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  1. Bahahahahahahaha. Im sorry, but you know nothing about art history.
  2. kill it with fire.
  3. Please. Either its already mid-July in your world or you didn't see the part in the NPO terms that states "To facilitate the speedy payment of reparations, a minimum of 1/12 of the total reparations assessed must be disbursed each month" - pretty sure being expected to pay off 1/12th per month means a year of terms, at a maximum. Unless, of course, years are different in Alterego land.
  4. It's so obvious that this proves my theory that SF is going to attack NpO and C&G and SF, how don't you see it? I mean... voted Haf.
  5. Cobalt

    could someone please

    explanation: Someone thought they were being witty/clever and failed.
  6. Woody or Mhawk (voted woody, cuz he's still one of my favorite peoples). Even though I tend to disagree with both of them these days, I don't mind reading their posts... the others though; Lolterego, 'nuff said. Haflinger and TheAUT are on the (very short) list of people I've thought of putting on ignore since The Scholar... and I'm the type that generally enjoys reading opposing opinions.
  7. I hereby volunteer to be the supreme arbiter of CN. Bow before my awesome/unbiased power. Homage may be submitted in the forms of; United States Dollars, Cattle, CN Money, Tech, Love Letters, and Cartons of Parliament Light Cigarettes.
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