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Proposal, CNRP database/website


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Since a few weeks I have a new job, I'm learning a lot of programming(PHP) and designing(HTML, CSS, JS, AJAX). I would be up to develop a database of sorts for CNRP where we can store certain things. Maybe even with a login for everybody. This would relieve some pressure off this forum as we have a lot of topics were we try to keep track of things, but were things fail for different reasons. Biggest reason is that forums were never meant to store data and make it clear and organized.

But before I launch myself into a big project I would like to hear what the CNRP people think of this idea. Note, its in no way meant to replace anything from within CNRP, just add more functionality and comfort.

So if you have ideas of what to put up on this website, or other things you want to say about this go ahead. I won't be starting this project before 2009 anyway.

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Since a wiki is rather easy to use and anybody can update their own stuff when it changes instead of having sitethief having to update everything himself I figured it would be nice to make a CNRP Wiki for us. The front page is still blank because I'm looking for a suitable picture, though.

Better yet, you can mark whatever is secret and whatever isn't secret with minimal effort, and can have better-looking factbooks than what goes on these forums.

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