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Accursed Red Tape!


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Have you folks ever had one of those election cycles where you figured it was time for a change? Instead of that boring old election post, you decided you were going to spice up your life and those in the international community with perhaps a joke or something funny to accompany your boring elections? Well, we at the United Sovereign Nations have always tried to keep the funny up as much as we can in this depressed state of the world. Sadly, we've just not been able to muster a feasibly funny joke this time around, mainly because no one can agree with one another, and I've been coughing up penny sized amounts of mucus. We've thought about using everything from Jimmy Carr, to Bill Cosby, to Norm McDonald, and everyone else in between. We even considered using that picture of the dog in the rainbow background, you know the one I mean, the one that gives advice? But I digress, seeing as this post is not funny, I better just post the results and leave you be.

Alliance Council

Cora McStrap



High Council

Ministry of Defense: Security General

General Argent Doom

Ministry of Economics: Minister of Economics


Ministry of Recruitment: Minister of Recruitment


Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Minister of Foreign Affairs

Jar Jar Binks

Ministry of Interior Affairs: Minister of Interior Affairs






Krim Xephon


Let's hear it for the newbies, huh? And some congrats is in order for the returning government members as well, so be a sport.

Here's to a wonderful term.

EDIT: That is a massive seal. Wow-ie. Let me fix that.

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Oh pishaw, you molded me into the leader I am today.

I remember that.

Those long cold nights on the veranda, some of which I never thought you would make it..

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