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  1. Avakael, goodbye and good luck in your RL endeavours.


    The negative remarks were probably in bad taste but I am not sure that they were that bad... unless the issue isn't because of RL Avakael himself but rather in defence of Kashmir's reputation, in which latter case I am totally neutral on the issue.

  2. TBH this thread went back to entertain mode exactly when the quasi-Hime posts and the tobacco blends secondary narrations stood out from the blob of back and forth on... I am not sure what anymore sorry.


    (By no means I am asking to anyone to do/continue do anything, but I had to express my gratitude for both topics: well done everybody.)

  3. On 9/10/2018 at 5:11 AM, LJ Scott said:

    It's traditional to accompany a DoW with at least one declaration...

    Traditions are dead.


    7 hours ago, AlmightyGrub said:

    Everything exists and nothing exists... except war.

    Existence and its negative are overrated and, to the extent that anything can truly be true or false - not much - war especially is a lie.

  4. 46 minutes ago, Monster said:

    IC: No clue what you're talking about. 

    OOC: I don't really see it as different from a Downfall parody. I guess those could be interpreted as offensive, though. 

    IC: of course.

    OOC: I don't mind either way, the coincidences just made me remember that ancient (and rather irrelevant) stuff, apparently memory works by/is association. And I like to hear myself talking. And age... 👴

  5. IIRC in the times preceding the Karma war, when I was in the (true) MHA, I had drafted a speech, intended for posting on this board, that paraphrased MLKJ's "I have a dream" speech. When I presented it to the MHA (government, general membership? I can't remember) the general feelings and statements were that my text wasn't bad, but that it wasn't recommended to make it public because of the resonance and importance of the original speech. We didn't want to risk offend anyone by exploiting that important speech for CN.

    Just this, I wanted to share that ancient experience as I think that the coincidences and similarities are enough to make it strangely relevant in this thread.

  6. 6 hours ago, jesbro said:

    Eh if you want to join up against them than feel free :)

    Eh, I am faithful to the GPA and, in my eyes, leaving to fight another fight wouldn't look well (moreover, if that was the right thing to do, I should have come back to help the MHA when it really mattered, many years ago). I can also only be active every now and then, thus I'd be of little help (and I'd disappoint my opponents as well), not to mention how bad at war I have become.

    Just for fun I'll anyway reveal that I could have been still at war with them, but people on their side didn't want to deal with any unneeded complication, thus that opportunity faded away. Oh well maybe the next time. 😊

  7. 17 hours ago, Monster said:

    Well, it's not as if jokes were unheard of before.  It's pretty crazy most of the meaningful history happened within the first four years though,  making reposts the best.

    True. Maybe more than four years (five or six maybe) but that doesn't detract from your general point.


    8 hours ago, Maelstrom Vortex said:

    You can't be revived if you never died.. 10 years and counting. #Winning #Endure #Pacifica


    Zigur's conclusions are only true at the micro level. General CN genera macro relativity does not mesh with its quantum micro states.


    You can dismiss and marginalize recent events as much you like. I've rather enjoyed the last four years of staring down my nostrils at food. Until this year, it had been a time of feasting. Now I can't even get a decent meal because the vast plains of Bob have been over-hunted.

    ^^ I flaunt my tail in your general direction.

    Revival of old events, not of you/your alliance.

  8. 4 minutes ago, LJ Scott said:

    @jerdge you cannot just virtually hug someone and then ask for consent. Scum like you is why we're in this situation...

    Well I'd be outraged if you thought that I'd outright virtually hug Roq without first having asked for his consent by stating that I'd have virtually hugged him if he consented, but as undoubtedly nobody would think that you of all people couldn't tell the difference between chronological and syntactic order, I just thank you for having taken the time to call me "scum", and I feel flattered that you could state that the likes of me are cause of anything - I wish it was true, and that you thought it for real!


    On a more serious note (but seriously, what can be serious here anymore?) I admit that I am probably overdoing it: my apologies, I can't help it, I have it in and it has to get out of my system... maybe you can forgive me?... and I'd virtually hug you too, if you too don't object ofc.


  9. Given the semi-Hitchiker spirit displayed by the fake MHA here, there's absolutely no reason the scuffle both sides seem to be ready to enjoy isn't followed by twinning.


    Also about the MHA triumvirs: jeez how long you people have been chained to the helm for? Because you can't possibly be doing it intentionally, right? 🙂

    Have fun! It's almost, but not quite, entirely unlikely that I wish I could join you in this.

  10. 7 hours ago, Monster said:

    Exactly. Glad you're on the same page.

    You We are degenerates... inconceivably, The Zigur's conclusions about this world are correct*.

    (I would go on with other jokes and "funny" faux announcements as well, but yawn... and unrelatedly, man, I grin and gleam and I'd also virtually hug you, if you don't object ofc.)


    * Not implying that Junkalunka did or didn't do it, but one can start from wrong premises, talk nonsense all the way and still reach correct conclusions, logic FTW!

  11. On 8/15/2018 at 7:13 AM, ChairmanHal said:

    2. Some of you people unfortunately forgot at times how to be not only good at a game, but also a good member of a gaming community.  The game suffered because of it.  I'll not mention specific incidences, but I'd like to hope that you have matured and recognize the mistakes you made for what they were.

    These are a lot of understatements, for sure. What's long past is however long past.


    On 8/15/2018 at 7:13 AM, ChairmanHal said:

    4. I've  come to the conclusion that the game was destined to die the moment for four things happened:


    But you say, "ChairmanHal, all the things you mentioned were true almost from the beginning!"  That's right, they were.  Yet for an extended period of time, there were enough active players, and enough political drama, to keep the game interesting for most for several years in spite of the flaws.

    While I don't completely disagree with your analysis, you seem to miss a relevant point: this game rewards seniority too much, the benefits of technology (and the abusive ways to acquire it) wouldn't have broken it to this level if seniority wasn't that decisive in determining the distribution of technology itself. The same could be said about money (and wonders, but in a minor part). The flaws you mention having been there from the beginning didn't matter until seniority started playing a major role, which intrinsically required time.

    Anyway, the game is tainted to the bone and its owner hasn't been caring for years - as it's darn sure it's his right to do - why should we care about it anymore?


    On 8/15/2018 at 7:13 AM, ChairmanHal said:

    5. Shout outs (way, way too many to mention individually): To all those who remain from LIH, \m/, Browncoats, Ragnarok, Valhalla, Anarchy Inc., and PPO, may your lives be a journey filled with wonder or at least good coffee and pleasant companionship.  I will be speaking to some of you "on another network" soon.  To all the other friends I made along the way, you will hold a special place in my heart.  As for the rest of you...be good to each other.  Time is short.

    IMO you've been a good member of this gaming community, which is what matter most: thank you and farewell.

  12. On 8/26/2018 at 3:32 PM, Haflinger said:

    I fought Sparta way back when. If you're going to claim that MHA was even less effective than they were, well, I guess I never fought MHA and Illuminati were worse than Sparta, so it's possible that there was another large alliance which was super-fantastic terrible, but it seems unlikely to me.

    I was with the MHA at the Härmlins times, we had a rather decent* military, not the best one but almost as good as you could get while being in a mass-recruiting alliance. For a laid back community it really wasn't bad, people were happy when we entered wars at their side. IIRC Sparta had a terrible reputation at the time, but I can't say whether it was deserved or not.

    In my MHA times we had a couple of brawls with IRON (which for the record I think was a little more than slightly better prepared than us) and I think that some old fart there may also be able to confirm/deny what I am saying.


    * Of course, I am talking of "rather decent" by 2009-2010 standards.

  13. 21 hours ago, Ch33kY said:

    Is this all an elaborate plot by GPA for world domination? Who will save the women and children if Oculus is not around?

    I'll have you know, it might even be that, but considering how old, senile and confused we've become, and also knowing that no one reads our old papers anymore, we don't know what conspiracies, if any, we might have concoted in some distant and long forgotten past.

    If you find any specific evidence please bring it up to me, thank you, so that we can address that women and children side of the issue, to your satisfaction.

  14. 8 hours ago, bart416 said:

    Neutrals had it coming. (e.g. Willingly harbouring a wartime deserter after multiple warnings, directly aiding enemies, etc.) You can't proclaim neutrality, screw up intentionally on a continuous basis, and then hide behind your declaration of neutrality. Ain't how it works in real life, ain't how it works here.

    You're talking of which neutrals, exactly?


    After having checked directly with Bart I now know that he wasn't referencing any (even relatively) recent event.

  15. Recently I resumed buying tech and the first thing I did was to send out about 140 PMs to nation Rulers, that I had selected based on the downloadable Foreign Aid data (it wasn't big work and I got it done relatively quickly - spreadsheet etc, easy stuff).

    What surprised me a bit, and the reason I start this thread for, is that in about 48 hours I heard back from more than 30 people that are available, sometimes eager, to sell tech. Not a few of them sell at 9/200 or 18/300 (one even at 9/300!) I was a bit taken aback as, considering the NS and tech distribution in the game, I expected to find much less people available and with multiple aid slots ready to service new partners.

    I guess that a lot of old players with big nations are too inactive to actively look for deals, and maybe others don't see the point in accumulating tech that will then be easily and quickly wiped away by much superior aggressors. I don't conceal that I don't anymore really give much importance to my tech level, either, but I started again to buy tech also to help smaller nations to build up their infrastructure. If new players found it more easy to sell tech they'd grow their nation faster and they'd remain more interested into the game.


    What is your opinion about this situation? Isn't it bad for the game? How it is that this many tech sellers are available?

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