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White Knights Entente Announcement

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The Declaration of Existence off the "White Knights Entente"



We the people of White Knights Entente (WKE) hereby establish this alliance for the betterment of ourselves and those we choose to involve ourselves with.

Section 1: The Government

1.1 The White Knights Entente (WKE) is lead by the Emperor: The Emperor will act with full authority in whatever matter they choose.

1.2 Marshall- the Marshall’s are the Elder Councilmen of the alliance. They are accountable for Finances, War, Foreign Affairs, and Internal Affairs.

1.3 The Marshall’s have one deputy that they appoint for themselves who are there right hand man.

1.4 In the case of retirement for any Marshall or Emperor, the assistant is promoted to the government position. Each Marshall can be revoked their government passion by the Emperor or by any other 3 Marshall’s. The Emperor can not be removed from power unless they retire or all 4 Marshall’s approve and can get 75% of member ship to agree for a new Emperor.

1.5 The Marshall's have elections every four months, they may hold government position as many times as the White Knights Entente members choose to vote them into government.

Section 2: Military

*2.1 Raiding:

All member nations that request rights to raid a target must get approval from a higher authority than the Deputy Marshall of War and must meet the following three points:

1) The target must be 10 or more days inactive.

2) The target must not be in an alliance.

3) The target must not be on the red sphere.

2.2 The Emperor can amend any rules and regulations of Section 2.

2.3 All attacks on WKE members should be notified to government as soon as possible, and then will be acted upon. Knights should not take any matters of war into their own hands.

Section 3: Membership/Rights

3.1 All Knights wishing with gain admittance into our Kingdom must first register on the forums located here. Applications will be reviewed and accepted according to the background of the applicant as well as their merit and qualification as seen fit by The Emperor.

3.1 All accepted members must change their alliance affiliation to “White Knights Entente”.

*3.12 All accepted members are preferred to change their nation color to white, or look for a white trade circle in the mean time.

3.2 Termination of membership must be approved by the Emperor, but every member is entitled to the following rights:

1. The right to exist on planet Bob.

2. The right to have a say for yourself.

3. The right to fair trial.

3.3 Trials shall be administered by the Emperor, and the final decision will be decided by the Emperor.

3.4 All members are required to post often in the forums, or risk being reprimanded by the Elite Councilmen or Emperor, if you can not be on the forums, we advise you to get on IRC, or share your email to us so we can contact you through messenger or aim.

Section 4: Amendment Process

4.1 the charter may be amended at any time by the Emperor’s consent.

Forums Link: http://z8.invisionfree.com/WKE/index.php

IRC Channel: #WKE

- Yes we are protected by an alliance, the announcement will be posted soon

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Top Posters In This Topic

IRAN never gave me terms, and IRAN is one of the best alliances out there. I stayed there for a month and would have if I didn't get this golden opportunity.

This... golden opportunity to get back on the pogo stick and hop to another alliance? I'm glad to see you're still loyal as ever.

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I have an idea! Let him play how he wants!

Ahh, your right. I definitely, by way of expressing my view, barred him from doing such. I forgot how influential/powerful I am. Always good to get a reminder.


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