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The Foreign Division Announcement

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Good evening,

Tonight we come to talk to you about Friendship. Like the bonds created after an alliance who had absolutely no obligations towards us came in our defence and helped us in our darkest hour. Since then, our debt to NATO has been unpaid. Tonight, we will honor their sacrifice that allowed us to come this far. Tonight, we will honor the friendship bonds forged back then. We're not here to fight for Pacifica nor for any other alliance. We stand only by the commitment we made towards our friends.

With that said, The Foreign Division declares a state of war now exists between us and The German Empire. We have absolutely no ill feelings towards TGE, we will however fight to defend our friends. We expect a clean war where both of us can have fun.

And now an updated map of the state of the so called The Schlieffen Plan:


Brief description: At this time The military of The Foreign Division was mobilized upon word of invasion by The German Empire into the lands of The North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As of this posting, The Foreign Division Senate recognizes a state of war between The Foreign Division and The German Empire as outlined in Article Four of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization-The Foreign Division Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact.

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