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Lets get straight to it, NE and DB4D are great friends and we are going to continue our journey through friendship. This is a small, but big step in our relationship, which we would like to share with you.




This Peace, Intelligence, and Aid treaty is between the alliances of New Era and Death Before Dishonor, to show our friendship, care, and love for each other.

Article I: Peace

Both Signatories agree not to conduct any act of warfare, espionage, or any other kind of aggressive or potentially harmful act against each other. If in the unlikely situation it does, both signatories will handle the situation properly and maturely.

Article II: Intelligence

If either alliance receives any type of information that may suggest an attack, espionage, or anything else that may potentially bring harm to, or otherwise negatively effect the other, they must share that intelligence with them. If they get information that is not so important but still affects to other alliance, they are also required to share.

Article III: Aid

At any time, a signatory can ask for aid of any kind from the other alliance. The other signatory reserves the right to refuse the aid for any reason, though they will be urged to try if at all possible.

Article IV: Termination

At any time, either signatory may cancel this treaty for any reason. If this happens, the canceler must give 72 hour notice. During that 72 hour period all parts of this treaty remain in effect.

Signed for New Era

Rosenator, Chief Executive

Fuhrer, Executive of Internal Relations

Erik, Executive of External Relations

ChiefDean, Master of Knowledge

Council of New Era

Signed for Death Before Dishonor

Aryan83- Supreme Commander

KarmaSutra- Minister of Foreign Affairs

Asmodeus- Minister of War and Defense

OhBuhnanerz- The Enforcer guy that blows stuff up, sometimes

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We at Death Before Dishonor are pleased to extend our hand in friendship, taking the first step in what I hope will be an ever increasing, and perpetual friendship.

o/ DB4D!

o/ New Era!

Indeed it will good friend, Indeed it will. ;)

o/ New Era!

o/ DB4D!

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