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  1. sanpedrodave

    My nation is now 4000 days old.

    Congrats old timer
  2. Man, just starting to realize that a lot of Planet Bob is coming up on a decade in this game. With all that said, props and points to all of us for keeping this diversion going this long.  Perhaps a  celebratory firework banner with a 10 happiness point boost for 10 days on our 10th anniversary?    Cheers   spd
  3. sanpedrodave

    GPA Hall of Fame: 2015 Nominations

      hey Rahl!  I'll say hi!  o/  spd
  4. sanpedrodave

    Anyone up for a donation drive?

    Not that I'm plugging Amazon but they have a "smile.amazon dot com" site now where they will give a portion of your purchase to a non-profit that you select. I'm sure most of us will go broke before the donated amount impacts but still a good gesture. I'll rep from some planet bob impact from donors choose as well.  thanks for info. spd
  5. sanpedrodave

    Five Years of Neutrality

    I see old mates in this thread. Next year flak.....next year.
  6. sanpedrodave

    Goodbye to PatJenn of Ted

    Just a note that one of the oldest nations on Bob just deleted after his 25 day inactive. PatJenn of Ted a long term Green team senator self deleted. I think he was like the 21st nation started up on CN. He was also one of the founders of the GPA way back from the beginning days. Here's hoping he is doing well and thanking him for teaching us that CN does grow on all of us in one way or degree. See ya around PJ'. Respects SanPedroDave
  7. sanpedrodave

    Green Protection Agency Government

    Congrats to the GPA and thanks to all our mates on Bob for popping in and saying hello.
  8. sanpedrodave

    CN Staff Declaration of Wub

    Not in my right mind would I ever believe I would play a game this long. I don't post much on OWF but I know this games evolution has developed vast communities of friends and adversaries. The mechanics of this enterprise ain't bad either. Keep it interesting admin!! Respects SanPedroDave GPA
  9. sanpedrodave

    GPA Declaration of Neutrality

    Thank you Soyak. You will make your alliance proud. And thanks to all the other well wishers and old friends.