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Declaration of Senility


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Declaration of Senility

Almost as good as that declaration of war you read a couple of hours ago. Almost.

Greetings, Cyberverse,

I come to you today with an announcement that I, quite frankly, am surprised I still exist to make. On this fine day on Bob, the increasingly elderific nation of Demensia is 1,300 days old.

What the hell happened?

I remember this time two years ago, I was thinking things were going to all hell and the game was getting worse and I stopped having fun. I kept telling myself I was going to leave just as soon as I finish this; you know, the regular mindset. Or srsly, this is the last month. Apparently I've either been lying to myself or I've got a serious reality check waiting.

As the months slowly draw to an end and I slowly creep up on Demensia's 4th birthday, I can't help but ask myself why I'm still hanging around these old CNs. Is it really that I haven't been having as much fun? Probably; I remember the older days where a person chose to stay up hours past update time because they wanted to and not because they had to. I'm sure some people still do that, but let's face it, things aren't really as exciting as they used to be.

In the end I suppose I stick around for the people. All you lovable characters that make up the CN community of young and old bring an interesting face to the field. Sure, politics have gotten bland and are full of semantic !@#$%^&*, but at least we're still finding reasons to have an occasional war. Things seem to be shifting around now, though, so maybe the next few months will be more exciting.

...then again, I've been saying the same thing for about two and a half years now. Huh.

Regardless, my time on Bob has been a mostly pleasant one. I had a lot more to say in this post, but somewhere in the middle of paragraph four I went and made myself a delicious sandwich because I was hungry, and forgot the rest of what I was going to say upon returning. Nourishment curses me once more!

Shoutouts to those cool people that are cool. You know who you are.

Also, get off my lawn, you deviants.

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Honestly I'm more surprised you're in the sham that the current GGA is than that you are still around. I knew you would never be able to actually leave.

Some people found a good idea to hit the soft part of my heart and made me realize I wanted to go back and attempt to help out.

EDIT: Speaking of which, where've you been in the last five months?

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