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  1. Ah, I really liked GUN, this is pretty sweet
  2. Calling Zenith an ex-Hegemony alliance is a [i]bit[/i] of a stretch in my book, Londo. Anyways: 1-10 scale (no zero's, that's just mean ) 5 is the average or I-don't-know-much-about-you score Mostly Harmless Alliance - 3 Green Protection Agency - 4 Neutrality is boring so -1 for you New Pacific Order - 8 Knowledgeable and loyal members, and I’ve really liked all your ambassadors. New Polar Order - 4 Really bad FA World Task Force - 4 Sparta - 2 Viridian Entente - 2 The Democratic Order - 3 another -1 for pretend neutrality Fark - 7 Seem like a friendly and honourable bunch, but the beer reviews are lame Mushroom Kingdom - 4 Used to really dislike you, but you’re growing on me, some of you are all right Orange Defense Network - 3 United Purple Nations - 6 We’re allies, so I wear your pip, but don’t know too much about you and I didn’t like your use of treaties to remain neutral in the last war FOK - 3 Global Alliance And Treaty Organization - 5 Don’t know much about you The Legion - 4 The Order Of The Paradox - 8 Ragnarok - 6 Cool artwork and good people, but -1 for your founder going rogue on me and 2 other TFDers RnR - 5 Don’t know anything about you The Order Of Light - 4 Random Insanity Alliance - 6 I always get a kick outta your OWF posts Umbrella - 6 Don’t like your allies much, but you know what you’re doing and seem like decent people for the most part Poison Clan - 1 Yeeeeeah, don’t like you guys, haven’t seen much but whining and GOONS-esque behaviour from you lot Commonwealth Of Sovereign Nations - 3 Not very impressive, and generally annoying posters Nueva Vida - 8 Great bunch of people, I just don’t like some of your allies Federation Of Armed Nations - 5 Independent Republic Of Orange Nations - 7 Siberian Tiger Alliance - 4 Multicolored Cross-X Alliance - 7 The Grand Lodge Of Freemasons - 6 Athens - 1 Incompetent bullies Nordreich - 1 Seem all right but your terrible theme gets you an automatic 1 in my book The International - 4 The Foreign Division - 10 Horribly arrogant, massive ego problems, should disband, etc. but 2 flags in-game, nuff said LOSS - 5 Don’t know anything about you Nusantara Elite Warriors - 8 Great bunch of people The Grämlins - 1 Guru Order - 5 Don’t know anything about you North Atlantic Defense Coalition - 9 Don’t see too much of you guys, but you’re very loving with us (and have an awesome flag) M*A*S*H - 3 The Templar Knights - 5 Don’t know anything about you
  3. Yeah NADC, very nice I have a question though, what is this all about: [quote]No vote held in the Atlantic Council may have a time limit less than 18 hours. If all Councilors have voted before the time limit has been reached, the vote may be concluded.[/quote] If you vote before time is up, the votes concluded, but if you vote after time is up, then you don't need the time limit. So why even bother with the 18 hour time limit?
  4. I remember this alliance, welcome back. You guys have quite an awesome flag
  5. Good luck WolfsPride, hopefully things work out for you guys
  6. I can't believe I forgot to mindlessly hail this: [b]o/[/b] [quote name='Kochers' date='02 April 2010 - 05:44 PM' timestamp='1270244681' post='2245703'] What can I say? We just follow TFD. o/Blunity o/NADC TFD [/quote] No better way to join than with our [s]puppets[/s] friends, the NADC Here's to more Blue wubbin'!
  7. [quote name='kriekfreak' date='23 March 2010 - 05:26 PM' timestamp='1269379558' post='2234440'] I never understood the necessity of one to move to another sphere, especially not considering NATO's allies are all over the place. Perhaps NATO, TFD and NADC are starting a new Blue bloc? [/quote] Dude. TFD and NADC already have their own bloc. We're quite happy here and not making any new ones.
  8. Best announcement in a long time, we are very happy to have you here
  9. Congratulations to both our allies on this, this is indeed nice to see!
  10. Move makes sense, but too bad it had to happen. o/ NATO Maybe you can find a home in another bloc
  11. Good luck, and don't forget a wiki page LittleRena
  12. Nice to see you out of the war, congrats on peace Zenith
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