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Today I was sitting on the IRC and our minister of communications Give_Me_Water pops on and starts talking rather excitedly saying that today was UCN's Birthday and said we are two years old today. UCN would like to thank all our allies for their support over these two years. Really thanks guys <3

On a side note we plan on having some IRC games tomorrow (the fifth) in our IRC channel #ucn coldfront. All are welcome :)

Oh and there will be cake


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Love me some UCN :wub:

Congrats on two years. :) You guys are pretty epic. And Gulag was with you at one point, so that also speaks to your awesomeness. And the MADP you have with our allies in FEAR. ;)

A shipment containing Uralican spice cakes, a crate of Maltsev vodka, and a collection of Uralica's best music (we do enjoy our music) are en-route as we speak.

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