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Green Protection Agency Election Results

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Here is the latest lineup of extremely friendly and extremely impartial GPA Government Officials.

Abwehrchef, 1-0 lifetime in elections, is going to be our go-to guy for the ever important, ever frustrating task of keeping those resources flowing.

probablamenteno (which I am beginning to think means "Wears Many Hats" in Spanish :lol1:) is taking on the important job of keeping us supplied with new members.

The lovely 1Paka1 from BlueTexas, the Voice of the GPA. I have subscribed to her newsletter.

Slaine Hayes, another new arrival to the team, has some large shoes to fill. He's taking over for everyone's favorite beer drinking professor, Greenmachine. He is going to do great things once the bottles are cleaned up.

M_a_C_a the "Big M_a_C" is returning to Compliance. I was told he failed gym class because he don't play.

"Pimp Daddy" PDGray is heading up Economics. No one handles money better than a pimp.

Ouchneddnesscooooo, aside from having one of the best names I have ever seen, is returning as our top diplomat.

The one, the only Jim Raynor is handling the defensive side of things. No we can't handle the truth; yes we need you on that wall.

SilentProtector is returning as our friendly neighborhood gatekeeper. Silent in name, not so silent in nature.

Emperor Fu, do I really need to introduce him or his 'fro?

Finally myself. I'm sure many of you do not know me. I hope to change that with at least some of you.

We're looking forward to getting to know you better so come by and visit our forums http://forums.cn-gpa.com/index.php or drop by our IRC channel (#GPA on Coldfront)!

Current Government of the Green Protection Agency


Office of the Executive:

President - Biff Webster

Vice President - Emperor Fu

G.P.A. Cabinet

(includes Office of the Executive):

Minister of Internal Affairs - SilentProtector

Minister of Defense - Jim Raynor

Minister of Foreign Affairs - Ouchneddnesscooooo

Minister of Economics - PDGray

Minister of Membership Compliance - M_a_C_a

Board of Directors

(Non-Cabinet, Elected Officials):

Director of the Academy - Slaine Hayes

Director of Communications - 1Paka1

Director of Recruiting - probablamenteno

Director of Trade - Abwehrchef

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I think you should let Fu make any future announcements.

They were sooooo much better.

Congrats on the "Biff Era" finally coming to fruition though.

Well it was my first.

Biff Era has always been here, you should know, you were one of the first to recognize it. :)

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Personally I still miss Conan the Barbecue and El Bruc, but since I believe change is good, I look forward to the Biff era.

Hell Mongrel

I miss the 600 that used to be GPA. We're far and wide now! :P Thanks for the good words.



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Hell Mongrel

I miss the 600 that used to be GPA. We're far and wide now! :P Thanks for the good words.



I remember when it was over 1000, but honestly the drop in numbers was one of the better things that came out of the war.

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