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  1. FLOZi

    Announcement from GARO

    Mindless hails! o/
  2. Well now we're for it, which idiots voted for me?
  3. FLOZi

    1000 Days

    Many congratulations and thanks to MK for making the CyberVerse a more interesting place to live.
  4. FLOZi

    League of Soviet Nations

    Indeed, this is most disappointing.
  5. FLOZi

    When did you join CN?

    Joined the old forum on the 31st March, 2006. So, around that time for my original nation. Pre GW1, the time of the Citrus War and before the creation of LUE (I wonder if any old LUE-ites remember me). edit: According to a post on the forum through which I found CN (http://tauniverse.com/forum/showthread.php...3195&page=2) 21st February 2006. The day after my birthday. Gees I'm old!
  6. Ahh Sindorin. Just goes to show that SWF is a pointless diversion when it comes to the Left on Planet Bob.
  7. ODN o/ Awesome to have you guys on board
  8. FLOZi

    Declaration of Reformation

    It is not a 'typo' it is a real mistake made by someone with too little experience.
  9. FLOZi

    Declaration of Reformation

    Welcome back to the cold harsh cyberverse, SPA.
  10. FLOZi

    This Week in Pacifica

    Totally off topic; Hi Matthijs In case anyone really was wondering, the tech sent to tiki is reps for his nation being spy-attacked in game. And now to return you to your regular NPO vs. Vox schedule...
  11. FLOZi

    Searching Bug

    Here's my example: search.asp?searchstring=Alliance&search=socialist+communist+soviet+left&anyallexact=any&Strength1=&Strength2= It gives the link for page2 as: search.asp?Page=2&searchstring=Alliance&search=socialist%20communist%20soviet%20left&Strength1=&Strength2= Which does not work. It should be: search.asp?Page=2&searchstring=Alliance&search=socialist+communist+soviet+left&anyallexact=any&Strength1=&Strength2= edit: Stupid board is truncating the links edit 2: OH LORD. It's even truncating them within a codebox. edit3: Thar!
  12. FLOZi

    Trading Harbor Rules/Singular Trades

    Team: Green Nation Name: United Socialists National Leader: FLOZi Link to Nation:http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=161797 Your Resources: FISH and WATER Needed Resources: Wheat and Sugar Probably a medium-term temporary trade
  13. I, FLOZi of United Socialists, surrender to IRON.
  14. FLOZi

    Communist Party of Cybernations

    <remember i am neutral > I was never in SWF, it just seems a shame that a supposedly left wing alliance does not recognise the sovreignty of unaligned nations and startup alliances from inperial aggression </i'm still neutral >