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The Shadow Confederacy[TSC] DoW


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The time for TSC to join the war has come, although we play a minor role in this Great War, we will play our role to the letter in defence of our allies.

As such In accordance with Section 3 of NOIR:

‘A declaration of war by a third party upon a signatory to this treaty shall serve as a casus belli for all other signatories. NOIR members are encouraged, but not required, to come to the defense and aid by any means possible.’

Our allies we’re attacked by Tempest, TSC in kind will activate our ODP with NOIR as such we declare war on Tempest in defence of LoSS.

Signed and Approved by -

E.Grievous - Emperor

Omniscientone - Grand Vizier

DoorNail - Supreme Commander

Eagle5 - DoI

Augustas - Grand Admiral

Rude Land - DoPR

Office Ninja - GMoF&T

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