but it may also be more entertaining - it all depends on what you're looking for in this game.


    Good luck and have fun! 🙂


  10. Hello!

    Before you read below and/or post to reply please note that this is a request for information from an out of character point of view.


    I've been very out of the loop and really not caring about CN politics for several years (a few of which I hadn't an active nation), and I now see that there's a lot of activity around FTW, i.e. the Freehold of The Wolves. I am curious about them and I don't know how I could or should interact with them (if at all) in game (in this sense this inquiry has one IC aspect as well).

    My confused and incomplete (and maybe incorrect) knowledge of the FTW is that they are the result of alliance mergers, that their history (this far) involved several wars with so-called "micros" (small alliances), that they're part of the RFI bloc (with Legion, GATO, Claws?... Who else has been part of it?), that they're currently at war with COBRA and Non Grata (and...?) What is their relationship with Oculus? Their FA ties?


    I'll be grateful to anyone that can enjoy provide explanations or tell stories about them and their history.

    (If some want just to post jokes and factoids, well, by any means please do! Jokes are funny, jokes are good...)

  11. Unfortunately my aid slots are full otherwise I'd send you all the money you can get, no questions asked.

    I'll try keep tabs on you, please send me an ingame PM if you still need help.

    Don't however take this as an invitation to join the GPA: applications are closed, and you'll probably be happy somewhere else.

  12. CN lost roughly half of the players it had about three years ago. In 2022 there might still be ~1.5k people, and they might break (downward) the 1k barrier around Spring, 2024.

    Of course, these are very rough guesses, and Admin might pull the plug much earlier.


    (Fun projections: ~2029 all nations will be in range of one another; ~2043 every nation will be top ten; ~2052 the last nation will... win the game! 😉)

  13. 5 hours ago, Dajobo said:

    Joseph, Term is no alliance hopper. He's a man of principle who's exploring Bob and fighting for causes he believes in.

    The more this drags on the more I envy him...


    /me waves at Stewie

    Remember once when I held Pudding hostage? Who'd ever imaging the world twisting to the point I'm yearning to join you!

    I understand you, my friend: if it wasn't for my laziness and unwillingness to do anything anywhere anymore, er... super important obligations, I'd join whatever alliance Stewie is part of.

    Of course and just like him, I have no ill feelings against any of his "enemies" competitors - not that I know who they are, anyway.


  14. The GPA is arguably unofficially neutral about this conflict. We'd probably maybe make it official, too, but we're too busy dreaming about deep sleeping in our sleep, so this is all you get (not that I'd anyway expect any of you to care TBH).



    I also want to extend my sincere condolences to the family of the beheaded carrier pigeon: from a dove to doves, I mourn your loss.

    More cheerfully, as a flag designer myself I praise all the designers of all the flags involved: good job.


    To NG: thanks for having delivered a quality and entertaining DoW.

    To everyone (and especially to Stewie ofc): have fun and good luck.

  15. Why did you post this twice?


    Anyway: people don't want 24 tech shipments because, if they're using their slots at all, they want to do it efficiently, which is done by receiving 100 tech levels at a time. You can probably easily get offers for 6,000,000 for 100 tech levels and receive the money beforehand. Almost nobody will waste a slot for 24 tech levels.

  16. On 7/10/2019 at 4:37 PM, Johnny Apocalypse said:

    The Microverse is the only hope this planet has for any kind of growth beyond the lumbering ghost-ridden hulks that seek to oppress us with the age old doctrine of "Might makes Right

    I'm neutral about this, except that I 100% agree.


    On 7/10/2019 at 10:18 PM, Thrash said:

    Nothing will ever beat Schatt's news.

    Currently nothing beats JA's posts, though. Schatt is long gone, unfortunately (but fortunately for him: this world - and I'm vague on purpose - doesn't deserve him anymore).


    22 hours ago, Johnny Apocalypse said:

    No matter how hard I try I will forever be living in the shadow of Bela Lugosi :(

    See above: you're doing a stellar work IMHO.

  17. On 7/6/2019 at 11:37 PM, The Big Bad said:

    When you look at it they should be afraid.  This is a whos who of some of the worst warring alliances on Planet Bob, all they need is GPA and Sparta to join.  And the longer this goes on the more others who are bored might be talking to gathering others to jump is making NG just the start.  Lets face it this RFI bloc is the kind of group that people want to kill just because they fail.   

    Sorry for the late reply, but I have known you literally for ages, TBB, and I am appalled to see you sink to the lowness of insinuating that the GPA may be a "warring alliance", even just a most terrible one. Everyone knows that we couldn't manage to find that "Declare War" button lever actuator effector command thing to save our lives!


    (Okay I admit that this is just an excuse to say hello to you and to Stewie... 😄)

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