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  1. [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1309750680' post='2748106'] Once again we simply had a treaty with them that was cancelled. You had an "eternal" treaty with them. You called them brothers and kindred spirits and what not. Once they got themselves into a heavy drug addiction called Ram you had an obligation to help them through it. Instead you gave in to peer pressure and left them out on the street. Sorry, we can't match that kind of crap. [/quote] You may wish to check your facts. We stood by Gre throughout the whole mess and right to the very end. There was no giving in to peer pressure, ourselves and Fark kept other alliances from hitting them. Only once they were out and completely at peace did we let them go. Funny, I didnt see TOP there, you too busy on the sidelines cheering it on and yet we both know your relationship with Gre had been more than just a MDP. The real difference between MHA and TOP is that MHA learnt it's lessons. TOP is still chasing the power centers like a dog on a chain.
  2. [quote name='Believland' timestamp='1309750523' post='2748103'] Your welcome. Again, you shouldn't try to use this whole logic thing. Maybe when you're older. I was alluding to the fact that you signed a gigantic treaty that didn't have the cojones to stand by. Next time I'll dumb it down for you. [/quote] Feanor is better at this. Maybe leave it to him?
  3. [quote name='Believland' timestamp='1309749801' post='2748095'] No. It's safe to say once Ram got into power we ended our relationship as many of the Old Gre left Gre. They were a new alliance using the name of the Gramlins. And stop talking about logic when your brains have always been in Gramlins. Also dropping the who Gre thing, how's that 3 year treaty with NPO? [/quote] That's the conclusion I was looking for, thank you for helping Feanor reach it. Wouldn't it be a good thing if [i]our[/i] brains were in Gramlins, given their superiority in strength and nation building? I don't think you thought that through. We never had a three year treaty with NPO. We had a treaty with a year-long cancellation clause that was voided by Karma and NPO as part of their surrender conditions. We never asked for that to be included, NPO came to us to say it was part of the terms and we agreed to not delay them getting peace. Swing and a miss. Also, isn't this about current power centers? Feanor came in to have his dig, I dug back and we should probably stay on topic.
  4. [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1309749108' post='2748084'] We haven't screwed over any "family" because we don't have any. Unless I'm mistaken we've never been stupid enough to sign eternal treaties. How'd that Harmlin thing work out? [/quote] Oh is this where you defend Ramirus and denounce New Gramlins because that's the logical conclusion for that line of questioning and I don't think you're up for it. TOP gave up on Gre long before we did.
  5. [quote name='Believland' timestamp='1309747030' post='2748053'] Coming from an alliance that would $%&@ their family over (and has) for CN's flavor of the week, I'll take that as a joke. [/quote] Neither of us are innocent in that regard, it's not a history lesson you're going to win. Just ask Polar. Or MK. Or NPO. Or Gre. [quote name='Believland' timestamp='1309747030' post='2748053'] Don't worry. You'll like us again once you're about to go to a losing side of the war. We'll be waiting. [/quote] By all means, hold your breath.
  6. [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1309746162' post='2748041'] Moral outrage? What? I simply wanted to say I think your alliance is a piece of !@#$. [/quote] And I'm saying the feeling is mutual.
  7. Expecting a drop from MHA after Johnson, one of our oldest nations, deleted.
  8. [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1309743858' post='2748004'] The moment you completely lied to us about your involvement --your stance changed three times in as many days and the last one was "we'll only enter if FARK is attacked"-- needless to say you attacked our ally in IRON via your oA with Gramlins who wasn't allied to anyone except you pretty much stops you from being considered an MDP partner. You should have received your marching orders that day but alas we were fighting the greatest war in the history of Cybernations (I'm biased). I'd personally equate you with a piece of !@#$ than say a superhero. That's just me though. [/quote] Yes, [i]our[/i] position was the only one that changed, it was completely all us. And when you found out we would never support a pre-emotive strike on CnG, you didn't at all stop talking to us. And yes I'm sure a "we're canceling the MDP" PM would have taken far, far top long to type out. Even if that were all true, it doesn't excuse TOP from directly aiding an attack on us while still treatied to us. Sure you could say attacking IRON was poor form, but what you did was an actual violation of our treaty and every treaty in Planet Bob. Whatever moral outrage you can feign went out the window. It's also super fun that you try to defend TOP's motivation in a thread about Power Clusters, when power clusters [i]are[/i] TOP's motivation.
  9. [quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1309721174' post='2747826'] MHA and the word superheroes should never be in the same sentence. [/quote] Like "TOP" and the words "would never send millions in aid to alliances currently fighting their MDP partner." To be fair, there's few alliances in Bob that one could say, without bias, are actual superheroes.
  10. As easy as it would be, I won't mock this, the punishment your alliance is receiving should be enough of a wake up call for UINE.
  11. Stand tall Grämlins, welcome back. MHAil o/
  12. Shout out to Jimmy K, former NAAC'er and MHA founder. o/
  13. So long Shammy, have fun IRL. [quote name='Azrael Alexander' timestamp='1302219219' post='2686397'] To the MHA: The reason for my removal as a Government Advisor was due to me knowing that squinj had a re-roll and WCR being pissed of he had not been told. [/quote] This was in 2008, right? It's in the ToS to report any known ban violations. Still, it takes 3 to remove a GA.
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