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Announcement of a New Alliance, The Triple Entente

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I have the great pleasure of announcing another alliance to join the Planet Bob: The Triple Entente! We are a Blue, Black, and White team alliance and welcome all new members!

Forum Link: http://3e-cn.tk/

IRC: #cn-3e on Coldfront


It is on this day, the 26th of June 2009, that we hereby adopt this charter to form the Triple Entente.

Article I: Coming and Going

1) A nation wishing to join the Triple Entente must not be in any active wars, must not be the member of another alliance, must not be the enemy of another alliance, and must have paid all debts back to any previous alliances.

2) Members leaving the Entente must pay back all debts in full. ($3,000,000=50 tech)

3) Nations must be on the Blue team, the Black team or the White team. Nations not of those colors must change their team to that unless all their trades are in order (5 trades only).

4) Potentates must agree to the following oath before being accepted into the alliance:

I, ___________, hereby affirm my allegiance to the Triple Entente. In doing this I affirm that I have no debts to other alliances, am not a member of any other alliances, and bear no ill will towards the Entente.

Article II: Government

1) The Entente's government will be divided between two leaders, the Regent and the Consul.

2) The Regent will be in charge of the Ministries of Finance and Internal Affairs.

3) The Ministry of Finance will be headed by the Comptroller, who is appointed by the Regent.

4) The Ministry of Internal Affairs will be headed by the Seneschal, who is appointed by the Regent.

5) The Consul will be in charge of the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs.

6) The Ministry of Defense will be headed by the Commandant, who is appointed by the Consul.

7) The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be headed by the Chief Emissary, who is appointed by the Consul.

8) The powers of the Comptroller and Seneschal are dictated by the Regent. The powers of the Commandant and Chief Emissary are dictated by the Consul.

9) In times where there are no people fit to fill the 4 lower positions, the Regent and Consul can run the departments assigned to them.

Article III: Specific Powers of Regent and Consul

1) The Regent has power in the areas of Recruiting, Mass-Messaging, Aid, Loans, Trades, Tech Deals, Justice and Internal Policy.

2) The Consul has power in the areas of War, Defense, Treaty Negotiations, Maintenance of Battalions, Maintenance of the Diplomat Corps and Maintenance of Embassies.

3) Both the Consul and Regent have forum moderation and repair powers, as well as the power to greet and accept new members.

Article IV: Military Action

1) The Consul has the only power to declare war on another alliance.

2) No Entente member may attack another nation without the consent of either the Consul or the Commandant. Tech raiding is not allowed. Tech raiders will be persecuted as outlined in the later Justice section.

3) The Triple Entente has a No Nuclear First Strike Policy. Even if you are attacked with a nuclear weapon you MAY NOT retaliate with one of your own. This policy can be changed at any time at the discretion of the Consul.

4) Any unaligned nation found to be raiding a member of the Triple Entente will be ZIed if they refuse to pay back damages. An aligned nation will be handled diplomatically before militarily.

5) Any unaligned nation found spying on the Triple Entente will be ZIed, no questions asked. An aligned nation will be handled diplomatically before militarily.

6) Any nation found ghosting the Triple Entente will be given 48 hours to either join the alliance officially or change their AA. Any nation after the 48 hour grace period will be ZIed.

Article V: Justice

1) Any member found to be tech raiding another nation will be subjected to this progression of punishment:

Repayment of damages times 2 and a warning.

Repayment of damages times 4.

Expulsion from alliance.

2) Any member found spying on another nation/alliance will be expelled immediately.

3) Any member who breaks the First Strike policy will be expelled immediately.

Article VI: Amendments

1) Amendments may be suggested by any member of the Entente. It will then be voted on by the membership of the alliance. If it passes, it becomes part of the charter.

2) Treaties must be signed by the Chief Emissary, the Regent, and the Consul.

Signed for the Triple Entente by its First Government

Crazyguy945, Regent

Quinpin (TheBiggestBoss), Consul

Destroyer of Worlds, Seneschal

Demitri Volokov, Chief Emissary

nuker0912, Commandant

First Government of the Entente

Consul:/b] Quinpin

Regent: Crazyguy945

Seneschal: Destroyer of Worlds

Chief Emissary: Demitri Volokov

Commandant: nuker0912

Comptroller: Currently Vacant

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