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Stability in East Africa


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Michael Bradcliff was short of money. A former Marine, who had fought in the Antonia-Artemis Global Security campaign, he was 24 years old and living on the horn of Africa. The ungoverned area was in turmoil, and was the perfect place for this young marine to harvest a profit. He lead his crew against bandits acting as the “policing force” of the region. His jobs expanded to region as low as the border of Mozambique. After his final job, he found himself surrounded by a loyal group who would die for the money he gave. They were not loyal to him, but his money. Yet, without him there was no money. He used this to his advantage and gained a large following.

On his “throne” of a recliner, he turned on the television. The regular dose of chaos and struggles were present. However, his flipping stopped when he saw his second favorite word, “Oil.

East African Community News


The region known as Kenya has found oil sockets hidden within their regional borders. The area springs to life with jobs, but at the same time, corruption. The regional government and bordering governments have begun firefights and war is on the edge. Diplomacy is in the works but has come to no preva…..

The phone rang and Mike picked up. He listened as the job and the money count was presented. He picked up his gun, got into his jeep, and called his “boys.” His fate would take a different turn.

The areas in the 2PAC Protectorate were riddled with oil, it was simply a matter of having the resources to find it and sell it. The regional governments became the power of the Protectorate and the order was given to Mike Bradcliff to assassinate, not one, but all of them. The power hungry tyrants were causing the bordering states some economic problems and security worries. It needed to be handled from the inside.

Ulla Venez used Kenya’s oil supply to bring about his own citizen army. “All of those looking for pay must fight for the new heir to Africa!” Would be his calling card. He was forcing the lowest, and largest, class against their own will to kill others, turning the area into a warzone. The man needed to be stopped and this one Mike was glad to handle.

Luckily for Mike, politics didn’t matter to him. For years, the ungoverned area was organized then chaos insued. He hated the never ending cycle and saw how diplomacy didn’t work. He saw any agreement not as a treaty, but as a contract. Friends can still be made, but politicians must learn to pay up or shut up.

Mike found himself littered with potential clients as the “Oil Wars” raged on. Everyone was looking for a man to do the “dirty work.” The more chaos there is, the more opportunites there are. This is exactly the environment that mercanaries thrive in. Yet, Mike wanted to do something good and accepted only one offer, and that was to clean the area for good….for a price. He used the thriving area for mercenaries and killers to make an army of death dealers.

Mike and his death dealers. They would ride to their target, and on the walky talky, Mike would scream to his followers:

“You are not a soldier! You are not following a code! You are a killer who fulfills a contract, gets the job done, collects your fee and moves on! You are death dealers!”

The cars, jeeps, and trucks honked as the members rode through the wasteland of an area. They were given an envelope to open with their target when they were an hour away. This was done to prevent anyone from leaking information. Mike knew how to operate, and he knew how to kill. This is why he was the man to get the job done.

The envelope was opened, and in photo splattered with blood was a headshot of Ulla Venez. The deed must be done. When they reached Kenya’s border, they met up with people on the inside who were more than happy to shoot out the guards at the watch posts, even if they were the people standing next to them. When the gates opened,


-Desert Fortress

Mike lead the charge into the “fortress” where the so called “heir of Africa” was about to lose his title. As the citizen soldiers fired away at the vehicles, the bulletproof windows provided safe cover to allow them to pass through. The terrible accuracy allowed for there to be no suppressing fire, allowing the armed vehicles to fire back. In a haze of blood, the peasants found their limbs and heads removed as the accurate marksmen of the “caravan of death” were able to end their shooting. The firing was about to continue by one such shooter named Henry Ranker. As he aimed for another shot at a person running away, Mike interrupted.

Mike said, “Stand down.”

Ranker looked at his leader and stated, “but they were just shooting at us!”

Mike said, “they are not the target and are no longer a threat. Stand down.”

The caravan approached the inner walls and began their assault against it with bazookas. The frightened “soldiers” ran for cover as the wall came down quickly. The columns on the insider were hit with too much pressure for the wall to continue standing.

Mike jumped out of the vehicle armed with a pistol, a Colt 45 that was given to him by his father. He approached the inner door and shot the lock open. He barged in to see the figure of Venez running for the back door. Mike darted after him. He sprinted across the long hallway to a garage where Venez entered the Mercedes that was waiting for him. The car took off with a skid on the ruff, and Mike made for a quick shot at the left back wheel. After 4 shots, the moving vehicle skid to its side and flipped twice. Mike paced himself as he walked the 300 feet the car made before screeching to a halt. He loaded his gun and had a smirk on his face. His only thought was, “pay day.” A shot burst from the flipped passanger window that hit Mike straight in the chest, hitting his bullet proof vest. He picked up his gun and shot back. The window shattered to show a woman with a bullet through her head. As Mike reached the car, door on the other side opened. Out hopped a limping Venez who stumbled to run away. Mike raised his gun and fired a shot into the back of his knee cap. Ranker began to approach with an assault rifle as he left the “fortress.” Mike stood over Venez, who began to plee for mercy. He was rudely interrupted by a bullet to the forehead.

Ranker looked at Mike and said, “You didn’t even hesitate.”

Mike looked to him and said, “I’m not one to argue with dead men.”

Mike walked away as Africa became free to all again. He didn’t know what was in store for him until he collected his fee.

Mike approached King Sargun Iros Peaceheart IIIb with the intent of receiving his due. The king clapped and shouted, “Bravo!” But the old warrior didn’t have time for antics and was only looking for his paycheck. The King saw the look in the face and the smile turned serious as he handed the young man a small box.

Mike looked at the box confused and said, “This seems a little too light for the amount that was stated.”

Sargun smirked and said, “I decided to pay you in a more appropriate way.”

Mike opened the box to find a new contract, already signed by the king. He read it to himself and

said, “What does this all mean? What do you want from me now?”

“I am making your home, YOUR home. Congratulations, all of Western Africa is yours.”

“This is not what I want.”

“Oh but it is. It will make you more wealthy then I am paying you for. Think of all the people under

your leadership, think of the oil businesses that will be under your jurisdiction. With you in charge, you can serve and protect the people…for a price.”

“So you are making me someone that I kill?”

“No I’m making you a legit king of Africa. With my help, you’ll lead your people to have a better life, think of it as a new job.”

“I kill things.”

“And you still can, just remember its in the ‘interest of your people’ and you will be fine. Remember that line, now sign the contract and stop arguing over something that wil benefit you in the long run.”

“I don’t have the resources to protect the country.”

“I’ll train your troops with modern weapons, and in that contract states that you will have some of my cutting edge technology.”

Mike signed the contract. He did it for the money, he did it for the people, he did it for his former king, but the biggest reason he did it was for himself. Politics would be his business now. He wouldn’t be a politician, just a businessman under the title of King…He liked that.

A. The nations shall recognize the independence of one another. Neither signatory shall ever compromise the border of the other, and any such action automatically nullifying this agreement. They shall also consult each other in the most respectable manner.

B. No signatory will tax another member on use of waterways and sea lanes

C. Free trade will be applied to Oil, food, and raw Materials

D. Members are encouraged to invest in other members endeavors, to promote the growth of member nation's economies and to prevent recession in times of crisis

E. Coincidentally, in times of economic crisis, Member nations are encouraged to invest in the affected member and jointly fix their economy so that the crisis does not spread and so that signatories may be continuously profitable

F. This agreement does not restrict a signatories right to decide which of their nation's businesses are accessible via this agreement

G. The undersigned signatories are afforded the opportunity, and encouraged though not required, to make mutually beneficial technologies available to the others.

They also signed the declaration of independence of East Africa.

It is on this day, that the people of Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, Eritrea, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Djibouti, and all states within these regions proclaim their independence under the name of The Kingdom of East Africa. Through a contract and agreement with 2PAC and the Artemis Global Security government, a new leader with attitude was found, and with the newly signed contract, all regions are hereby declared as areas no longer under the jurisdiction of 2PAC Protectorate.

The East African people have followed that the leadership of the Mercenary leaders of the “Death dealers” were suitable in keeping the peace in their wish to be independent. The first King of the newly erected Kingdom is to be Mike Bradcliff. The Cabinet shall be appointed by the king within the following days to serve as our legislative body. The people will be served, and the nation protected.

Following the signing, a massive crowd gathered Addis Ababa. The Cameras flashing were blinding to the new King who looked amongst the crowd to see the poor peasants who seemed to be too busy chatting to the person next to them to listen. These misguided, uneducated people had to be taught, and learn how to become masters of their own journey. They must strive towards success, and with success came more money. The King tapped on the mic, and with his new found title found himself screaming “SILENCE” to the crowd.

“My dear people, I stand here today with great news, news that I almost didn’t believe, today we gain out independence, and we are our own nation, after years of oppression, corruption, and under development we are the masters of our own fate. With my leadership, our homes will receive jobs, our security will be tighter and the resources we have will be tapped. Our nation will grow and our children will become the greatest generation in East Africa. This is a new era for our land, and it shall be the greatest we ever had! Today, here, now I pronounce the Kingdom of East Africa truly independent!”

The people cheered, and the world heard the horn erupt once more.

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From the Tribal Council, via Lilyana Sobyeskaya:

"We of Uralic Bashkortostan are thrilled to hear about East Africa's independence and recognise them fully. On a personal note, I am looking forward to starting relations with the peoples of East Africa."

OOC: :awesome: Mykep :awesome:

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We thank the nations of the world for thier recognition of our independence and will be open to any relations. Keep in mind we are a nation who will protect our people, but will accept any contract that will allow us to earn some money.

Tahoe welcomes and will dispatch a diplomatic team to East Africa

They will be given admission into our new embassy establishment.

From the Tribal Council, via Lilyana Sobyeskaya:

"We of Uralic Bashkortostan are thrilled to hear about East Africa's independence and recognise them fully. On a personal note, I am looking forward to starting relations with the peoples of East Africa."

OOC: :awesome: Mykep :awesome:

We would be glad to work with you, and hope to hear an offer of a contract from you at sometime in the future.

Federal Republic of Transvaal grants formal recognition to East Africa.

We are glad another nation in Africa approves of our establishment. We also add that any contract that makes an attack on our continent will be reported to the African nation. It will be the one, and only time we state that.

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