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Late Breaking Dark News from Dark Templar


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We must Construct Additional Pylons!!!

Over the last 6 months I’ve gotten to know many of the founders of The Dark Templar better than I had during our previous relations in opposite alliances. We’ve worked hard and kept our focus to what we’ve have set out to do for DT and our members. This couldn’t be done without the help of a great member in DT, Deathsmile of New Deathland. He has been one of the founding members of DT and without his knowledge and ideas it we wouldn't of had the direction that we have been going. This have been going really good in The Dark Templar, new faces, new ideas, and just all around fun. Excuse me for one moment, there's an urgent news bulletin straight from the offices of the Archons.

As I step away from the microphone and the press secretary comes to the stand.


It’s with both a sad and happy heart that I come before Planet Bob to make a couple of announcement regarding The Dark Templar. Our first and the sad part of this announcement is that Deathsmile of New Deathland was wounded badly by one of the best sharp shooters in CN. There’s just no way to avoid this guy. His shots seem to go straight for the heart and don’t leave much to keep you going. Deathsmile has been officially put into coma by the actions of this sharp shooter. Because of this Deathsmile before slipping into coma has stepped down as Twilight Archon of The Dark Templar. This will not be taken lightly in the actions of this sharp shooter and we will hunt him down. The name of this sharp shooter is RL. If anyone knows the where about of this RL, please stay clear of him as he’s too good of a shot for anyone. Please let the professionals handle him.

Now comes all the happy news in The Dark Templar. We’ve recently gone through some elections and also had some new appointments within the alliance. At this time I would like to take the time to congratulate them and look to see a lot of good things from everyone.

The following have been elected into office:

Jewish Lord as Deputy High Templar of Development

Magnet as Deputy High Templar of War

The following have been appointed in to the respected offices and we look forward to them guiding the members into the next chapter of The Dark Templar history.

Gabriel Carver as High Templar of Development

As the last wish of Deathsmile before going into coma he has made an appointment to who his successor will be as the next Twilight Archon of The Dark Templar.

Myworld of Stealth Kingdom as the new Twilight Archon of The Dark Templar

As my first official act as the Twilight Archon, I’ve opened up the breweries of Stealth Kingdom and serving the finest of beer the land has to offer in the #DT irc channel.

As my second official act I would like to say thanks to Deathsmile for this, and I’ll make sure I keep The Dark Templar on the path of greatness. I look forward to working with the Dark Archon Supa_Troop3r to continue for more dark nights to come and the growing future of The Dark Templar.

And to the fellow members of The Dark Templar I look forward to helping you achieve everything you set out to do. And I thank you for your support as the former High Templar of Development, and I can only strive to do just as good helping lead such great members as yourself as the Twilight Archon.

Myworld of Steath Kingdom

Twilight Archon

The Dark Templar


Dark Archon

The Dark Templar

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Death you have been more to me then just an alliance mate, you’ve been my friend for over two years. I’m sorry we could not get you a better bullet proof vest to protect you, from that evil Sniper RL. I deeply am :( . I hope you come out of your coma one day and help us rise to greatness! I still have your back like a Mutha Freaking Jansport Bortha!

Yours truly,

Your friend Supa_Troop3r

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Deathsmile, we're going to flatten this RL guy for you. I hope everything goes well for you, and I will certainly miss your hands-on leadership approach. I'll be seeing you around in the hallways of the Templar. :)

Myworld, congratulations! I couldn't think of a better person for this position than my oldest friend in CN. Cheers!

o/ DT!

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First off, congratz to all the promotions: Myworld, Gabe, Magnet, Jewish

Couldnt have had a better team ^_^

If only troop3r had been less cheap. I knew those bullet-proof-vests at the dollar tree were too good to be true.

Sad to cya go death :(

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Congratulations on your promotion, Myworld. Well deserved.

The old Polar ministers are everywhere, taking things over in the name of Barry White our Lord and Savior

You guys are taking over the world :D

Alliances have got to stop paying homage to me by using my name as a government position. I mean, it's awesome and all, but really now :P

Take it as a token of love. In fact, take two tokens of love.


o/ Myworld

o/ Supa

My life for Aiur!


Really, great to be serving with you guys. This government is like an all-star team, and I'm glad to be part of it. Myworld, no one deserves this more than you. You've done great things in DT, and I know you'll keep it up.

Death, we'll miss you. RL is going to get all 20 of my nukes once I find him.

Also, I demand that you bold my name. I am yet to get a congrats and its making the attention whore in me go ballistic.


EDIT: Does my gov position mean I have to be nice in AP? :(

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Sorry for the loss. :(

Congrats on the new gov!

o/ DT our :awesome: allies.

While I was expecting that comment, I wasn't expecting it from you.

Expect the unexpected idk D:

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I figured I'd get it out of the way for you.

This way we can get on with the party for the new leadership.. see how deft I am at getting back on topic?

Quite so, old chap. That being said, kudos to Myworld. Stellar fellow.

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