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Goons alliance Is Back

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All ex-goons ... contact me ...

Goons must return ... who was part of this alliance, he knows that there is nothing better ... us go to reconstruct to the best of alliances..because the CN World is ours... this is the time!!!!


all the goons who are leaders in other alliances .. Contact me ...


Todos los ex-goons... contactarme mi...

Goons debe regresar... quien fue parte de esta alianza, sabe que no hay nada mejor... volvamos a reconstruir a la mejor de las alianzas.. y retomemos el mundo de CN otra vez..

Lealtad!!! todos los lideres de Goons que estan en otras alianzas.. contactenme...

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Why would anyone waste the time registering a soon to be banned account to post this crap?

Mods gas thread please, tia.


Neither is that lame alliance that popped up a few days back.

We're not lame :colbert:.

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