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Pursuant to our MDoAP with Athens, Kronos recognizes a state of war between GGA and Kronos.



Ender Land, Harbinger of War

Heracles, Harbinger of Prosperity

Tryp, Harbinger of Light

Snowbeast, Harbinger of Light

Epiphanus, Harbinger of Light

Article 6: Mutual Defense

A direct attack on a signatory of this treaty by a non signatory alliance or individual shall be seen as an attack on both signatories and will be treated as such. All proper retaliatory maneuvers will be taken. This article is subject to a non- chaining clause stated below.

Non-chaining clause: If either signatory is attacked due to honouring a military treaty that they share with a foreign alliance, mutual defence is no longer mandatory, but an option. Both alliances advocate enacting the option, but understand that there is the possibility that the other may choose not to enact the option, for whatever reason, and that decision will be supported by the other signatory, regardless.

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