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Fear none Kill all passes 1mil NS!

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Citizens of BoB, 237 days ago a new alliance was formed. This alliance known as Fear none Kill all (FnKa) was protected by TOOL and grew at a rapid rate due to fantastic leadership and dedicated members. At this rapid growth rate it took FnKa just 236 days to reach 1 million Alliance Strength. The alliance of FnKa would like to thank all their members, for their support and dedication and all government members, current and previous.


We'd all really like to thank The Order of Light for their help and protection for giving us the best foundation to grow our alliance on. We owe alot to TOOL and we'll continue grow and work with TOOL as the strongest of allies.


We've done a great job guys and we're now looking forward to 2 mil!


o/ FnKa

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