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The International concedes defeat

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An announcement from the International


From the desk of the General Secretary

36 days ago, in the dimly lit backrooms of LEO Central Command, a wager was made. Please forgive me if I am somewhat fuzzy on the details; the liquor flows too freely at such gatherings, so I don't recall precisely which party issued the challenge and which one accepted. What I do recall is that on that day, fueled by alcohol, testosterone and bravado, an arms race between the International and R&R was born.

I am here today to admit defeat on behalf of my alliance. While I am proud of our effort, we were no match for the impressive war machine of R&R. Today they crossed the finish line, being the first to accumulate 1,000 nuclear warheads. My comrades and I do not delight in defeat, but it has been an honor to lose to this fine group of people.

Hats off, guys. You are a mighty adversary. I pity anyone who would face you on the field of battle.

"Comrade" Craig

General Secretary, INT

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Hah, thanks Craig and INT!

I must say, this was a nice suprise, for something that happened in a joking mood I was first impressed how it inspired our members, after that I was mainly impressed in how hard you guys made is work for it.

The deletions at the end where a shame but you guys deserve an applause for what you did!

Good show :P

Wanna race to 20 WRCs?

Sure, although 20 isn't completely fair.. let's make it 25 okay? :P

0/ INT

0/ tR

0/ LEO!

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