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Leaving Europe

Sarah Tintagyl

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A light warm breeze blew across the castle balcony of Valkurheim Castle. Sarah took a deep breath, it was no Brisbane or Tokyo or even Vladivostok and that bothered her. Maybe it was part of the reason why Sarah never really felt complete in Belarus, always felt like she was trying to hold on to something from the past that was always slipping away from her hands. She held her waist tightly, still smarting from the wound that Archon Mykep had given her before she took his life from the world. The pink streak in her hair shown brightly just as the sun was setting over the Prussian foothills in the west and her eyes were dry. Dry was a new feeling, it was like she was sitting in a foreign country, when really that's what it was.

Valkurheim had never really been Hanseatic. It had feigned Hanseatic culture, which was a cluster of various Pacific peoples trying to mix with the peoples of Europe. Things had changed, Europa was free, the hegemon was defeated, but there was still a vile stench in the air. In all honesty, she was tired of Mother Europa, for a mother treating her daughter as Sarah felt herself treated in the past few years, she hadn't been that mother figure that young girls ran up to for comfort. No this was a mother that had sent her child angrily from the shelter of her home, to a land that had once been used for keeping criminals. Then when changing her mother's customs, she violently fought back to the bitter end and tortured her daughter once more and she and Mother Europa were still on bad terms. After her outburst, many of her children had turned a blind eye to the suffering of the Commonwealth and then on top of that, she had finally said the words that no daughter ever wanted to here. "You are not my daughter and you do not belong in my house."

That had been the last straw, Sarah wanted nothing more to do with this continent and in reality it was better that she thought like that. Indeed, she wasn't a European anymore. Maybe she had been in the past, but that had all changed and now that the dream of a free and independent Europa had been realized she was keeping it from coming to its full potential. Maybe she wasn't welcomed, maybe she was. But she was keeping her own dream from completion. It had to be done and in truth, she was happy to be doing it.

She sighed and turned towards the balcony doors, just as a new figure joined her in taking the outside air. "Hannah? I thought you were down at the barracks, reviewing the European regiments for transfer."

"Sorry for disturbing Milady. I've been having a few problems with some of the citizenry."

...that had been another problem that Valkurheim had suffered from the start. During the Nordic era, Sarah's rule was too liberal and now she was regarded as a troublesome link to the past. Someone that the citizens wanted to free themselves from.

"I hope nothing too drastic."

Hannah scoffed. "Ever since Helsinki, I've learned to hate this continent and everyone on it."

Sarah nodded. "Yeah, you ever get the feeling that people just used you to get what they wanted and then you just get thrown out to the side?"

"You regret what we did?"

Sarah smiled. "Definitely not. Whether the world appreciates it, well I really don't care. People can think what they want, though respect would be nice."

"The Archon?"

"That's definitely part of it." Sarah said with a bit of pain escaping from her voice. "But its a lot of things. I guess its just time we get out of here."

Hannah smiled. "Milady, I honestly couldn't agree more." The governor-general sighed. "Sarah, you're young...we're young. Dammit we knew each other before all this !@#$ happened and I can't imagine how much you must miss Helsinki, Turku, the forests. But, if I may say. I don't think I would ever want to go back to Finland."

"You wouldn't want to live under President Uberstein?" Sarah said chuckling.

"As much as I'd want to live under any of these rulers. Brisbane, Australia, that is our home. Or at least that is my home."

"You think going through with this is a good idea?"

Hannah grabbed her shoulder lightly. "Its the best one you've made since the Exodus. Stop chasing the dream of Europa, anyways, we always were the black sheep of Europe. The island of criminals fits us well."

Sarah laughed and smiled back. "A general and a friend Hannah, its rare these days. Thank you." She embraced her for a moment and sighed. "But if you'll excuse me. I have to entrust the last part of my dream to a friend."

Walking back into the the audience room, Sarah sat down at her desk and pulled out a piece of stationary. She hesitated for a moment and then dropped the pen to the paper as the ink poured out.

Dearest Albert,

No one could have foretold the events that have taken place in only the past year. A new Europe, but that dream will not be realized as long as there are colonial powers still on the continent. Only one remains, myself. You gave me Belarus, a long time ago, and in that time I attempted to construct a celebration of diversity that the world could awe at. But my policies were too radical and leftest for Nordland and I am too foreign for this new Europe. I trust you more than anyone, I have trusted you with so much in my life and it was you who finally helped me come to terms with my past.

Albert, I have done terrible things and I have done great things, this dream is one of them and it will not be realized until Belarus is in the hands of the Belorussians. You can do that, you have created the Europe of today and I ask you to take my creation, my child, and treat it with care. Just as you treated me.



As Albert would open the letter, a small blue lily would fall out onto this lap, a continuing sign of the dream that he and Sarah had forged on the bright dirt roads of Prussia.


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Albert sighed and pressed his fingers on his nose, right between his eyes. He nodded to Welkin and sighed again.

Soon, mechanized infantry units crossed over in the Belarus flying the Prussian banner along with The Hanseatic Commonwealth's. They drove through the cities, waving and smiling at townsfolk as they passed through. Occasionally a young child would receive a candy bar and a salute from an officer. Helicopters filled with officers and senior advisers to Tanzband landed in Valkurheim and rose the Prussian flag over the city. They smiled and shook hands with the Hanseatic soldiers and dignitaries leaving the city.

The following was released to the public:

The Area of Belarus has been evacuated by The Hanseatic Commonwealth and put into the trust of the Prussian authority in the area. The city of Valkurheim, built primarily by Prussians and populated by a large group of Prussians is hereby annexed as an Exclave of the Freistaat Preußen. The remaining lands in Belarus are under Prussian protectorate status until the appropriate Belorussian leaders and government authority is formed.
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OOC: Island of Criminals, eh? <_<

Meh. I can't really complain, as I chose that place myself long before you did, Sarah.

IC: This turnover is probably for the best. The Hanseatic Commonwealth is spread over a large enough portion of the planet as is. This will undoubtedly brinkg a little relief to the remaining areas.

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DeSchaine stood on the western porch of his private residence on the cliffs at Leagun, watching the sun set over the sea. A fitting tableau. In his hand was a Baileys Irish Martini. The perfect blend of Baileys and Bushmills... it was something to take the edge off the report in his hand. On the one hand, he couldn't believe it. On the other, he had known it was going to happen. After their last encounter, that convoluted mess on Rathlin, and the Euro Wars... he could see how the stress of the continental politics could cause this. Still... she was giving up and walking away. Probably for the best. He was glad that he didn't have to deal with the continentals too much. Hopefully she would serve as a brake on the fools in Yamato and other eastern countries.

He sipped at his drink and looked across the water to the orange ball dipping into it. The end of an era in the west, and dawn of a new one in the east. He raised his glass in an unseen salute and downed the contents.

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Needless to say some politicians in Slavorussia are not amused. Despite the alliance some in Slavorussia still distrust the Prussians, and are not very happy that Belorussia was handed over to the Prussians.

De Luit would snicker when he heard of the Slavorussians complaints. "Those boors should be happy they continue to breathe, much less make demands. That land was Hanseatic land, and the Protector gave it to whoever she wanted to. Blood and Power are the most powerful claims, never minding ancestry, and the Hansa has always bled for its interactions in Europe."

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Bavaria congratulates Prussia on the protectorate, though it is a bit sad that Miss Tintagyl left the continent for good.

*Private message to Prussia*

To better relations between your country and Slavorussia even more, we suggest you make it a joint-protectorate, with Slavorussians and Prussians working together to keep it safe.

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De Luit would snicker when he heard of the Slavorussians complaints. "Those boors should be happy they continue to breathe, much less make demands. That land was Hanseatic land, and the Protector gave it to whoever she wanted to. Blood and Power are the most powerful claims, never minding ancestry, and the Hansa has always bled for its interactions in Europe."

Of course if De Luit had taken the time open a history book or look at a map he would know that Slavorussia’s claim, if they had made one, is many many times more strong than any nation in all the world. The Belorussians and Russians are kin to one another. It was the Slavorussians that bled to defend Belorussia from foreign invasion, it was Slavorussia that bled to build and sustain the infrastructure and feed and care for the people, not Prussia or the Hansa. However nobody holds De Luit’s ignorance against him, because he is known in Slavorussia to be an enormous idiot.

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Nikolai Romanov stands at the balcony of the imperial Palace, his wife behind him reading.

"Atlast....Europe is dead." He says, almost...happily.

"Why do you say that dear?" Anna responds.

"The one woman who could keep people from fighting. The one woman who could tame the beast of Nordland. She is gone. Europe will die without her." He says, lighting a Cigar.

Anna rises from her chair and hugs her husband from behind. "Theres nothing saying I cant be the next Peacekeeper of Europe!" She exclaims, squeezing the life out of the Tsar.

"True...I need a walk, I will see you for dinner." He says, walking out with his smokes.

Of course, He never did Return home.

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