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Die Rote Kapelle

Karl Martin

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[i]Palast des Rheins[/i]

Within one of the dark rooms, lit in red, there were several people seated around a table. The atmosphere was calm and quiet, with some small chats going on.

"The WE Division has almost completely succeeded. We have a stable regime in place who are most likely going to protect the headquarters. In addition, the lobbying has succeeded, and soon the cover will be complete."

"Not so fast. W2 is fickle, and I doubt that Wine will stay quiet for long. W2 should be moving already."

"At least Diana has not been able to interfere this time. Twice she has had ruined everything, though the losses were restricted to the rogues."

"All because of the Dirigent and the Emperor going on with the contingency plan, bringing Wine into full force. I believe W2 doesn't know what has hit yet. What's our next plan?"

"There has been reports Pasta is trying to expand their sphere into Tuna. We'll continue looking into the workings."

"The WE division director has been changed from Emperor to Lion. Lion will be continuing the projects so a bit more before we shut the division down. In the meantime, the SC Division is becoming activated. The results will be reported soon."

"Wait, why was Emperor demoted?"

[i]"The Emperor has already been sent a burn notice. He is on the liquidation list."[/i]

The cold voice of [url="http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/9076/dirigent.jpg"]the person at the head of the table[/url] froze everyone.

[i]"He shall be in the biggest test of his life. If he survives, then he has truly earned his place. If not...... "[/i]

Mad chuckling filled the silent room.

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[i]Palast des Rheins[/i]

The scene was slightly changed from before, as the person at the head of the table was missing

"Two wars within a day of each other..... Why is it that the [i]Dirigent[/i] always seem to hire psychopaths as directors?"

"Because he is a psychopaths himself, if you haven't noticed."

"And a horrible speaker at German. I can't hardly bear that accent of his."

"Gentlemen, we have more important things to do other than gossip. SC Division has failed, since Smørrebrød is annexing Surströmming."

"Then what are we left with?"

"We'll have to stick with WE for the time being...."

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At the top floor of the Boerentoren, a man in a khaki uniform looked out into the city. A young boy with cat ears and wearing a Jugend uniform appeared out of nowhere next to him. He asked, "Say Dirigent, how was your meeting with the vampire?"


The man pulled out two thin injections of a rather clear liquid, ever so slightly yellowish, from his coat. "Managed to pocket these from him, Schrödinger. These are what produced the Nordic Übermenschen. I figure that a certain person, not of Nordic blood, also had this, but perhaps not the immortality that goes along with it. That person had grown old, an impossibility if the full effect of this had been given to her. Maybe this works only for purebloods, but who knows?"

Schrödinger looked at the vials with slight interest, but then soon focused on somehting else. "The bank account has reached 2.25 billion Nordmarks. What do you plan on doing with it and these serums?"

"Divert the money to the Nordlandic Bank; the Young One will be needing it for expansion to the north. As for these refreshing fluids, I'll keep them for now."

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Somewhere in Northern Transvaal

In some facilities provided by Viktor de Vries from among his mining complexes, a man in khaki suddenly appeared. "HOw is the research going, Doc?"

"Quite well. The Ebola strain we found is probably the most lethal version in the world, and yet it survives outside for a long period of time. It's almost at the smallpox level."


"Perfect. Sorry for taking you out of South America for this, and thanks for making Schrödinger"

"Not a problem."

The Doc continued working, as his underlings helped him with projects.

OOC: There is your answer, Lynneth.

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[i]Razo, Galicia[/i]

Two figures looked upon the French forces landing on the beaches.

"Tsk tsk tsk, everything is going as expected, Schrödinger. The rise of a new Napoléon, why am I not surprised?"

"I don't mind. What I want to know is why you offed the Emperor."

"Ah, him. He didn't follow orders by letting the land of the Foreigners go to France. You know how I am strict with things like that."

"I guess. I still don't understand why you let the new Empire rise."

"It is all part of the plan. I had every chance to put the Franks under my iron fist, but I let it go by so that the Witch can have a foothold on Europe. I'll tell you why sometime later."

"Also, about Belarus: Is it part of your operations?"

"Obviously no. I had enough of dealing with Eastern Europe. That said, why is it that everyone thinks I have got to do with all that goes on?"

"I don't know Dirigent. I'll just wait for you to tell me what your plans are for the future."

The two disappered into thin air, away from the distasteful advances of double standards.

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The [i]Dirigent[/i] looked up at the clear black sky. It had gone as planned. ALl the set up, starting from the formation of Burgundy to this war, everything had gone as he thought it would go. Burgundy had every chance to completely have France, yet he blocked it so someone else could be the ruler. He ahd split up the land so subtly that both France and Germany would be fighting until one is gone. Now, soon things would be changed. Germany would finally be reunified under a single flag.

But what of himself? He had roamed the world for so long, and yet the job was neverending. The supersoldier serum he had given to Lorelei who would do what she thought it would be right to do. Schrödinger would be helping Wilhelm gain his own seat of power. Other would be gone, but he alone, along with a certain vampire, would remain.

But then, why worry? It is a large world out there. He has all the time in the world for things.

He started laughing. As a massive sandstorm started, the entire city was drowned in the mania of the voice. When the storm subsided, he was no more of this world.

OOC: Curtains for [i]Dirigent[/i].

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[quote name='Jordosaur94' timestamp='1273779279' post='2297121']
OOC: Interesting, Lynneth, let me know if there are any comics, books, movies, etc that involve Nazi DINOSAURS. :P

[url="http://www.moddb.com/mods/dino-d-day/news/dino-d-day-the-mod-released"]OOC: There you go.[/url] You can thank me later.

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