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Ex-ICP, where you at...


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I was in the ICP from right after my original nation was founded until the day before the Maroon War. I served on the War Council and more or less as the military second in command. I left with Donut (my brother) and Geinz to form the Union of Consolidated Leftist Nations. Came back the day after the war started to fight too. Course after the war you accused me of spying for about a week for some stupid reason but on hard feelings.

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ex-ICP(1) and SWF

Yep, I'm still here. Hail Comrades! Been pretty inactive the last year.. nearly lost my nation due to it once, but I'm back. Still not as active as I was when I first joined ICP tho. It was my first alliance. Joined the same week I created my nation, about 2 months before The Maroon War.

Good times. The Maroon War got criticism at the time for being a small, silly war.. but recently looking through all the wars on the CN Wiki it really was a good war. It nearly lead to GWII, which happened shortly after.. it was a close war, something rarely seen, and was truly a political war. I still think NoR had no right to stop us from joining Maroon, but don't hold any grudges. Especially after fighting alongside them in GWIV.

Anyway, yeah I was Justice Director for several terms in ICP. Comrade Mao and myself nearly won Speaker/Vice-Speaker one election. Just barely lost to Comrade Yev and Trotsky. Still come around the leftist alliance's forums every now and then for great political debates. :)

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