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  1. This game recognises such deals, doesn't insist aid is aid and deal is deal?


    Directly buy 100 isn't it's cheaper? e.g. if I've 10 techs now, additional tech cost $1. If I buy 100 @ $1/each, I'd need to pay $100 only. 

    However, if I purchase in that way. I've 10 tech, buy 4.5 @ $1/each, then I'll have 14.5 tech, priced @ $4.50 each, and continue then the price would rise.


    Unless I buy 1 tech @ $1/each, then I send. Then I continue buy 1 tech $1/each, then send and keep repeating until 100 techs.


    I fully don't understand the buying tech pattern...

    You can't buy more than 10 at once: check the buy dropdown.


    You can technically buy and send just 1 tech, and do it 100 times, but that would be horribly inefficient in terms of aid slots. Each nation has a limited amount of aid slots (from 4 to 7, depending on improvements, wonders and team events) and when you use one it remains locked for 10 days starting from the day of the offer: this effectively caps the amount of aid shipments anyone can have per time period (i.e. from 12 [4x3] to 21 [7x3] aid shipments per month). Furthermore, any two given nations can only have one active aid shipment between themselves: if you send something to nation 'A' you then have to wait for ten days before either of you two can send anything more to the other.

    A 100 times 1 tech aid deal would take ~3 years (1,000 days) to be completed, which is mind boggingly bad. Everyone will want to have it done in ten days and then make a new one, of course.

  2. Well the GPA standard on aid to alliances at war is probably very well known, and most will probably understand that I thus only have an academic interest in this situation, but nonetheless I am curious: are the soldiers the only sticky point? Had Mogar sent only cash, would have it been OK to the ones that are saying that they consider that aid shipment an act of war?

    What about the DBDC stance, WC?


    As always, answering is not an obligation, but it's a kind gesture I'd be grateful for.



    Edit: grammar (I think).

  3. Sanctioning a Maroon nation on Pink to prevent them to send other aid to Blue nations seems... I am not sure what it seems. It looks it's been done more for the show than anything else.


    Considering the 4k soldiers and the Aid reason one would think that it was a provocation and that the party being provoked decided to bite.


    Anyone feel free to correct me with harsh words and threats if I am getting anything of this wrong, thank you. :)

  4. Just to confirm, price rises based on no. of purchases or based on tech level? 

    It's based on your tech level, not on the number of purchases. If you buy tech up to 100 and you then send all of it to another nation, the price for you to buy tech will go back down to what you initially paid, when you started at 0.


    (The price of tech also depends on you having or not Gold, Microchips, Universities. The Wonders Great University, National Research Lab and Space Program also all decrease the base cost, but nation that have access to them usually never buy tech directly from the menu.)

  5. ... responding to innocuous philosophical criticism from members of my alliance by claiming that we will be the "next" to be rolled for the provocation ...

    I don't have an horse in this race, save maybe philosophical interest, and I can thus fully sympathize with you.
    I'll go out on a limb to say that I even tried to explain your stance to him - I hadn't conclusive evidence, but your words now confirm that my intuition was essentially correct - but he chose to do otherwise. Which he's entitled to, of course.

    This means that Branimir was right since his first post on this subject. I tip my hat to him: the long years made him maybe a bit less rough, but certainly no less acute.

  6. You're next GPA!

    I am every day more surprised of how long we got away with staying there, never going out of our way to try impose our will on others, never trying to build our fortune over the suffering of others. To know that all you have is the fruit of your own, fair and gentle doing is a pride that warmongers - I am not talking of those that just defend their friends - can't imagine. Everyone should try it at least once, but be careful: it's addicting.
    The road is the reward.

    My nation is a top 250 one and I know that - when it will be "our turn" - the physics of this world probably won't allow it to indefinitely erode its first direct aggressors. I am confident that I can cope with reality.
    The same physics will allow it to do many other things, though, and it's not that it will have much else to do, anyway. Only a fool believes that only the actions of others should have consequences, or that they'll get to decide how the others should react to their actions.
    Hopefully the smaller ones among the aggressors will thus be OK with lifting the weight on behalf of those that they'll have been enabling, and that will never be able to reciprocate the favor, for all the time it will take for the consequences to fit with my idea of appropriateness. Which unfortunately may translate in a period of time sensibly longer than what they may initially expect.
    OK or not, anyway, maybe they'll at least manage to keep the complaints at a minimum? I have already seen unstoppables quickly fail thus I am not entirely sure, TBH, but one can always hope.
    At any rate, I am for freedom of choice for everyone, with "everyone" including me. You may say that I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.

    Also good one Jerdge ;)

    Thank you, you're too kind. Stars like you are quality audience, the best one can hope for. :wub:

  7. This is actually an attempt to spoil it, so that diplomats don't sign up directly to the WTF forums to see ODN diplomacy in action.
    Now WTF's opportunity for greater diplomacy may have been removed... Don't you think of the diplomats, My Dear Shantamantan(tm)?

    (OK seriously I am just annoyed that no one will now sign up there to read the famously thrilling and ground-breaking GPA & WTF Q&A thread. My only occasion for fame and glory has gone for good. :( )

  8. Perhaps it is time for me to return ;)

    Stop teasing me like that. Either you come back or you don't, admnmit.









    EDIT - You also know Imperator, BTW: he's Jaeren. (People keep changing names for some reason. It must have to do with the alliance treasury always falling down to $1 and the need to start anew with a clean slate *cough* .)

  9. [...]  When I was born into this world, on June 24, 2008 to help a friend of mine start his own red team alliance (the friend was also new), one of the first things we were told when seeking advice and information was that we better change our alliance team color from red to any other color because if we did not, a large alliance called the New Pacific Order would attack us because they owned the red team.  (this was from another leader of an alliance who I respect).  Note that the advice was "you should do this because otherwise you'll be attacked" and not something along the lines of "oh, go talk to NPO and see if you can work something out on a diplomatic level."  [...]

    I did the same thing in 2007. I went talk to the NPO instead of just moving away from Red. While they refused to accept even a small new micro on Red, they were absolutely understanding, professional and helpful, advising rather than threatening us. Maybe I was lucky in which one of them I talked to (Philosopher, in my case) but since then my experience has consistently been that talking with people is almost always better, and (as a rule of thumb) it's basically always worth the trouble. The exceptions exist, but they're very few.

  10. Tywin, individual nations weren't that important up to the Equilibrium War. There's been a lot of time between the Karma War and the Equilibrium War, during which the main drive in determining an alliance's military power has been efficiency in tech deals and (and basically depending on) activity.
    Your analysis is interesting, but IMO it bypasses the "elite alliances" middle era (the age of Citadel, TOP, Umbrella-MK, to cite the most known examples).
    Other than that, anyway, well said.

  11. "Global Economic Stimulus"
    Let's face it, we live in a global economy today, and as such an initiative has been put forward by the nations of the Green team sphere to increase trade and not just spend locally within the Green sphere but in foreign spheres as well.

    Proposal: Increase limits in place to encourage nations within the Green team sphere to spend money abroad rather than just internally. +1 foreign aid slot, -$4.00 citizen income to all nations of the Green team sphere.

    I can't imagine a rational reason to vote it down.

    (2/6/2015 10:23:47 AM)
    This is absolutely great for Foreign Aid. Big nations can certainly take the -$4 income penalty (it's in the range of -$x00,000 per day, negligible stuff for people that make millions) and small nations will more than make up for it by selling more tech (importing more money). Definitely a YES.


    Why would anyone vote no to that!?

    Why would anyone vote no to any proposal, for that matter. If it's not worth it (now) just don't vote and let it expire.

  12. nice to see we ended up 15th after being out of the war for a while now and positive damage. that'll teach ya to hit us to start a global war.

    I wouldn't say that Invicta is a top fighter, but to my uninformed view you punched well over your league. Well done.

    (Although I doubt that the choice of the first attack had anything to do with your military preparedness, TBH. Capt. Obvious right here, I know!)


    Edit: syntax.

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