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  1. Lol Nancy Grace was mad as hell when the verdict was announced.
  2. Smyth isn't good enough to merit this.
  3. Having been in some microalliances I can tell you that there are much much worse alliances out there.
  4. Please read the following next "Who gives you the right to tell us what our rights are? And we didn't start a war with the 11 alliances that attacked us. They started it. Especially the oA and oD ones. And you're right, we aren't asking reps for the war we started. So there you go. Unless you're implying we can't ask for reps from people who attacked us just because." from http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=99990&st=1320&p=2669184entry2669184 If it helps, you can pick some other posts from that thread. Its a goldmine. I'll advertise your blog in my sig if you do it.
  5. Dagrr


    This won't be the first blog that interferes with my sovereignty.
  6. Lol. This war really should have ended about three weeks ago. The terms were nearly finalized from what I heard. Still, I had a nice little fight with a GOON who had a WRC at 7k NS a week ago, like myself. For comparison, the DH-NPO front just passed the Karma War in duration, if you don't count TPF being held at war for an extra few weeks. And it should pass that too, based on the nature of the terms.
  7. Latest PM stats are from April 13th here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AoJD-FIuyoB0dGlWeUlaNDluUzZ3NXhub1ZPV1M0LVE&authkey=CMmrnf4C&hl=en#gid=3NPO had ~84% of their NS (represented by ~38% of their nations) in PM when those stats were taken. I just got to 4.5 million for nations over 20k NS doing it myself with a calc. TBH, I think most of the nations under 20k have been out of peacemode at least once to fight and you can tell when people went in thanks to the admin update. When I saw the 3.5 mil number, it might have been for nations referenced in the terms. Props for whoever took the time to do that for every alliance. I guess I have something to do for next week here.
  8. Um...no? I'm just bored and it seemed like a useful thing to do since the UE stats are down. I swear, an NPO member could post a letter of the alphabet every day and it would be viewed as a fiendish Pacifican plot by some elements. Though on the subject of pity and sympathy: I hear demanding reps from alliances activating treaties is the latest way to feel sorry for yourself.
  9. The last time I bothered looking it up, I think it was roughly 3.5 million NS. Around 21% of our prewar nation strength or 58% of our current NS. I'm sure there are DH'ers running around with an exact figure for that.
  10. Linky It took a couple hours, but I finally added all the combatants on the NPO front, using the available nation strength stats. There are still a few gaps, mainly because Unspeakable Evil stopped updating his thread in the beginning of March and I did not start making this until early April. The losses page for both sides should speak for itself, let me know if you have any issues. The MK Side line graph has a couple alliances that are the same color. I tried fiddling with it for about 30 minutes before I gave up. You can still figure out who is who by clicking on the line. The raw data used to make the graphs is still there, you just have to click the right arrow at the bottom of the page. The data ends on April 29th. I might update it again next week. Enjoy. p.s btw, firefox crashed a couple times when viewing the graphs for me, but there weren't any issues with google chrome.
  11. Dagrr


    The sanction was obviously done at FOK's request. It hardly appears to be mutual agreement between FOK and the defending nation. Still, I wouldn't say its awful on moral grounds. The principle duty of an alliance member is to safeguard and further the strength of his alliance after all. Getting a nation you are fighting sanctioned would surely help in that goal. It seems to me though that raiding a 100k+ nation would hardly be profitable in the first place though. Maybe there is a good reason, since our senator sanctioned him.
  12. Dagrr


    Lol FOK. Thats pretty much all I got this morning.
  13. The Ponder thing blew my mind. It seemed like as soon as we drafted Locker, the Jags had to move up to get their QB...but I still thing Ponder would have been their in the second round. Most teams had him behind Kaerpernick and Dalton I believe.
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