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A dispatch from Blackwater.


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One year has passed since the Honorable Sir Reformentia made this announcement declaring the existence of Blackwater with the approval of Her Royal Highness. That announcement set the wheels in motion towards a different path than most travel in Digiterra. For the first time the Order of the Black Rose was making an attempt to expand the Rosular Kingdom. Our journey since then has been a unique one. With no office of Foreign Affairs, Absent of a tangled web of treaties, and free from the normal burden and set of expectations new alliances must struggle with, we have been allowed to grow and focus internally under the guidance of the Order of the Black Rose.

Over the past year Blackwater has trained and subsequently submitted to the Order of the Black Rose many supplicants which have been admitted to the Order as a Page. We hope to continue the trend of placing well-polished soldiers at the gates of the Order.

While Sir Reformentia is no longer with us in this world, I can only imagine if he were to walk in he would be pleased with the result. That - or rattle the saber a bit and ask why I'm wasting time drafting a announcement rather than training soldiers. Possibly a bit of both. :)

On a personal note, a few "Thank's" :

The Order of the Black Rose and our Queen: Quite obviously none of this would be possible without your guidance and expertise. You've afforded us a wealth of knowledge we wouldn't have been privy to under normal circumstances. Thank you for putting up with us grunts, we are forever grateful.

Blackwater members past & present: I appreciate your unwavering loyalty and willingness to train and follow orders without question. You go about your jobs never seeking personal accommodations, never looking for "OWF gratification", and rarely complaining. It's much harder to blaze your own trail rather than follow the beaten path. The path you have chosen is void of personal glory and recognition, not everyone can do that , and I commend you for it.

Today will be a day of rest & relaxation in celebration of our one year of successful existence. Tomorrow we will continue this unique journey we call Blackwater.

metal, Commander of Blackwater

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o/ Blackwater may it continue on its path of awesomeness for all existence. We shall continue to train the heartless armies that will some day rule this world.. I mean serve the Rose honorably ;)

All joking aside, I've been with Blackwater most of its existence and am one of the Pages it has produced. I can't imagine myself leaving as they are the best company in all of Digiterra. Commander Metal has worked quite hard to make Blackwater what it is and with some of the older member's help(Shade0017, ManweDrago, Hamaden, myself) to name a few.. it has become quite impressive in my eyes.




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Commander metal is giving us a day off? You don't have to tell me twice, I am off to the Watering Hole. Thank you sir, first round is on me.

He meant for him ;)

Days off in BW >_>

Would we have made it through a year if we did that? :lol:

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Gentle Persons

Digiterra is a place of ever changing patterns and desires. One constant is the desire that The Order of the Black Rose continues to try to better herself and those who seek her succour. We have been proud to see many noble and honourable nations and alliances show friendship and insight to our benefit.

One year ago a venture was begun with these words from our noble Sir Reformentia

It is my honor to come before you today to announce a new initiative of the Order of the Black Rose. Throughout the long history of the Order the numbers of its Knights, Squires and Pages have been strictly limited by the stringent entrance criteria which the Order maintains. The Order’s archive of declined supplications is twice the size of its list of those accepted. While Her Majesty and the Order are most pleased with the caliber of member this process has ensured, we have also harbored a desire to see the population of Her Realm expand. The Order has been approached, many times, to offer protectorate status to various nations in need. Many an honorable and virtuous petitioner, men and women the members of the Order would be happy to share home and hearth with in other circumstances, have been turned away from the doors at the Chamber of Supplication due to all manner of conflicts or incompatibilities with the unique cultural environment so rigorously maintained within Her Majesty’s court. How to find a proper place for these worthy individuals without compromising the standards of the Chamber of Supplication or the culture of the Court was a dilemma long wrestled with within the ranks of Her Knights. And then as this last year neared its end STBS atotalstranger, now tragically departed from our world, proposed a solution… and Her Majesty’s subjects have labored to give it form and function since that day.

Today the Order opens the gates of Blackwater, a new martial organization under my royally sanctioned questing command. Within its ranks the demanding protocols of the Court do not apply, and so those who may not find themselves suited to passage through the Chamber of Supplication may find that Blackwater offers an environment into which they more readily integrate.

Now never let it be said that The Order’s Liege Lady, Knight Protector or Noble Knights follow the path most worn. Many wished us well and wondered quietly at its success.

So what has one year wrought?

Under the initial guidance of Sir Reformentia and then led by the inestimable Commander Metal some small alliances and some nations came to the fold. How many?

Blackwater has proudly grown through hard work and testing by fire to include 50 nations and a nation strength of 1,390,005. While started to allow a broader membership inclusion it has become a gathering of nations no less trained and tested than The Order of the Black Rose herself. They have become truly the finely honed sword of Her Rose and we have all been enriched by the diversity and quality of those who have chosen that path. No question the original vision of Sir Reformentia was met and surpassed as Commander Metal has taken the badge of leadership with pride and zeal.

So to our Brothers in Arms we say these words in thanks and celebration of the first Anniversary of our going forth together.

But we in it shall be remembered-

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;

For he to-day that sheds his blood with me

Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,

This day shall gentle his condition;

Join us in celebration of the one year Anniversary of the Founding of our Brother’s in Blackwater


Squire Hime Themis

For The Order of the Black Rose

Queen AterAtra

Knight Protector Sir Neboe

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This was an undertaking worthy of respect and watching when it was undertaken, and it has grown into a group worth respecting today.

Hime, you are ever eloquent.

It is only very infrequently that I agree with Schattenman. Congratulations Blackwater on an excellent year.

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It is only very infrequently that I agree with Schattenman. Congratulations Blackwater on an excellent year.

It's a small worllllld after all, it's a small world after allllll, it's a small world aaaaaafter all, it's a small, small world.

One day I'm going to nuke you.

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Just over one year ago, The Rose, our Queen AterAtra set forth upon this planet a new organization, Blackwater. The tenants of which were militaristic, and the structure rigid in form. The Knight's of The Order, under the leadership of Knight Reformentia, brought forward a new concept. Perhaps one of the greatest accomplishments of the earliest days of Blackwater was the promotion of Commander metal and his merry band of brothers. From this foundation Blackwater has grown into a success. It is with great pride, and honor that I personally and humbly submit thanks to every member of Blackwater. Their dedication to the ideals of The Order, their dedication to each other, has exceeded expectations. Congratulations to all.

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Congratulation to commander metal and all of Blackwater!

Serving with all of you for the better part of last year as been a great experience and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

To many more years of success for Blackwater!

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