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  1. [quote name='sexysauce' timestamp='1298537176' post='2643706'] Not sure if this is a bug or not but.... Current Citizens 37,999 working citizens Improvements Purchased 38 Improvement Slots Available 0 Shouldnt it be -1 available? [/quote] Looks like a rounding issue. Apparently, going to 3999.99, 4999.99 and such, makes "pieces" of a citizen, but that is not displayed.
  2. Yeah Sometimes 18 nukes in a row get blocked, however, much more often, zero, one, two, or three get blocked. This war my SDI blocked 15/21 nukes, which is about 71.4%. Generally, when you put the data from a couple thousand nations together, it is pretty close to 60-40. Edit: Statistically, just under an average of 2.5 nukes should be blocked before one hits.
  3. Most of this wouldn't be good for SE, but I think it will make TE pretty awesome. I think that #5 is interesting though. Perhaps, if it gets implemented -20% when 500 or more levels below would be more reasonable (this is also based in reality, as your workers would have more experience and technology than the first time you bought the infra.). I think that the SE purchase limit is currently fine, since buying a couple thousand levels can now be done in a few minutes with the new feature that allows you to just keep clicking purchase, while it used to take 15-30 minutes. I would also support a
  4. [quote name='uaciaut' timestamp='1297948952' post='2636633'] Same issue here. Problem is i may opt for turtling from now on - does that mean i'll be at 0 once i buy the 762 soldiers my nation is supposed to be missing? [/quote] Yes it does.
  5. [quote name='Gesepp' timestamp='1297817425' post='2634921'] DISCUSSING THE FUNNIEST THING IN CN IS BANNED [/quote] IMPERSONATING THE LORD OF THE DARK LORDS IS BANNED
  6. Personally, I don't think that it should only be decided by when it's barely profitable, as you want to have at least 1000 tech at 4999.99, I had 2000 at that point (well, the first time I got there ) and it was great in the war that happened around then. I'd recommend to start around midway between 3 and 4k infra, which should be around when you get the SM.
  7. The last time I made one it took about two days and then I got a PM.
  8. Yeah, I got a -10% land area event before the war, and now I have negative modifiers too.
  9. I've done that before and nothing happened to my happiness.
  10. [quote name='xenon' timestamp='1296661775' post='2616222'] Nice pics MHA. Where are the ones about how you are losing 300k NS daily? [/quote] Ah, I found it [img]http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss90/Titanium_Crusher/MHAchartfinal.png[/img]
  11. Nice pics MHA. Where are the ones about how you are losing 300k NS daily?
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