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  1. I have a friend that has oil and gold, here is his nation link [nation='302799']Kaplechistan[/nation]
  2. thank you all for your support, I truly appreciate it.
  3. Thank you AZTEC for taking us under your wing, we love you!!!!!!!!! Today is a great day for us here in UoU
  4. [quote name='The King' timestamp='1298586897' post='2644183'] YEEES Wow. You don't know how mad I was when you disbanded. And now your back! tear [/quote]
  5. Jens, I love ya man, hope this alliance go's far o/ Jens o/ Principality of Zeon
  6. [quote name='Yuurei' timestamp='1296420243' post='2611436'] Happy to be formally aligned with Legacy. Legacy o/ Terran Empire o/ [color="#FF0000"][size="6"][b]Yuurei.[/b][/size][/color] [img]http://i545.photobucket.com/albums/hh386/ikiryoh/propaganda.png[/img] [/quote] OMG yuurei!!!!! i've missed you long time no see. Congrats on the protectorate LOVE the image
  7. [quote name='LJ Scott' timestamp='1296084314' post='2603503'] So what your saying is that by leaving out allies to dry, NPO set themselves up to be attacked and recieve little to no help? [/quote] i'm not saying they left them out to dry, for all i know, NPO's allies could have told them to not get involved. this is just a theory i have, cause it just about fits perfectly with everything that went on
  8. this whole thing was staged, VE made fake logs so they could declare on NpO, thus creating a war that would engulf all of NPO's allies and hoping NPO would get involved so to smash them to pieces. The only problem was that NPO tried to stay out, so they had to go to plan B, which would be to declare on them for nothing. By doing this, all of NPO's allies were busy fighting alongside NpO and couldn't help out NPO.
  9. o/ TNG o/ TFD o/ NATO show them whose boss in war
  10. You guys have just turned into NPO, congrats everything you stood for just went down the drain. What you are basically doing is PZI, which is shunned upon throughout CN
  11. [ooc] all i got to say is holy crud, how many pages will this debate go on for. [/ooc]
  12. [quote name='fluffyewunga' timestamp='1292926972' post='2548187'] It's seems FEAR is doomed to repeat it's mistake over and over and over. Some day your leaders will wake up and learn the different between oA and MD [/quote] you are just really really stupid, they came in on the MD part you fricking moron. maybe someday you will grow some knowledge [quote name='Canik' timestamp='1292931119' post='2548212'] What is stupid is so many people sitting on their infra. Boring. I understand NEW broke the status quo, and that's fine by me. Who's the real rebels now eh, LSF? We made a conscio
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