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Power to the People!

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The elections are over and the people have spoken.

I am proud to announce that I stand before the world as the second Overseer of Zenith. It is indicative of the spirit and vitality of the esteemed membership that we continue to survive and prosper.

If you'll allow me a moment to wax poetic, I will give you a glimpse into the mindscape of the sublime Zenith collective:

[quote]With every passing moment, in every second, with each pulse in the veins, beat of the heart, with every draw of the breath, we are growing stronger. The energy of the Universe is being drawn to us. With the intensity of our desire and meditation on the virtues of honor and righteousness, this energy is collecting all around us, charging the air and driving our actions. It's coalescing, pure and concentrated. In accordance with the laws of nature, where there is enough energy there is light. The Struggles had brought darkness, but our focus on Truth has birthed a new life. In the cold vacuum, a pinpoint of light has bloomed within our minds, and it has exploded into a blinding flash of Understanding.

[center]We have seen the light, and it has banished the darkness.

We have seen the light, and it has shown us the path.

We are taking that path ever upward, to the very peak, to the highest point, to the apex where ability meets desire.

[b]To the Zenith of our Destiny![/b]

From here we see the world stretching out below us for miles and miles, and we know it to be ours.[/center][/quote]

Zenith owes a debt of gratitude to the first Overseer, Sulmar, who kept us safe and sound during his tenure. And as always, our founder Duncan King, who has kept a keen eye on our development and is the longest serving government member.

To our friends and allies, we thank you for your support, we could not do it without you. We are on a great path, let us continue.

To the world: Like you, we seek nothing more than to grow and prosper. We hold no desire to cause destruction, but only to use our arms to protect our friends and secure their prosperity, too. Let us get to know one another and enjoy the fruits of companionship.

Thank you for your time, I'm happy to report it's a beautiful day to be alive in Zenith.

[i][b]~ Ex Astris Scientia[/b][/i]





Ezekiel Isaiah V


[u]Foreign Affairs[/u]
Duncan King

[u]Member Relations[/u]

This message has been approved by the gracious Zenith Assembly


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[quote name='bzelger' date='31 January 2010 - 07:55 PM' timestamp='1264982148' post='2148643']
Sorry to see Sulmar go.

Are you kidding? We still can't get rid of him. We just barely managed to suppress his coup in time, he kept going on about merging with STA.

Also he used to beat me. True story.

:wub: Sulmar

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[quote name='Magister Agricolarum' date='31 January 2010 - 08:09 PM' timestamp='1264982970' post='2148675']
Congrats to the newly elected.

Also, didn't I tell you Digiterran politics were fun, Mr. O? :awesome:

So true, Magister Agricolarum, so true. I've been enjoying it quite a bit. In fact, I have you to thank for that, as my first brush with larger than nation-to-nation dealings, and you made a particularly good impression on me. If it were some jerk, I might not have stuck around. Thanks, man.

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