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Preamble: In order to construct a stronger alliance and benefit all who are involved...

I. Sovereignty

i. All participating members must change their AA from "The Brotherhood of Nod" (known as Nod) to "Keepers of The Covenant" (Known as KoTC).

ii. All participating members will henceforth be known and treated as members of KoTC. This includes all benefits of protection, and all debts being transferred to debits of the KoTC treasury.

iii. The Brotherhood of Nod AA is hereby under the protection of KoTC for a 48 transfer period. All attacks on Nod nations will be an attack on KoTC.

II. Structure

i. The High Council of Prophets shall not be subject to change because of this merge.

ii. The current government of Nod dissolves and the members choose if they wish to run for office in KoTC

Signed for KoTC:

kenai, Prophet of Mercy

Lenahan, Prophet of Truth

EmperorDhruv, Prophet of Regret

Signed for Nod:

XxSnipezxX, Kane of Nod

Current Government

Here is the current government layout:

The Hierarchs

  • Lenahan, High Prophet of Truth (Foreign Affairs)
  • EmperorDhruv, High Prophet of Regret (Military Commander)
  • kenai, High Prophet of Mercy (Internal Affairs)

And for the election results...

The Council

  • Speaker: Internal election ongoing...
  • XxSnipezxX, Prophet of Disdain (Deputy of Defence)
  • A Lone Stranger, Prophet of Restraint (Minister of Education)
  • Z3000, Prophet of Obligation (Minister of Recruitment)
  • AllenKalashnikov, Prophet of Supposition (SpecOps Commander)

tl;dr Some alliance you don't care about has some new peeps

Any questions or comments are appreciated, and will be answered as quickly as possible.



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Debts =/= Debits :P

I assume the protection period lasts for 48 hours?

Good luck with the merge.

We have all the money we need to pay their debts.

So they turn into debits on our treasury B)

EDIT: They don't have any, either. I just put it in there in case :D .

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Nod has helped KoTC from the begining, from our very first day. We have been very close friends ever since then and I am proud to welcome them into our alliance. Our friends are now family, welcome guys.


o/Our friends

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