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TE MDP Web - Treaty List - Alliance List


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Tournament Edition Information Thread

This topic holds within it an MDP web, a treaty list, and an alliance list. This topic will hopefully server as a simple information directory for Tournament Edition. I may add other information or potentially reduce what is held in the topic based on what I feel like doing. (Yea, I do intend to edit the title of this post every 10 minutes for my amusement.)

1. MDP Web (This post)

2. Treaty List

3. Alliance List


I have nothing better to do with my life so I made a simple MDP web. If I missed a treaty please pm me it, or post it here so I can add it. I also realize it looks crazy. I will be cleaning it up over time, right now I just added every treaty line I knew of.

Blue lines are MDoAP

Red line are MADP

Current Update

12/6 - I am sure I missed some treaties, the current treaties were added from lists MI and warlordz gave me plus random treaties I noticed in this forum.

12/6 - Added MHA-RE treaty.

12/7 - Warlordz removed

12/8 - MHA-MI Treaty removed

If you have a flag please post it for me!

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Treaty List

Needs to be redone.

How to get your alliance added:

Alliance 1: [Full Alliance Name] 
Alliance 2: [Full Alliance Name] 
Treaty type: 
Link to treaty:
IRC Channel/server:

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Alliance Name (Abbreviation) - Forums - IRC channel @ Coldfront (Unless other wise noted)

\a\ - #none

Aqua All Stars - Forums - #AAS

Atlantic Unity Federation (AUF) - Forums - #auf

Aztec - Forums - #Aztec.te

Casus Belli (CB) - Forums - #casusbelli

Children of Ra (CoR) - Forums - #CoR

Crimson Empire (CE) - Forums - #crimson

Dinner Naked (DN) - No Forums - dn-te"]#dn-te

Disciples of Apocalypse (DOA) - Forums - No Channel

Federation of United Civilized Kingdoms (Guess.) - Forums - #f-u-c-k

Grand Global Alliance (GGA) - Forums - #GGATE

Lazy Penguin Eaters (LPE) - No Forums - #contact-lpe

Multicolored Cross-X Alliance (MCXA) - Forums - #mcxa-te

Murder Inc. - Forums - #murderinc

National Alliance of Arctic Warlordz (NAAW) - Forums - #naacw

Nordreich (NoR) - Forums - #NoRTournament

Orange Juice (OJ) - Forums - #orange-juice

Purple People Eaterz (PPE) - Forums - #ppe

Pond Pirates - Forums - #deck

The Legion of Doom (TLoD) - Forums

The NAVY - Forums - #cnnavy

The Pacific Army (TPA) - Forums - #tpa

The Phoenix Federation - TPF - Forums - #tpfte

United White (UW) - Forums - #unitedwhite

We Are Perth Army (WAPA) - Forums - #te-wapa

Wonderland - Forums - #WonderlandTE

How to get your alliance added:

Alliance: [Full Alliance Name] [Abbreviation if applicable]
Forum URL:
IRC Channel/server:
Color: (If you have one)

IRC Clients:

mIRC (install on computer)

ChatZilla (IRC addon for Firefox)

Welcome"]ColdFront Java Client[/url]

Note: Created a new one because the OP of the last topic got banned. I know I've left out some but I wasn't sure if they were still around, maybe they grabbed a new IRC chan or forum, so just resubmit your information and I'll add it asap. If I have anything wrong with your information now or when I add it, just reply here or PM me, I'll fix it asap.

This alliance list was copied from Otto Verteidiger's post which can be found here. It appeared to be out of date, and like 6 pages back so I just decided to take that over as well.

Good people.

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I think it's kind of crazy we actually need one of these for CN:TE. Too many treaties...not enough war's. Then again, I've contributed too it...and benefit from it. So, I can't be to much of a hypocrite.

I think the web looks primed for a huge war. ^_^

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I think the web looks primed for a huge war. ^_^

I'm in agreement. But that's pending on if everyone honor's there treaties...cause this is CN:TE. So I would not be too shocked if a huge war was not so huge. Then again maybe they'll be a party soon :D

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Excellent post, Zikawe. I think Warlordz escaped their RE obligations though: (merger)

NAAC and Warlordz merged because we were two decently sized nations that were low in ranks. It had nothing to with escaping anything or trying to remove treaties. The council of NAAW are close and we've decided it's best if we work together.

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