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We Ain't Trollin'

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The Keepers of the Covenant - Allied Rebel Nations P.I.A.T


In recognition of the wish to maintain peace and neutrality between our alliances, we hereby enact this Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty between us. The two parties that agree to this treaty are known as the Keepers of The Covenant (KoTC), and the Allied Rebel Nations (ARN).

Article 1: Peace

Both KoTC and ARN agree to maintain a state of non-aggression between their alliances. They further agree to assist each other in bringing peace to their alliances, and maintain an era of calm and prosperity for both parties.

1. The sovereign Alliances of KoTC and ARN will show a general respect for each, in public and in private, as a gesture of goodwill and lasting friendship.

2. The respective member nations of the KoTC and ARN will not participate in any act of aggression, including using spies, against any member nation of the other signatory alliance. Such acts may lead to cancellation of this pact.

3. Both signatory alliances agree, in the event a member nation of either signatory alliance be declared war upon by a member of the other signatory alliance, the nation attacking shall be subject to the following:

3a. The member nation attacking shall immediately offer peace to the nation being attacked. Refusal to do so will result in immediate military response from either or both signatories.

3b. The member nation attacking will be responsible for all reparations to be paid for damages accrued. Refusal to do so will result in immediate discipline from their alliance.

3c. The member nation attacking will be subject to criminal sentencing by the leadership of their own signatory alliance.

Article 2: Intelligence

Should either party come into information that pertains to the other alliance’s sovereignty, they are required to bring it to the attention of their fellow signatory.

Article 3: Aid

Should either alliance have a need of financial aid, they may request it of the other signatory. While the other signatory is highly encouraged to provide such aid, it is not a requirement.

Article 4: Termination

This treaty may be terminated by either signatory with a public and private notification to the other signatory. 72 hours after both notifications have been sent, this treaty will be considered null and void. It may also be terminated if both parties wish to upgrade it.

Signed for the Keepers of The Covenant:

Lenahan, Prophet of Truth

EmperorDhruv, Prophet of Regret

kenai, Prophet of Mercy

Signed for the Allied Rebel Nations:

KingemO93, Allied Rebel Nations Premier

Lord Sir23, Allied Rebel Nations Vice Premier

Lord Valor, Allied Rebel Nations Deputy Bishop

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I'll take responsabiliy for the title, tho I didn't expect it to be used :rolleyes:

Out of everything boxxy says "I'm not trollin" is the one thing that sticks out. It makes sense... For a peace agreement anyway. Because true enough, we arn't trollin, this is peace. I see this lasting a good while (or until kingem changes the name :lol: ).

o/ ARN

o/ Peace

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