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Ex-GUARD Members


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NADC from post GWII -> UJP War... whats good.

I remember you Cobalt. :D Many wanted to join the League but Charles was dead set on remaining neutral to gain a nation strength boost back in the day; I was on IRC for a while shortly before NAAC surrendered and unfortunately had to tell them NADC/GUARD would be remaining neutral. :(

EDIT: On a side note, I still think that we had the best name and the best graphics of all the blocs at the time. Still haven't seen one quite as fancy since.

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I was hanging at USN at the time. I guess I didn't make it too far.

The motives behind the GOONS protection were quite transparent, though NpO wasn't any better in their discussion of a treaty upgrade at the time.

EDIT: Verb conjugation is hard.

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I remember helping you when Stormfront tried to take over your alliances. I think that was the only cross-bloc action to ever happen.

Also, I can't help but remember all the GUARD members who used to complain because TTK was inactive and the bloc never got anything done. Hmm.

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