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Aeonic Imperium Announcement


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We're jumping the bandwagon and declaring war on Veritas Aequitas as if NUN MATTERS!

(p.s. St. Louis Pact OADP with HoG).

You may now whine about how insignificant we are or about how you didn't know that this treaty existed.

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[quote name='Darth Moses' date='06 February 2010 - 11:05 AM' timestamp='1265475954' post='2164691']
o/ AI

Our first war. We just broke our war virginity<3.

Be gentle VA, it's our first time. Nah not really.

Also, idiot of the week:

Good work, you targeted weapons of mass destruction from a nation that has no nukes. But if he did, I'm sure you would have got em' ;)

Edited by Infidel Israeli
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